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A dream 

is the seedy 

is the soil, 

is the fertilizer, 

is the moisture, 

is the sprouting. 

is the Growth. 

Don^t Dream It, 


20th Street and Olney Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 


The Friends 



The Insights 


'^' have been given the opportunity to leave a few thoughts with you in this rather permanent 
form. 1 have tried to imagine you, years from now, taking the book down from its shelf, 
blowing the dust from it, and leafing through it as you prepare for a reunion or show the 
book to the next generation of your family. 

1 hope you recall LaSalle as the people who helped you with life's purpose, with skills for 
your work, and with an adult commitment to your faith. I trust that the passing years will have 
helped you to sort out the best teaching from the rest, the friends worth keeping, the insights 
worth remembering. 

There will be much data you have forgotten, perhaps a few disappointments you would 
rather not remember, and even a few escapades your friends won't let you forget. 

1 mainly hope that these were the years when you brought your mind into form by forging 
all the links among your disparate acquirements — intellectual, physical, social, moral, 
aesthetic — until the person emerged whom you were always meant to be, ready for the 
further refinements of a long life. No one knows exactly how a university contributes to such 
formation, though we know it is not the same process for any two persons. We do know that 
this sacred process that goes on here, and we certainly hope it has happened in you. 



Brother Patrick Ellis, F.S.C. 

I would like to think that you are reading this message on the very day of your graduation, but it is more 
likely happening in a quiet moment some weeks, months, or even years after that significant moment in 
your life. By now you may have had some frustrations, some successes, and time to feel a bit of loss at 
having left behind the sense of secure community that LaSalle University was for you. For our part, we have 
not forgotten you. Your name comes up as faculty chat over lunch, fellow graduates back visiting campus will 
ask if we have heard from you, and our alumni people will work hard to keep you connected with LaSalle. We 
will continue to think of you as very much a part of the LaSalle family. 

But how shall you think of us? Imagine the class of 1972 returning for a visit in 1992. In those twenty years 
the campus doubled in size, numerous new programs were started, the reputation of the university was greatly 
enhanced, and many new faculty and staff faces were added. In some respects it was still the same LaSalle, 
but in other ways it was quite different. We would like you to remember us as we were — caring people, 
committed to your education and your personal development. That part of LaSalle will never change. But other 
things will. As you mature, so will we. Our maturing will be seen in the ever increasing quality of our 
programs, faculty, and service to students. When your children are ready for college, we will be here, the same 
LaSalle in some ways, a better LaSalle in many others. 

"Keep in touch" — that has become a pretty trite expression. Still, that is our hope. Alumni gatherings, of 
course, will allow you to do that, but maybe in this quiet moment of reading this message you could pick up 
the phone and call that favorite professor, that classmate you have not talked to for some time, or that 
counselor who helped you through a problem when you were at LaSalle. Maybe in the near future you can 
visit us, renew friendships and reminisce a little. 

LaSalle is a place where you can just "drop in" and find a friendly face. For those of us who work in higher 
education, there are few rewards as great as seeing the "fruits of our labor" — you. 
Welcome back! 

Brother Joseph Burke, F.S.C. 

Always a 
of the 




is the knowledge of 

and dependence of one fact upon 
another. Thomas Hobbes 

-«* , -^i*L0tm 


Honest winter, 
and with 
the frosted beard . . . 



'Brother John "P. Dondero, T.S.C., "Ph-O. 

When asked why he joined the Christian 
Brothers, Brother John Dondero replied, 
"When I was in high school, I admired them 
and wanted to be like them. They were men who were 
not only intelligent, influential and great athletes, they 
were very easy to talk to, they were my educators and 
my friends." He continued, "Some people are 'called' 
by God for religious vocation, maybe my 'calling' could 
be described more accurately by saying that it was 
hero-worship — I wanted to be like my educators." 
Rejoined the Christian Brothers in 1940, and now he 
is the hero. 

For thirty-two years, Brother Dondero has shared 
his love, compassion, and dedication to teaching with 
the La Salle University community. His warm smile 
and gentle, reassuring voice have encouraged many stu- 
dents and friends to achieve excellence in their lives. 
He has helped to bring the Psychology department from 
one office and one classroom/lab to the multi-faceted 
and balanced department it is today. As well as con- 
tributing to the counseling and humanistic area of the 
department, he has directed his influence toward de- 
veloping a very diverse experimental program. A multi- 
faceted person himself, he has taught in the Graduate 
Pastoral counseling program, in the Graduate Theol- 
ogy program, in the Communications Department, in 
the Biology Department and in the Honors Program. 
He has been honored for his service by having the 
Psychology Department lounge named after him, and 
by the close relationships he has maintained with his 
students. Brother Dondero is truly an extraordinary 

Students describe Brother Dondero as a very intense, 
but friendly person who keeps the class interested by 
promoting very lively discussion. One senior stated, 
"Brother Dondero is one of the most intriguing teach- 
ers I've had. He is inspiring and personable. He is 
always willing to listen and talk with his students." 
Brother's method in his Honors Effective Communi- 
cation class is said to buck all previous teaching styles. 
He created this class and is celebrated for it. "It is 
disturbing that Brother might be leaving, because the 
class is just amazing," says one of his students. 

In addition to being an incredible teacher, Brother 
Dondero is quite a dynamic person. In the words of a 
fellow Brother, "Jack is just dynamite, you can't keep 
up with him!" The Brothers who live at Roncalli House 
explain how "Jack" found the residence on 12th Street 
and brought them together: "Jack pulled us together. 
He got us the house and really got the place started. 
He is a one man facilities crew — he paints, mows the 
lawn, and really keeps the house running." Brother 
Molyneaux commented that Brother Dondero has some 
very curious traits. "Jack is the most punctual person 
I know. He arrives at an appointment at least fifteen 
minutes beforehand. Yet, on vacation he does not wear 
a watch, and if you go on vacation with him you don't 
wear a watch either. He is a paradox!" As a private 
person. Brother Dondero has a wonderful sense of hu- 
mor. He is a willing schemer in practical jokes and 
enjoys arranging surprise parties. Brother is also a great 
squash player who loves classical music and shopping 
through mail order catalogues. 

As a scholar. Brother Dondero has written several 
books, including one concerning the pressures of relig- 
ious life. He has been to Japan and Norway. Colleagues 
who have worked with him have been amazed by his 
keen powers of perception, his meticulous skill as an 
analyst, and his organizational ability. His most im- 
portant achievement, however, has been his work at 
La Salle. He has described La Salle as, "A great place 
to work. La Salle has all the marvelous growing pains 
of an institution changing from a College to a Uni- 
versity." He is also the President of the Faculty Senate, 
and he admits with a smile that, "I am the person you 
both want and hate on your committee, because I ask 
the right questions." 

Brother Dondero is, indeed, a tremendous asset to 
this University, especially to the students. He will be 
greatly missed by all of those who had the privilege of 
knowing him. With immense appreciation and love we 
dedicate the 1992 La Salle Explorer to Brother John 
P. Dondero. 

Seann Halliskv 


Now let's see that's 14 
Interlibrary Loans and 6 third 
floor mezzanines . . . 


Don't Dream 


For four years they've been our teachers, 
mentors, confidantes and friends — these are 
the people who have shaped our educational 
experience — the Faculty and Administration 
of La Salle University. We've loved them for 
their encouragement and assistance, we've 
loathed them for their final exams and endless 
forms, but always we've respected them for 
their dedication to us, the students. 

When reflecting on our time at La Salle, we 
may not recall the subject of the history paper 
done in second semester sophomore year, but 
we will remember the person who took a 
moment of time to answer a question, to give a 
piece of advice or to ask "How are you?" (and 
really want to know.) At La Salle, where 
teaching comes first, students know they are a 
priority. To the Administration and Faculty 
members who continue to make us feel like an 
integral part of the La Salle Community, we 
say Thank You. 




cademic Affairs 

Br. F. Patrick Ellis. F.S.C. 

Br. Joseph Burke, F.S.C. 

Mr. Gerald Johnson 

Assistant Provost, Administration 
Dr. Joanne Barnett 

Assistant Provost, Affairs 
Br. James Muldoon, F.S.C. 

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 
Dr. Alice Hoersch 

Associate Dean 
Dr. Joseph Kane 

Dean, School of Business Administration 
Dr. Kenneth Knodt 

Associate Dean 
Ms. Susan Mudrick 

Assistant Dean 
Dr. Glenda Kuhl 

Dean, School of Continuing Studies 
Dr. Edna Wilson 

Associate Dean/ Director of CEW 

Dr. Glenda Kuhl 

Ms. Susan Mudrick 

Dr. Edna Wilson 

Dr. Kenneth Knodt 

Dr. Jospeh Kane 

Br. James Muldoon 


Academic Affairs 


cademic Affairs 

^^^^^^■' '^'' 



^^^^^^^H -^ 





Dr. Steven Longo 

Director of Academic Computing 
Mr. John S. Baky 

Director of Library Services 
Mr. Michael Sweeder 

Director of Audio-Visual Services 
Dr. Mary Robertson 

Director of Sheekey Writing Center 
Dr. Robert Meidel 

Director of Academic Discovery Program 
Mr. Harry McManus 

Administrative Assistant 

Mr. Michael Sweeder 

Mr. Harry McManus 

Longo and La Salle on Cable TV 

On the first day of classes back in 
September, did you notice anything 
different in the Union Building? If you 
said, "Television monitors carrying the 
La Salle TV Network," then you're 
not only observant, but correct. The 
person responsible for this addition to 
La Salle's campus is Dr. Stephen Lon- 
go, the Director Of Academic Com- 
puting and a member of the La Salle 

community since 1971. 

About four or five years ago, Dr. 
Longo went to Brother Mollenhauer, 
who was then Provost, to discuss the 
idea of a La Salle TV network. With 
the addition of the satellite dishes on 
campus, the increased availability of 
cable television in Philadelphia, and 
the expansion of La Salle's campus. 
Dr. Longo felt a TV network would 
be an asset to the La Salle campus. 
Brother Mollenhauer agreed. An ex- 
perimental trial run was conducted in 
the Olney and Wister Computer Labs 
last year before this year's successful 

Today, in addition to the Union 
Building, monitors are located in Ol- 
ney, Holroyd, the L-Stop, and Hay- 

men Hall. Next year. Dr. Longo hopes 
to install monitors in the Connelly Li- 
brary, the residence halls, and the new 
communications buildings. 

Dr. Longo also predicts unlimited 
possibilities for the La Salle Network. 
He sees it as an additional way to com- 
municate information across the cam- 
pus. As an example, he recommends 
taping a Concert and Lecture pres- 
entation and televising it at night so 
that Evening Division students have 
an opportunity to hear the lecture. As 
Dr. Longo points out, "The TV Net- 
work is a way to draw this expanding 
campus closer." 

Richard L. Colden 

Dr. Steven Longo 

Academic Affairs 


cademic Affairs 

Mr. Raymond Ricci 

Mr. Raymond Ricci 

Vice President, Enrollment Services 
Br. E. Gerald Fitzgerald, F.S.C. 

Director of Admissions, Day Division 
Mr. John King 

Director of Admissions, Continuing Studies 
Mr. Dominic J. Galante 

Mr. Gerald Donahue 

Assistant Registrar 
Br. John Owens, F.S.C. 

Chairman, Roster Committee 

Br. E. Gerald Fitzgerald 


Academic Affairs 


cademic Affairs 

Mr. John Grady 

Director, Honors Program 
Dr. Bernhardt Blumenthal 

Director, La Salle In Europe 
Mr. Thomas Reif.steck 

Director, Career Planning and Placement 
Mr. Louis A. LaMorte, Jr. 

Associate Director /Co-op Coordinator 
Ms. Genevieve Carlton 

Career Counselor 
Ms. Donna Dwyer 

Career Counselor 
Ms. Caroline Wister 

Curator, Art Museum 

Mr. Thomas Reifsteck 

SISS Mfg^ipr-- VST5 

Mr. John Grady 

^"'^^w^ j:: 

Dr. Bernhardt Blumenthal 

Academic Affairs 23 


tudent Affairs 

Dr. Raymond Heath 

Vice President for Student Affairs 
Ms. Nancy Brewer 

Assistant to the Vice President 
Br. Charles Echelmeier, F.S.C. 

Director of Campus Ministry 
Ms. Rosemary Barbera 

Associate Director 
Sr. Margaret Kelly, R.S.M. 

Associate Director 
Fr. Richard Wojnicki, O.S.F.S. 

Associate Director 
Dr. Frank Schreiner 

Director, Counseling Center 

Dr. Raymond Heath 

Ms, Nancy Brewer 

Br. Arthur Bangs 

Fr. Richard Wojnicki 

-1%,^, I 1 


Dr. Frank Schreiner 

Ms. Rosemary Barbera 

Dr. Peter Filicetti 

24 Student Affairs 


tudent Affairs 

Dr. Peter Filicetti 

Assistant Director 
Dr. Gary Glass, M.D. 

University Psychiatrist 
Br. Arthur Bangs, F.S.C. 

Counseling Psychologist 
Dr. Suzanne Boyll 

Counseling Psychologist 
Mr. Robert Chapman 

Coordinator, Drug and Alcohol Program 
Ms. Laura McKenna, R.N. 

Director, Student Health Services 

Ms. Laura McKenna 

Br. Charles Echelmeier 

Unity and Community = Br. Chip's Vision 

The Campus Ministry, long ago 
known as the Chaplain's office, is the 
source of much community volunteer, 
Greek, and of course, religious activ- 
ity. Br. Charles Echelmeier, Director 
of Campus Ministry uses his gifts to 
support and improve La Salle Uni- 

Br. Charles "Chip" Echelmeier, was 
born in Philadelphia and was raised in 
Margate, New Jersey. Br. Chip re- 
ceived his Bachelor of Arts in English 
from Franklin and Marshall College. 
After entering the Christian Brothers 
in June of 1965, he pursued and re- 
ceived a Masters of English from 
Temple University and a Masters of 
Theology from Notre Dame Univer- 
sity. In addition to this diverse edu- 
cation, Br. Chip also studied Hebrew 
Language and Jewish study at Gratz 
College and Beit HaAM in Jerusalem. 

Br. Chip's first position at La Salle 
was located in the Resident Life Of- 
fice. Here, he worked as an assistant 
Director of Resident Life. The follow- 
ing year, he moved to the Campus 
Ministry Center because he felt that 
his "education and talents could be 
better used in the community." Fi- 
nally, in 1980, Br. Chip became the 
Director of the Campus Ministry. 

In the basement of the College Hall 
and throughout the University, Br. 
Chip fulfills many responsibilities. He 
is an integral part of several university 
committees, including the Student Af- 
fairs Committee. Besides his admin- 
istrative responsibilities, Br. Chip feels 
that as the Campus Ministry Director, 
it is his responsibility "to remind the 
University of their mission." He also 
feels that the religious center "cannot 
be departmentalized. It must perme- 
ate the University." 

Br. Chip also has several hopes for 
the Campus Ministry Center and the 
University as a whole. For instance, 
when people call the worship space the 
Student's Chapel, a whole segment of 
the University is ignored, the faculty. 
According to Br. Chip, all activities 
should include all members of the La 
Salle Community. The students and 
the faculty should work together. This 
community involvement would help 
counterbalance some of the lost family 
atmosphere that used to exist. 

Br. Charles Echelmeier's diverse 
educational background and the 
wealth of his experience gives him 
great insight into the La Salle Com- 
munity. Hopefully, many groups will 
continue to heed his words of com- 
munity spirit. 

Kellv A. Crankshaw 

Student Affairs 



tudent Affairs 

Ms. Wendy McLaughlin 

/^ k\ 

Director, Financial Aid 

#^ -* \ 

Ms. Aquila Galgon 

W t- 

Assistant Director 

1 l] 


Ms. Christine Tiano 

1 - — f1 


Assistant Director 

^ ^ vV^ ' ' 


Mr. Ronald Diment 

' y 


Director, Resident Life 

'^^'^ 1 


Ms. Sue Ellen Henry 

' J 

Assistant Director 



Ms. Anne Isely 


Assistant Director 


Mr. Alan Wendell 


Assistant Director 


Mr. Michael Vishio 



Manager, Housing Facilities 

Ms. Jeri Brockington 

Manager, Housing Services 

^ « 


Ms. Anne Isley 

Ms. Wendy McLaughlin 

Ms. Aquila Galgon and Ms. Christine Tiano 

26 Student Affairs 

Mr. Alan Wendell 

Mr. Ronald Diment 

Ms. Sue Ellen Henry 


tudent Affairs 

Ms. Kathleen Schrader 

Director, Student Life 
Mr. Benjamin Alvarez 

Assistant Director 
Ms. Ann Marshall 

Assistant Director 
Ms. Karen Shields 

Assistant Director 
Mr. Robert Mullen 

Director, Recreation and 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Mr. Thomas Meier 

Assistant Director 
Mr. Peter D'Orazio 

Director, Intramurals 
Mr. Stephen Greb 

Director, Food Services 
Ms. Susan Dunham 

Director, Catering 
Mr. John Travers 

Director, Security 

Mr. Thomas Meier 

Ms. Karen Shields 

Mr. Robert Mullen 

Ms. Ann Marshall 



Ms. Kathleen Schrader 

Mr. Stephen Greb 

Student Affairs 27 


usiness Affairs 

Mr. David Fleming 

Vice President for Business Affairs 
Mr. Paul McNabb 

Ms. Marina Grace 

Ms. Rose Lee Pauline 

Director, Personnel 
Ms. Susan Rohanna 

Assistant Director 
Mr. Kenneth Smith 

Director, Purchasing 
Mr. Hubert Thomas 

Director, Physical Facilities 
Mr. Jack Porcelli 

Director, Computer Services 
Ms. Linda Ferrante 

Director, Printing and Mail Services 
Mr. Michael Lyons 

Manager, Campus Store 

Mr. Paul McNabb 

Mr. Michael Lyons 


Mr. David Fleming 

Ms. Marina Grace 

28 Business Affairs 



Mr. John McCloskey 

Mr. James McDonald 

Mr. Edward Turzanski 

Dr. Fred Doley, Jr. 

Vice President for Development 
Mr. John McCloskey 

Assistant Vice President 
Br. Charles E. Gresh, F.S.C.. 

Director, Development 
Br. Francis Danielski, F.S.C. 

Director, Annual Fund 
Ms. Christine Herlkorn 

Assistant Director 
Mr. Arthur Stanley 

Director, Planned Giving 
Mr. James McDonald 

Director, Alumni 
Ms. Margaret Kraft 
Assistant Director 
Mr. Timothy Regan 

Assistant Director 
Mr. Edward Turzanski 

Director, Government Affairs 
Mr. Robert Lyons, Jr. 

Director, News Bureau 
Ms. Rosalie Lombardo 

Associate Director 
Br. Andrew Bartley F.S.C. 
Director, Public Affairs 

Mr. Robert Lyons, Jr. 





Dr. John Reardon 

Dr. Bruce M. Bradford 

Dr. John Reardon, Chair 
Dr. Susan Borkovvski 
Dr. Bruce M. Bradford 
Paul R. Brazina 
Dr. John Hanratty 
Dr. Dennis T. Kennedy 
Dr. Bruce A. Leauby 
Joseph G. Markmann 
Alvino J. Massimini 
Peter J. Sweeney 
Dr. Joseph Y. Ugras 
Anne Walsh 
Jean Welsh 
John D. Zook 

M^ '^K 


Paul R. Brazina 

Peter J. Sweeney 


John D. Zook 

1 s ! « I . ' '' n t»5e'* IHiLZ V. 


W>' -;^ 

Dr. Joseph Y. Ugras 




Br. Craig Franz 




Dr. Annette O'Connor 


Dr. Norbert Beizer 

^^IB^' JP**' 




Dr. Geri Seitchik 

Br. Thomas McPhillips 

Dr. Norbert Beizer, Chair 

Br. Craig Franz, F.S.C. 

Raymond E. Ksiazek 

Br. Thomas McPhillips, F.S.C. 

Dr. Ann M. Mickle 

Br. James Muldoon, F.S.C. 

Dr. Annette O'Connor 

Dr. Geri Seitchik 

Raymond E. Ksiazek 

Dr. .A.nn M. Mickle 

Biology 3i 



Dr. William A. Price 

Dr. Nancy Jones 





Dr. George M. Shalhoub 


Dr. Thomas S. Straub 

Robert F. Polek 

Dr. Thomas S. Straub, Chair 

Dr. David J. Cichowicz 

Dr. Nancy Jones 

Robert F. Polek 

Dr. William A. Price 

Dr. George M. Shalhoub 

■^* .!^ 


Dr. David J. Cichowicz 

32 Chemistry 

v^ ommunications 

Br. Gerald Molyneaux 

William Wine 

Dr. Texter: Committed and Caring 

The warm, personal atmosphere — 
That is why Lynne Texter chose La 
Salle. With offers from schools in New 
York and California and the prestige 
of an Outstanding Teacher's Award 
from New York University at Buffalo, 
this was no small affair. Since the fall 
of 1989 Dr. Texter has contributed her 
talents to the Communications De- 
partment. Her experience in public re- 
lations makes her a valuable resource 
for students and faculty alike. Dr. 
Texter's involvement on campus as 
Moderator for WEXP, and as a mem- 
ber of the Alcohol Advisory Board 
along with the work she does with the 
student press and affairs committee 
marks her as an asset to La Salle Uni- 
versity. However, La Salle is not the 
only community which appreciates Dr. 
Texter's efforts, she was named to the 
Who's Who of Professional and Busi- 

ness Women 1990. 

A Rochester native, Dr. Texter 
earned her Bachelor's degree from 
Ithaca College, her master's from Syr- 
acuse University and her doctorate 
from New York University at Buffalo. 
While Texter realized the importance 
of education, she also cultivated her 
personal interests in softball and cy- 
cling illustrating that the ancient 
Greek notion of "a healthy mind and 
a healthy body" is not lost in the 20th 
century. Even more than this, though, 
Lynne Texter, according to her stu- 
dents, is an understanding and caring 
individual. The friendly and caring 
faculty and students which drew Dr. 
Texter to La Salle University are glad 
to now count her among them. 

Karen M. DiStefano 
Lynn A. Zikoski 

Dr. Lynne Texter 

Br. Gerald Molyneaux, F.S.C., Chair 

Dr. Richard J. Goedkoop 

Br. William Hall, F.S.C. 

Dr. Sharon Kirk 

Sidney MacLeod 

Gerald Schoening 

Dr. Lynne Texter 

William Wine 





Joseph P. Cairo 

Dr. Elizabeth Paulin 

Dr. John A. Duffy, Jr. 

Dr. Mark J. Ratkus 


Joseph P. Mooney 

Dr. Richard T. Geruson, Chair 

Joseph P. Cairo 

Dr. John A. Duffy, Jr. 

Dr. David L. George 

John S. Grady 

Joseph P. Mooney 

Dr. Elizabeth Paulin 

Dr. Mark J. Ratkus 

Dr. H. David Robinson 


Dr. Richard T. Geruson 

34 Economics 



Br. Lawrence Colhocker, F.S.C., Chair 

Br. Arthur Bangs, F.S.C. 

Dr. Maryanne Bednar 

Dr. Gary K. Clabaugh 

Dr. Preston D. Feden 

Dr. Carole Freeman 

Dr. Harry J. Klein 

Dr. Marilyn A. Lambert 

Dr. Francis J. Ryan 

Dr. Sharon F. Schoen 

Dr. John J. Sweeder 

Dr. Robert M. Vogel 

Dr. Carole Freeman 

Dr. Sharon F. Schoen 

Dr. Robert M. Vogel 

Dr. Maryanne Bednar 

Br. Lawrence Colhocker 

Dr. Preston D. Feden 

Dr. Gary K. Clabaugh 

Education 35 



Dr. Robert T. Fallon 

Dr. John Keena 



^^^^^- i 



M ^1 

^ ■ ■ Vi **^ 





Dr. Patricia B. Haberstroth 

Dr. John Christopher Kleis 

Dr. Toni Ann Culjak 

Dr. Marjorie S. Allen 

Dr. Howard Hannum 

36 English 

Students and Teaching, priorities for Br. Emery 

Ask any Christian Brother what his 
primary purpose is, he will reply, "to 
teach." This is precisely the response 
Brother Emery Mollenhauer gave, and 
the reason he returned to full-time 
teaching after thirty years of admin- 
istration. "After all," said Brother 
Emery, "our first call is to teach." 
Most new students know Brother Em- 
ery through the English Department, 
where he now has a full-time class load. 
Trace back a few years, however, and 
one can see that his roots at La Salle 
are quite different. 

Brother Emery received his Bach- 
elor's degree from Catholic Universi- 
ty, and his master's and PH.D. from 
the University of Pittsburgh. After 
teaching high school in Pittsburgh, he 
came to La Salle. He held the position 

of Dean of the Evening Division for 
nine years, then that of Provost for 
twenty-one years. During these thirty 
years, he taught part-time in the Eng- 
lish Department. He also assisted in 
the development of the Tenure Pro- 

Br. Emery Mollenhauer 

gram and the Scholarship Program 
which are currently implemented at 
La Salle. So why, after these thirty 
years, did he decide to return to teach- 

Brother Emery admitted that any 
longer in the administration would 
have been too long. His love for teach- 
ing made it easier to leave his position 
as Provost. In addition to his full-time 
teaching, he is now on the committee 
for hiring in the English Department 
and has sat on Hahnemann Hospital's 
University Board for four years. Does 
he miss administration? Says Brother 
Emery, "the only things I care about 
now are my students and my teach- 

Rebecca J. Curran 

Dr. Linda Merians 

Dr. Barbara C. Millard 

Helena White 

Dr. Margot Soven 

Robert Long 

Dr. Linda Merians 

Dr. Barbara C. Millard 

Br. Emery Mollenhauer, F.S.C. 

Dr. Meribel Molyneaux 

Fran O'Byrne Pelham 

P. Sreenivasa Rao 

Dr. John J. Seydow 

Dr. Stephen P. Smith 

Dr. Margot Soven 

Dr. Eileen H. Watts 

Helena White 

Dr. Stephen P. Smith 

English 37 





Dr. Kenneth L. Rhoda 

Dr. Lester B. Barenbaum, Chair 

Jan Ambrose 

Dr. Josua Buch 

Dr. James M. Kelly 

Kathleen A. McNichol 

Dr. Kenneth L. Rhoda 

Dr. Walter J. Schubert 

Dr. Michael Toyne 

Dr. Jose Trinidad 


Dr. Lester B. Barenbaum 

38 Finance 



ine Arts 

Dr. George K. Diehl, Chair 
James A. Hanes 
James T. Lang 
Beverly T. Marchanl 
Dr. Charles W. White 

La Salle Art Studio 

Fine Arts 39 


oreign Languages 

Dr. Leo D. Rudnytzky 


Dr. Nicholas F. Angerosa 

Dr. Rita S. Mall 

Dr. John J. McCann 

Dr. George A. Perfecky 

Dr. Berhardt Blumenthal, Chair 

Dr. Nicholas F. Angerosa 

Dr. Leonard Brownstein 

Dr. Rita S. Mall 

Dr. John J. McCann 

Dr. Glenn A. Morocco 

Dr. George A. Perfecky 

Dr. Leo D. Rudnytzky 

Dr. Barbara G. Trovato 

Dr. Barbara G. Trovato 


Foreign Languages 




Dr. Henry A. Bart 

Dr. Alice Hoersch 

Dr. Stephen A. Longo 

Bertram Streib 

Dr. Henry A. Bart. Chair 
Dr. Mark Guttmann 
Dr. Alice Hoersch 
Dr. Stephen A. Longo 
Bertram Streib 

Geology/Physics 41 



Dr. Theopolis Fair, Chair 
Dr. J. Sandor Cziraky 
Dr. Charles A. Desnoyers 
Dr. Arthur L. Hennessy 
Dr. Miroslav Labunka 
Dr. Joseph P. O'Grady 
Dr. John P. Rossi 
Br. Edward J. Sheehy, F.S.C 
Dr. George B. Stow 

Dr. George B. Stow 

Dr. Theopolis Fair 

Dr. Artliur L. Hennessy 

42 History 

Jack M. Rappaport 

Dr. Bruce V. MacLeod 

Dr. Kathryn A. Szabat 

Marianne S. Gauss 

Dr. Steven I. Meisel 

Dr. Steven I. Meisel, Chair 

Marianne S. Gauss 

Dr. Charles A.J. Halprin, Jr. 

Dr. Prafulla N. Joglekar 

Linda G. Karl 

Dr. Michael Korzeniowski 

Dr. Evonne Jonas Kruger 

Dr. Patrick S. Lee 

Dr. Bruce V. MacLeod 

Dr. Peter V. Marks. Sr. 

Dr. Lynn E. Miller 

Susan E. Mudrick 

Jack M. Rappaport 

Dr. Joseph Seltzer 

Dr. Kathryn A. Szabat 

Mijid Tavana 

Dr. Joseph R. Troxell 

Dr. William R. VanBuskirk 

Dr. Joseph R. Troxell 





Mathematics and Computer Sciences 









Dr. Charles E. Hofmann III 


Margaret McManus 

Dr. Samuel J. Wiley 


Dr. Charles E. Hofmann III, Chair 

Br. Hugh N. Albright, F.S.C. 

Dr. Stephen F. Andrilli 

Dr. Richard A. DiDio 

Robert M. Dondero, Jr. 

Linda Elliott 

Raymond P. Kirsch 

Dr. Steven Longo 

Dr. Carl P. McCarty 

Margaret McManus 

Dr. Gary J. Michalek 

John T. Mooney 

Dr. John C. O'Neill 

Dr. Errol Pomerance 

Dr. Jane Turk 

Dr. Marijke VanRossum 

Dr. Samuel J. Wiley 

Dr. Richard A. DiDio 

Br. Hugh N. Albright 

Raymond P. Kirsch 

44 Mathematical Sciences 


Dr. Jane Turk 

Dr. John C. O'Neil 

Antics, Algebra and Andrilli 

"Did you hear the one about the two guys 
vho ..." is a phrase similar to what one can 
;xpect to hear at the beginning of a typical 
;lass taught by Dr. Stephen Andrilli. 

Dr. Andrilli received his bachelor's degree 
n Mathematics from La Salle College and 
lis master's degree from Rutger's University. 
\fter many years of intense study in Abstract 
\lgebra, he completed his doctoral disserta- 
;ion in Finite Group Theory. 

When Dr. Andrilli began his career at La 
Salle, he taught in the progressing field of 
Computer Science and was co-chair of the 
Mathematics and Computer Science Depart- 
ment. During this time, he studied Computer 
Science at Temple University. Recently, Dr. 
/Andrilli has been needed to teach in the 
Mathematical Sciences, due to the decline in 
matriculating Computer Science majors. He 
has taught an honors math class and would 
like to establish a course curriculum for an 
honors class that deals with the history of 

Dr. Andrilli is dedicated to the art of teach- 
ing. He expresses interest in his students by 

making himself available to discuss course 
work, offer advice concerning a given career, 
or to simply "chat." Many Mathematics ma- 
jors have been influenced, encouraged and 
motivated by Dr. Andrilli. 

During his many years of teaching. Dr. An- 
drilli has developed some very effective ped- 
agogical methods. He has found that assign- 
ing homework problems to students, "forces 
them to keep on top of their workload and 
gives them the opportunity to increase their 
grade." Dr. Andrilli also brings a part of him- 
self to the classroom — his wonderful sense 
of humor. Starting class off with a joke, drop- 
ping a pun now and then, or tossing chalk at 
the clock as it buzzes for the end of class, is 
his way of keeping students' attention and 
making class more interesting; he just does 
what comes naturally. 

In addition to teaching classes. Dr. Andrilli 
is involved in various University committees. 
In recent years, he has been writing and ed- 
iting a Linear Algebra textbook. In his col- 
laboration with a professor from St. Joseph's 
University, Dr. Andrilli hopes to make his life- 


Dr. Marijke VanRossum 

Dr. Stephen F. Andrilli 

long dream of "seeing his name in print" come 
true. During his free time. Dr. Andrilli enjoy's 
classical music and masterpiece Theatre. 
However, his weeknights are spent primarily 
grading and preparing for class. He works very 
diligently to ensure his classes are well con- 
structed, understandable and. of course, a lot 
of fun. 

Karen M. Leone 

Mathematical Sciences 




Thomas Reifsteck 





Dr. Michael J. Kerlin, Chair 
Dr. Arlene B. Dallery 
James C. Fallon 
Eugene J. Fitzgerald 
Dr. Eugene Lashchyk 
Dr. Marc A. Moreau 
Thomas R. Phillips 
Richard F. Strosser 
Dr. William Sullivan 
Dr. Cornelia Tsakiridou 
Dr. Frederick VanFleteren 
Dr. Joseph A. Volpe, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph A. Volpe, Jr. 

Dr. Frederick VanFleteren 

1 Kerlin — the dreamer, the inquirer, 

the doubter. 

Dr. Michael J. Kerlin 

"As a kid I had a lot of religious 
questions; I was a dreamer, an in- 
quirer and a doubter." This is Dr. Mi- 
chael Kerlin's description of himself 
as a youth and, consequently, the start 
of his career as a student of life who 
shares his knowledge with the La Salle 
Community. Dr. Kerlin's inquisitive 
nature and acquisitive mind led him 
"to reading a lot of books that sup- 
posedly answered these questions." 
Picking up on this curiosity, a cousin 
acted as mentor by always engaging 
the young Kerlin in philosophical de- 
bates. Although senior Eric Christ 
commented, "He's out there, way out 
there," most of his students find him 
down to earth, especially when he dis- 
plays his musical talent by playing the 
penny whistle for his classes. Accord- 
ing to Dr. Kerlin, "if you make it fun, 
it will be interesting." 

While this teacher has endeavored 
to incite the love of philosophy in his 
students, he has pursued his own goals 

not only by obtaining degrees in Phi- 
losophy, Religion and Business, but al- 
so by learning to speak languages and 
play musical instruments. Led by his 
own interests, Kerlin has learned Rus- 
sian in his spare time and is now in 
the process of learning Gallic. Inspired 
by his children. Dr. Kerlin has taken 
up the violin. 

Dr. Kerlin has been teaching at La 
Salle University for 25 years (20 of 
which he has been chair of the phi- 
losophy department). Although, he 
paused when asked his philosophy of 
teaching and asked for more time to 
consider the question, (it may be a few 
years before an answer becomes ap- 
parent) Dr. Kerlin does have one wish 
for La Salle University and its stu- 
dents: "I hope that we will go happily 
together looking for those answers that 
led me into philosophy for a long, long 
time to come." 

Lynn A. Zikoski 

Dr Marc A. Moreau 

Philosophy 47 


olitical Science 

Dr. Brogan: Opening the Doors to Critical Thinking 

When Joseph Brogan visited his high school 
alma mater a few years after graduation, a 
former science teacher said he hoped Brogan 
majored in science in college. He replied that 
he had — Political Science. Though the nat- 
ural sciences were of interest to Brogan, his 
focus both in and outside the classroom was 
on politics. 

Dr. Brogan admits that as a college student 
in the late 1960s he was certainly not alone 
in his pursuit of political study. He recalls that 
while he was an undergraduate at La Salle, 
politics was one of the largest majors — a 
reflection of the times. The civil rights move- 
ment and the Vietnam War inexorably chal- 
lenged people to learn about political systems. 
Brogan himself concentrated on political phi- 
losophy at La Salle, and was encouraged by 
teachers to actively pursue academic work 
which would encompass this aspect of political 

Brogan received his M.A. and PH.D. from 
the University of Notre Dame and explains 
that his dissertation was a study of his own 
discipline. "The name 'political science,' " he 

Kenneth L. Hill, Chair 
Dr. Joseph V. Brogan 
Dr. Fred J. Foley, Jr. 
Francis J. Nathans 

explains, "came about in the 1950s and 1960s 
and grew out of a movement to make the study 
of politics more objective and more critical." 
He adds that his own specialty, political the- 
ory/philosophy, has grown in popularity and 
precision during the last decade. Brogan's def- 
inition of this type of study reflects back upon 
his initial reasons for pursuing political schol- 
arship; he notes that "the study of politics is 
rooted in the study of what it means to be 
human." For this reason, Brogan believes that 
political science is not technically a science, 
but rather a study which begins with the na- 
ture of the individual and works its way out 
to encompass the goals, tensions, triumphs and 
failures of the individual in the world. 

Brogan has taught in the Philosophy de- 
partment as well as in Political Science. He 
is also a former Director of Evening Admis- 
sions at La Salle. Among other positions, he 
has been secretary of the Faculty Senate and 
advisor of the student political affairs mag- 
azine. Despite his roles as teacher and ad- 
ministrator, Brogan admits a certain roman- 
ticism in the view of La Salle that he had as 

a student and that he still has today. "La 
Salle," he states, "opened doors to critica 
thinking and inquiry that many students likf 
myself had never seen before." As a teacher, 
Dr. Brogan has tried to carry on that missior 
to his own students. Like a science, politics 
calls for careful examination of all facts anc 
issues. As a liberal art, the study of politic! 
also deals with the ambiguities and complex- 
ities of human nature. Dr. Joseph Brogan, sci- 
entist-philosopher, keeps both of these 
traditions alive in political study at La Salle 

Mary Ann Buschka 

Francis J. Nathans 

Kenneth L. Hill 

48 Political Science 


Dr. David J. Falcone, Chair 

Dr. Suzanne Boyll 

Br. Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C. 

Br. John P. Dondero 

Dr. Peter J. Filicetti 

Dr. Robert M. Gilligan 

Dr. Joseph D. Kovatch 


Dr. Thomas N. McCarthy 
Dr. David L. Oden 
Dr. Joan Faye Pritchard 
Dr. John J. Rooney 
Dr. Frank J. Schreiner 
Dr. John A. Smith 

Dr. Joseph D. Kovatch 

Dr. Thomas N. McCarthy 

Dr. David J. Falcone 

Pritchard's Perceptions on Psychology 

Tucked away in the recesses of the Holroyd 
juilding, you can find Dr. Faye Pritchard, one 
)f La Salle's few full-time women psychology 
professors. In fact when Dr. Pritchard arrived 
It La Salle in 1972, she was one of the first 
"ull-time women professors in the entire school. 

Back then, this recent PH.D graduate of Ohio 
Wesleyan and Delaware had worked exten- 
sively on research projects both as subject and 
experimenter, but she chose to devote herself 
more to the instruction of students. Dr. Prit- 
chard's specialty is in sensory and perception, 
learning and methodology with a minor in 
math and statistical methods. With a back- 
ground like that she was the obvious choice 
to teach the subject that fills all psychology 
students with dread. Experimental Psych. She 
also teaches an Intro Psychology course, but 
she is known most for Experimental. She tries 
to introduce her students to the specifics of 
research writing while they gain hands-on ex- 
perience in the Lab. This experience is essen- 
tial to Dr. Pritchard who believes that stu- 

dents sometimes miss all of the intricate steps 
involved in a research project, otherwise. 

Over the years. Dr. Pritchard has noticed, 
and has been a part of two major changes in 
the La Salle community. One was a massive 
curriculum change, which Dr. Pritchard 
worked on herself in a committee and which 
she feels had a tremendous effect on the kinds 
of courses that have resulted. Also Dr. Prit- 
chard cites a more subtle but, nonetheless, 
important change in the overall attitude of the 
students, especially toward women. The males 
here have gained a respect for their female 
peers and professors, thanks in part, no doubt, 
to the efforts of women like Dr. Pritchard. 

Debra J. Bogle 

Dr. Joan Faye Pritchard 






Dr. David P. Efroymson 

Br. Michael McGinniss, F.S.C., Chair 

Dr. Vivienne Angeles 

Dr. James E. Biechler 

Br. Edward Davis, F.S.C. 

Rev, Joseph Devlin 

Br. Charles Echelmeier 

Dr. David P. Efroymson 

Dr. William Grosnick 

Dr. Janet Haggerty 

Rev. Kenneth P.J. Hallahan 

Br. Joseph Keenan, F.S.C. 

Geffrey B. Kelly 

Dr. Kana Mitra 

Dr. Gail D. Ramshaw 

Rev. Maurice B. Schepers 

Rev. Leo M. VanEverbroeck. 

Rev. Richard Wojnicki 

Br. Michael McGinniss 

Dr. William Grosnick 

Dr. Gail D. Ramshaw 

(T "> 

Rev. Maurice B. Schepers 

Rev. Kenneth P.J. Hallahan 

Br. Edward Davis 

50 Religion 

k^ ociology. Social Work, 
and Criminal Justice 

Dr. Judith Stull, Chair 
Dr. John F. Connors III 
Finn Hornum 
Janine Mariscotti 

Dr. Sybil E. Montgomery 
Br. Francis Tri Nguyen 
Dr. Laura Otten 

Br. Francis Tri Nguyen 

Expanding Horizons with the New BSW 

La Salle University is 
the only Catholic univer- 
sity in the area which of- 
fers a nationally accred- 
ited Bachelor of Social 
Work (BSW) degree pro- 
gram. Graduates of the 
BSW program are looked 
upon favorably by em- 
ployers and by graduate 
schools because of the rep- 
utation of this program 
within the social work 

"Social work is really 
an exciting field to be in 
at the moment," ex- 
plained Dr. Sybil Mont- 
gomery, assistant profes- 
sor of Sociology and So- 
cial Work program direc- 

tor. "People often think 
that social workers only 
work with the poor, but 
actually they work with all 
different people who have 
problems in their life, not 
just the poor or the 
abused." An advantage for 
students in the social work 
field these days is that 
"Jobs are available!" 
Montgomery exclaimed. 
Of social work graduates, 
100 percent of them are 
either attending graduate 
school or are employed 
with annual starting sal- 
aries of $22,500 to 
$26,000. Senior social 
work major Andy Huck 
noted, "I've had two job 

offers already!" 

The BSW cuts gradu- 
ate school time in half. 
"Instead of taking 58 
credits, I would only have 
to take 28," explained 
Huck. Because the BSW 
program is pushing the 
field to the limits, Master 
of Social Work programs 
have had to expand in re- 
cent years. 

The BSW program re- 
quires freshman to partic- 
ipate in 40 hours of ob- 
servational work, juniors 
to attend one day of field 
placement each week, and 
seniors to be involved in 
two days of weekly field 

Joan Barr, a senior so- 
cial work major, said "You 
get a well rounded edu- 
cation at La Salle . . . the 
(BSW) program here 
teaches a generalist ap- 
proach; students aren't 
limited to any specific ar- 
ea in the field." 

After receiving the 
BSW, students are consid- 
ered professionals, work- 
ing in such areas as child 
welfare, mental health, 
family services, probation 
counseling, public wel- 
fare, and aid for the eld- 

Kathryn Duffy 

Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice 






Bruce Bradford 
John Hanratty 
Joseph Hess 
John Jaszczak 
Gerald Kochanski 
Michael Lawlor 
John Zook 


Geri Seitchik 


David Cichowicz 
Martin Grourke 
William Price 
Robert Polek 


Richard Fuller 
Sidney MacLeod 


John Baffoe-Bonnie 
Joseph Cairo 
John Connor 
John Duffy 
John Funk 
Francis Mallon 
Elizabeth Paulin 
Thomas Watkins 



John Benson 
Richard Black 
Joseph D'Angelo 
Frederick Keating 


Nicholas Alexander 
Marjorie Allen 
Nicholas Angerosa 
Elizabeth Bass 
Phyllis Betz 
Mary Bonnor 
James Butler 
Lawrence Colhocker 
George Corwell 
Richard Grande 
Camilla Keach 
Kenneth Knodt 
Thomas Malatesta 
John Malone 
Robert Miedel 
James Mullen 
Thomas O'Keefe 
Annette Onema 
Joseph Phillips 
P. Sreenivasa Rao 
Mary Robertson 
John Seydow 


Suzann Churchill 
James Kelly 
Daniel Lang 
John McColgan 

Martin O'Halloran 
James Sable 

Fine Arts 

George Diehl 
Eugene Graham 
Robin Haffley 
James Lang 
Marshall Taylor 
James Williams 

Foreign Language 

Bernhardt Blumenthal 
Glenn Morocco 
George Perfecky 
Leo Rudnytzky 
Barbara Trovato 

Health Care Administration 

Donald Snook 


Arthur Hennessy 
Cathlyn Mariscotti 
William Megginson 
Joseph O'Grady 
George Stow 


Evelyn Cagan 
Charles Halpin 
James Porter 


Continuing Studies 



Joel Agran 
James Donahue 
James Grasty 
Linda Karl 

Michael Korzeniowski 
Evonne Kruger 
Steven Meisel 
Jack Rappaport 
Gilbert Simons 


Robert Ewing 
Andrew Liebman 
Margaret Liebman 
Richard Minoff 


Avi Barr 
David Brown 
Frederick Ciao 
Richard DiDio 
Joseph GuUa 
Sue Henry 
Barbara Lontz 
P. William Magliaro 
Diana McCarter 
Margaret McCoey 
Lawrence McElroy 
Richard Mitchell 
Errol Pomerance 
Edward Reimers 

Joseph Simon 
Lucille Traynor 
Suzanne Thompson 
Katherine Vitale 
Joseph Waldron 
Robert Young 


Sharon Beck 
Patricia Becker 
Sandra Davis 
Gloria Donnelly 
Margaret Dupray 
Eileen Giardino 
Rebecca Jones 
Katherine Kinsey 
Sarah Lauterbach 
Marylou McHugh 
Helene Nawrocki 
Nancy Ruane 
Albert Rundio 
Nancy Tigar 


Aloysius Ballisty 
Sylvain Boni 
Wojciech Chojna 
Gerald Downey 
Krystyna Gorniak 
Arthur Grugan 
Michael Kerlin 
Eugene Lashcnyk 
Atherton Lowry 
Edward Murawski 
Frederick VanFleteren 

Political Science 

Kenneth Hill 


Joseph Kovatch 
David Niknam 


Vivienne Angeles 
Francis Brennan 
Joseph Keenan 
Geffrey Kelly 
Jonathan Kraus 
Joanna Lightner 
Kana Mitra 

Sociology, Social Work an 
Criminal Justice 

Alan Batman 
Michael Clisham 
Russell Hartman 
Barbara Hornum 
Finn Hornum 
James Lanahan 
Diamantino Machado 
Judith Stull 

University Studies 

Thomas O'Keefe 


Continuing Studies 






Dr. Gloria Donnelly, Chair 
Sharon Beck, R.N. 
Dr. Patricia Becker 
Dr. Sandra K. Davis 
Dr. Patricia L. Gerrity 
Dr. Eileen R. Giardino 
Katherine K. Kinsey 
Sharon Lauterbach, R.N. 
Dr. Marylou McHugh 
Nancy L. Tigar 

Dr. Gloria Donnelly 

Dr. Marylou McHugh 

Nursing at La Salie — Accepting the Challenges of 
Modern Times 

To most students, a La Salle education 
means the neverending quest for time — time 
for study, time for extracurricular activities, 
a part-time job, the ever-important social life 
and, when allowed, time for needed sleep. For 
many undergraduates, it would be almost in- 
conceivable to work forty hours or more a 
week, raise and support a family, and partic- 
ipate in extra-curricular activities in addition 
to coping with the enormous amounts of stress 
associated with higher education. However, 
this is how most La Salle nursing majors spend 
their time. How do they do it? No one knows 
for sure, but Nursing Department Chair, Dr. 
Gloria Donnelly, has a few answers. 

Dr. Donnelly explained that the twelve-year- 
old nursing program has a unique, flexible 
structure that easily adapts to students' hectic 
schedules. Unlike courses in many other de- 
partments, courses for the B.S.N, are offered 
during the day, evening and on weekends. 
Donnelly, who founded the program, said that 
flexibility is a must. She explained that all 
students are required to hold a Pennsylvania 
State Registered Nursing License. This means 
that most nursing majors had already opened 
the doors to the "real world," having careers 
that would be difficult to leave for the pursuit 

of a full-time education. 

If nursing majors have already established 
secure careers, then why would they need more 
education? The answer is simple, today, nurs- 
ing is a comprehensive career, requiring con- 
tinual education because of new break- 
throughs. The nursing field has certainly come 
a long way since the days of Florence Night- 
ingale. La Salle's nursing department edu- 
cates students about contemporary methods 
and the latest medical breakthroughs. In ad- 
dition, the program, "gives nurses a broader 
view of nursing, primary care activities, health 
assessment and nursing research," said Don- 
nelly. This experience, Donnelly added, ena- 
bles nurses to climb the ladder into manage- 
ment and leadership positions in their fields. 

In order to earn a B.S.N., students must 
complete the same foundation and core cours- 
es required of all La Salle students. Nursing 
majors are also required to take a number of 
painstakingly difficult, time consuming sci- 
ence courses. And, if that isn't enough, nurs- 
ing majors must take three clinical courses, 
which provide hands-on experience, working 
in local hospitals and clinics. 

To add to their time restraints, many nurs- 
ing students participate in the Registered 

Nurses Organization (RNO), a club which 
sponsors health fairs and promotes well-being 
on campus. La Salle's top nursing students 
are invited to join the campus chapter of Sig- 
ma Theta Tau, a national honor society for 
nursing majors. 

Even though the question of, "how do the 
over four hundred La Salle nursing majors do 
it?" still remains, two things are certain — 
Nursing majors should be admired for their 
ability to cope with chaotic schedules and still 
earn a degree, and it is certain that La Salle's 
nursing program gives a comprehensive, ex- 
perience-oriented approach that guarantees 
success in the health care field. 

Although the La Salle nursing program is 
still relatively new. Dr. Donnelly speculated 
that further advancements are being exam- 
ined. The department is considering adding a 
program for those who do not possess a nurs- 
ing license. This program will allow entering 
freshman to earn a degree in one of the most 
challenging majors La Salle has to offer: 

Heather C. Johnson 



Br. Bender: Dedicated to Continuing the Tradition 

The students in our Continuing Studies 
Program have been hiding a secret from the 
-est of the La Salle Community — Brother 
Joseph Bender. Brother Bender has been an 
ntegral part of La Salle since he first came 
lere in 1973 as a counselor in the Evening 
Division. In the nineteen years since he has 
Deen here, Brother has established a wonder- 
"ul reputation as a counselor and an academic 
idvisor for the students in the Continuing 
Studies Program. 

After he received his Bachelor's Degree in 
Classical Languages from the Catholic Uni- 
/ersity of America in 1949, Brother became 
1 Latin teacher at West Catholic High School 
or Boys in Philadelphia, and retained that 
Dosition until 1966; he spent the next three 
/ears of his life teaching in the Harrisburg 
\rchdiocese. Before he left Philadelphia, 
Brother had accumulated a Master's and a 
Doctorate Degree from the University of 
Pennsylvania in Classical Languages. Upon 
lis return to Philadelphia in 1969, he resumed 
lis position at West Catholic High School for 
Boys before coming to La Salle in 1973. 

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, 
Brother has now become an adopted son of 
Philadelphia, although he coyly admits that 
rtis heart still belongs to the Pittsburgh Stee- 
lers. In addition to being a football fan. Broth- 
er's other interests also reflect the diversity of 
his personality: basketball, reading (he is a 
major Tom Clancey fan), his job, politics, 
world events, and, most importantly to him. 
La Salle and our community. In fact, the only 
motive for which Brother has is to help the 

students in the Continuing Studies Program 
attain their goals, and direct their motivation 
towards their studies. His genuine sense of 
interest in La Salle and in the students of La 
Salle is evident in everything he does. 

Brother's dedication to his work goes above 
and beyond the description of his position as 
an academic advisor and counselor for the 
Continuing Studies Students. On one occa- 
sion, a student, who was preparing to grad- 
uate, came to Brother because he wanted to 
know if he could fit some Latin classes into 
his schedule. When Brother became aware of 
the student's interest in Latin he advised him 

Br. Joseph Bender 

that he would be unable to graduate on the 
expected date if he added the classes into his 
schedule. So instead. Brother offered his serv- 
ices as a tutor for the student, working on his 
personal time and working around the stu- 
dent's daily schedule. Brother has become a 
very important part of our community be- 
cause he does more than just give students 
information and guidance, he becomes their 

Brother's personal relationships with his 
students are extended far beyond his office 
and the student's graduation. In fact, there 
has been several occasions on which former 
students have returned to visit with him only 
to show their appreciation for his hard work 
and dedication towards their education. His 
colleagues describe him as a "workaholic" who 
will take time out of his schedule to accom- 
modate any student at any time. He meets 
with students on his personal time, and also 
serves as an Evening Advisor at La Salle's 
Branch Campus in Northeast Philadelphia. 

Brother Bender is the Heart and Soul of 
the Continuing Studies Program, his dedica- 
tion to his work, to La Salle, and to his stu- 
dents goes above and beyond the call of duty. 
Brother's only wish is that when he leaves La 
Salle, our community will appreciate and re- 
spect the valuable contribution which he has 
made to our school. If the feelings which our 
community has for him now are any indica- 
tion, then it appears that his wish may have 
already come true. 

Joseph D. Kelly 

Continuing Studies 



.^Don't Dreams 

student-band plays on the tennis court. , 

All of our activities at La Sal 
not in the classroom. The time we 
spend at club meetings, in the 
. residence halls, studying in the 
library, and just hanging out with 
friends is our Student Life. Between 
Milton and Management, Bach and 
Biology, we foster friendships and 
develop leadership skills which we'll 
carry with us throughout our lives. 
At La Salle, we encounter the 
"universal college experience," but 
,also many very special things which 
^can be found nowhere but he; 

Left: Hev, have vou beard? 


Freshman Orientation 1991 

Sunday lunch on the quad 

Brother Patrick addresses new students in the Ballroom 

How many people did you meet at Orientation 

Move in: No fair! Mom's got the lightest box! 

Two happy Orientation Leaders 

Orientation Staff: Row one: James Collins, 
Mary Ann Buschka, Patricia Jones, Mary Ann 
Ridgely Row two: Marianna Loughrey, Jen- 
nifer O'Connor, Leah Barrett, Liz Pacana, Su- 
san Schwab, Kimberlee Farrugio, Nora Ar- 
ant, Mary Thomas, Dierdre Lee, Carolyn 
Steward, Karen Shields, Alfie Salador Row 
three: Kathy Brooking, Dave Martin, Helene 
Grady, Ed Layton, Perry Mortillite, AJ Tilson, 
Daniel Zmuda, Tom Conway, Tracy Malone, 
Colleen McGeehan, Dan Destefano, Paul 
Hughes Row four: Peter Maignan, Christy 
Marrella, Matt Castrina, Jennifer Curran, Amy 
Grofsoik, Dave Ksiak, Kevin O'Keefe, Mark 


Freshman Orientation 


Don't dream it . . . Join it!! 

9 Living in a box 

Is there a club you've alv/ays want- 
ed to join, but you're not sure how/ 
to contact the officers? Almost 
every student organization has a 
campus mailbox in the mailroom in 
the McCarthy stadium stands. The 
Student Handbook has a list of all 
clubs and their mailbox numbers, 
so don't hesitate to w/rite a note! 
Since most organizations don't 
have on-campus offices, the mail- 
box is a sure-fire v^^ay to reach a 
club's officers. They're always will- 
ing to hear from you! 

Italian Club — Box 693 

WEXP — Box 698 

GAELS — Box 621 

Student Political Association — Box 643 

German Club — Box 690 

Living in a Box 


Open House 1991 

Continuing Education reps greet visitors 

A lesson in dissection from the Bio department 

Where do I go from here? 

60 Open House 

Leit: The Communications Department answers questions. 
Below: A tiigh school student and his father ponder a future 
with La Salle 

Left: Campus tours on the shuttle were available. Above: ROTC's 
table attracted the interest of many students. 



Psi Chi 


1st: Accounting Assoc. 
2nd: Economics Assoc. 
3rcl: Health Care Admin. 

1st: Jazz Band 
2nd: Masque 


1st: Psi Chi 

2nd: Physics Club 

3rd: Chymian Society 


1st: FIJI 

2nd: Sigma Phi Epsilon 

3rd: Sigma Phi Lambda 


2nd: French Club 
3rd: Ukranian Club 


1st: Alpha Theta Alpha 
2nd: Delta Phi Epsilon 
3rd: Gamma Phi Beta 

Open House 


student Life is also Resident Life 

Above: Move-in day — the sun is shining? Below: Hundreds of residents pass 

through these turnstiles dally. 


Above; Students rush to the dining hall to sample the evening's menu. 
Below: Which way did you say Jerome Hall is? 


The life of a resident; running out of money on the meal 
card . . . lines at the MAC machine .. fire drills at two a.m. 
. . . saving quarters for the washers and dryers . . . dec- 
orating the hall for Christmas . . . football on Katherine's 
quad . . . having enough lottery points for a townhouse! 


Resident Life 

student Life is also Commuter Life 

The Hayman Hall lot is still crowded at five p.m. 

Commuting to college: late to bed, early to rise . . . yo, 
what high school are you from? . . . daily treks to and 
from Broad & OIney . . . parking on 20th Street . . . Alpha 
Beta Commuter . . . pinochle in the Caf . . . packing a 
lunch . . . SEPTA!! 

Commuter Life 63 

Campus Events 

students meet with member of the British Parliament. Sir Peter Morrison 

Brother Patrick Ellis addresses the crowd at the La Salle/League of Women 
Voters' voter registration day 

Dr. Glenda Kuhl announces the Dean's List 
students at the fall Academic Convocation 

64 Campus Events 

Campus Events 


Dr. Vincent Kling presents "Vienna 
As Cosmos," a reading in 
translation of ttie worl<s of Austrian 
author Helmito von Doderer 

Sig Ep member Eric Crist 
registers students at the 
fall Red Cross Blood Drive 


Above: Dr. Steptien Andrilli moderates the La 
Salle College Bow/I while a happy team (left) 
aces a bonus question. 

Campus Events 


La Salle Entertainment Organization 

President: Liza deGuzman 
Vice President: LeSette Wright 
Treasurer: Tony Gelona 
Secretary: Ada Smith 
Advisor: Mr. Ben Alvarez 

The LEO lion entertains visitors at Open House '^—r-^'^ 


Lying: Tim Tilson First Row: Liza deGuzman, Sokhey Muy, Christine Yeni, Rhea Juntereal, Tony Gelona 
Second Row: Belle Hernandez, Mitchelle Etorma, Lori Smith Third Row: Sachiko Manki, Ada Smith, Eileen 
McAllister, Scott Posen, AJ Tilson, Mark Aller, LeSette Wright, Mr. Ben Alvarez 


Cycling Club 

President: Joe Kelly 
Vice President: Jon McDonnell 
Treasurer: Mike Parkinson 
Secretary: Matt Zimmerman 
Advisor: Dr. Raymond Kirsch 

Jason Eells, Jon McDonnell, Matt Zimmer- 
man, Lou Galrao, Dr. Raymond Kirsch, Mike 
Parkinson, Joe Kelly 


LEO, Cycling Club 

Psychology Club 

President: Christine Kimmel 
Vice President: Sue McGratii 
Advisor: Dr. Joseph Kovatch 

Row one: Selina Messics, Maria Cook, Jen- 
nifer Capozzoli Row two: Stephanie Boc- 
chicchio. Maria Honorio, Linda Lewandows- 
ki, Jennifer Leone, Kristin Carickhoff, Sue 
McGrath, Missi Parent Row three: Kimberlee 
Farrugio, Irish Lyons, Andrea Wachob, Cheri 
Pelletier, Zoe Kavanaugh, Natalie Tibensky, 
Jennifer Bolinsky, Alison Rush Row four: 
Charles Yardley, Jamie Ingersoll, Kimberly 
Aglidian. Scott Atkins, Kevin Beck, Christine 
Kimmel, Dr. Joseph Kovatch, Jonathan Nisz- 
czak Missing: Philip Armino, Kimberly Ro- 
dock, Wendy Zakrzewski 

Psi Chi 


HB mB sMs 

tail # 


President: Scott Atkins 
Treasurer: Kristin Carickhoff 
Secretary: Kimberlee Farrugio 
Public Relations: Linda Lewandowski 
Advisor: Dr. Joseph Kovatch 

Row one: Linda Lewandowski, Kristin Carickhoff, Sue 
McGrath, Dr. Joseph Kovatch Row two: Cheri Pelletier, 
Kimberlee Farrugio, Scott Atkins, Kevin Beck, Maria 
Cook, Wendy Zakrzewski 

Psychology Club, Psi Chi 



President: Pat Cargan 
Vice President: Fran Ryan 
Treasurer: Dierdre Lee 
Secretary: Jolin Mulligan 
Advisor: Dr. Francis Ryan 

Row one: Marianne Maquire, Mike Kelly, 
Shawn Murphy, Rosin McGonagie Row 
two: Anne Marie Lavin, Janene Hartnett, 
Dierdre Lee, Colleen McGeehan, John 
Behan, Michael Barclay, John Mulligan, 
Dr. Francis Ryan, Sean Convery 

Honors Board 

President: Michael Boedwig 
Chairs: Chuck Lanutti 
Kevin Rodov»/icz 
Donna Ryder 
Lynn Zikoski 
Advisor: Mr. John Grady 


students and Faculty gather at the annual Halloween so- 

Row one: Dierdre Lee, Lynn Zikosl<i, Kevin Rodowicz, Ellen Lamond, Colleen Gulczynski Row two: 
Tara Bloesch, Michael Boedwig, Christine Muffy, Paul Hughes, Kevin Walsh, Tony LaRotta, Chuck 
Lanutti Missing: Daniele Ambrosini, Donna Ryder 


GAELS, Honors Board 

Karate Club 

President: Walter Elliott 
Vice President: Maria Ancona 
Treasurer: Denise Maksinnow 
Secretary: Ken Minnick 
Corresponding Secretary: Mike Gilbert 
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Andrilli 

Row one: Daniel P. Tierney, Daniel Hoffman, Maria An- 
cona, Debbie Martin, Denise Makslmow, Evelyn Dowgiel, 
Aron Gordon Row two: Dr. Stephen Andrilli, Matt Tad- 
del, Ken Minnick, Mike Gilbert, James Collins, Ttiomas 
Kalt Jr., Steven Duffy, Walter Elliott, David Timmons, 
Steven Gingolaski Missing: John Bertucelli, David 
Gawel, Steven Newumayer, John Siliquini, Thomas 
Stasko, Richard Julason, Joe Zucchero, Bernard Adi- 
guile, Ryan P. Grinkiwitz 

Ice Hockey 

President: David Brown 
Vice President: Carl Lobb 
Treasurer: Foster Garrison 
Secretary: Ed Rutkowski 
Managers: Neil Montovani, Dan 

Advisor: Tom Murt 
Coach: Ed Austin 

Row one: Eric Sedor, Steve Burke, Foster 
Garrison, Neil Montovani Row two: Pete 
Brown, Dave DeFilipis. Ken Mascaro, Jim 
Mowbrey, Jason Thompson, Carl Lobb, Rich 
Gastagna Row three: Dave Brown, John 
Schulden, Doug Morrison, Kevin Koch, 
George Griffith, Joel Lomurno, Ed Rutkowski, 
Clay Bennett, John Chiango, Mark Rooney, 
Edwin Johnson Missing: Ed Austin, Dan Mal- 
ley, Andrew McDougal, Tom Murt 

Italian Club 

President: Simone Valenti 
Vice President: Mark DiChristino 
Treasurer: Brunella Mirracchi 
Advisor: Dr. Nicholas Angerosa 

Row one: Cathy Vetrella, Lisa Fiocca, Brunella Mir- 
rachi, Patty Cerone, Bernard Faia Row two: Andrew 
Scutti, Sandy Rodriguez, Angel Fiocca, Mark Di- 
Christino, Maria Denise Row three: Mike Clemente, 
Frank Ceraso. unidentified, Simone Valenti. David D'A- 
lessandro, Rich Scali, Joe Canonica, Rocco Gallelli. 
Dana DeAngelo, Dr. Nicholas Angerosa Missing: Ve- 
ronica Grosso, Maria Italiano, Nancy CrinitI 

Karate Club, Ice 
Hockey Club, Italian Club 69 

Right-to-Life Committee 

President: Theresa Schmitt 
Vice President: Marianne 

Secretary: Dennis Kelly 
Advisor: Dr. John Duffy 

Dr. Steven Andrilli, Marianne McEneaney, Mary Ann 
Buschka. Staci Wilhelm, Kevin Davis, Kori Walter. 
William Pope. Dennis Kelly, Theresa Sctimitt, Steve 
Kovalenko. Dr. Jotin Duffy Missing: Hugh Ferry, 
Thomas Schuster. David Spaulding 

President: Mary Ann Buschka 
Vice President: Lynn Zikoski 
Treasurer: Paigeann Fugaro 
Secretary: Jack Farrington 
Advisors: Dr. Vincent Kling 
Dr. Stephen Smith 


Gavel Society 

Jack Farrington gives an impromptu speech 
about fire extinguishers 

Row one: Mary Ann Buschka, Mike Bennis, Paigeann Fugaro Row two: Lynn Zikoski, Joanna Vassallo, Dr. 
Vincent Kling, Patricia Jones, Jack Farrington, Dr. Stephen Smith Missing: Joe Kelly 


Right-to-Life Committee, Gavel Society 

Liturgical Ministers 


Eucharistic Ministers: Lorie Radecki 

Bread Bakers: Susan Schwab 

Readers: Colleen McGeehan 

Advisor: Rick Wojnicki, OSFS 

Row one: Wendy Zakrzewski. Dierdre Lee, Michelle Fish, 
Lorie Radecki, Karen Heavey. Brian Malone, Jeff Aimone 
Row two: Sue Schroeder, Colleen McGeehan, Douglas 
LeVien, Mark Aller, Tim Tilson, Tracy Malone, Tom Schus- 
ter, Diane Junikka, Sue Schwab Missing: Tom Conway, 
Patty Findish, Fran Dunn, Kris Horan, Jenny Moulis, Mary 
Ann Ridgely, Jen Zapcic, David Spaulding, Joe Hohenleit- 
ner, Mike Falcione, Toni Ceraul, Debbie Fazio, Ann Marie 
Ferro, Mike Gilbert, Marykristen DiJulia, Allison Hughes, 
Rich Niwinski 

Spanish Club 

President: Lisette Gonzalez 
Vice President: Camillo Campos 
Treasurer: Martha Sierra 
Secretary: Luz Santiago 
Advisor: Dr. Glen Morrocco 

Liturgical Ministers, Spanish Club 71 

Covenant House 

The Covenant House Open 
House Display 


U?e or\ tKe Street 
\s h DeKD End 


^^ ^ 

Coordinator: Brian Malone 

Treasurer: Kelly Crankshaw 

Awareness Leader: Doug 


Advisor: Ms. Rosemary 


Row one; Nicole Horick. Brian Malone, Shan- 
non Blake, Irish Farrelly, Kelly Crankshaw, 
Jana Nogowski, Kathy Duffy Row two: Mar- 
ierose Semon, Carol Ann Dillon, Vince Guy, 
Tom Shuster, Tina Rutherford, Christine Yemi, 
Kim Rodock Row three: Jennifer Bolinski, 
Laura Loder, Kelly Dreyer Missing: Doug 


Presidents: Kelley Dando 
Nancy Caruso 
Treasurer: Vince Azarcom 
Secretary: Jackie Ray 

Coordinator: Matt Craddock 
Advisor: Dr. Norbert Belzer 

Row one: Vince Azarcom, Tom Schuster Row two: Gretch- 
en Mayer, Jana Nogowski, Kelley Dando, Bill Zapf, Nancy 
Caruso, Dawn Haggarty, Matt Craddock Missing: Jackie 
Ray, Tom McCarthy, Mike Shellito, Regina Kenney, Jen- 
nifer Wolfe, Chris Russo, Kathryn Duffy, Claudia Sanchez 


Covenant House, Club EARTH 


President: Tara Palmisano 
Vice President: Jana Nogowsl<i 
Advisor: Dr. Robert Vogel 

Row one: Tina Rutherford, Jana Nogowski. Tara 
Palmisano, Marierose Semon Row two: Jennifer 
Dalton. Jen Norris, Tom Sfiuster, Sliannon Blake, 
Trisfi Farrelly Row three: Michelle Frisko, Ten 
Cutrona, Claire Tuinstra, Mary McVay Missing: 
Jen Ebersole, Mary Kristen DiJulia 

Committee for 
the Homeless 

Coordinator: Jennifer Pomerance 

Outreach Coordinator: Nicole Horick 

Outreach Leaders: Brian Malone 
Helene Grady 
Regina Kelly 

Soup Kitchen Leader: Laura Loder 

Habitat Leaders: Alex Vu 

Mike Gilbert 

Treasurer: A.J. Tilson 

Advisor: Ms. Rosemary Barbara 

Row one: Nicole Horick, A.J. Tilson, Shannon Blake, Tim 
Tilson, Trish Farley, Kelly Crankshaw Row two: Kristy 
Crawford, Jennifer Pomerance, Rosemary Barbera, Brian 
Malone, Fran Dunn Row three: Laura Loder, Mike Gilbert, 
Vince Guy Missing: George Beschen, Regina Kelly, Helene 
Grady, Leah Barrett, Alex Vu, Tom McLaughlin 

= il Historical 

President: Maureen Gallagher 
Advisor: Br. Edward Sheehy 

Row one: Nicole Manente, Kim Dorazio, Robin 
Jones, Maureen Gallagher, Krista Hirschmann 
Row two: Brian Terne, Tom Conway, John Flood, 
Tom Tennant, Ray Belarmino Missing: Fran Ryan, 
Sean Hughes 

CEC, Committee for the 
Homeless, Historical Society 


The Masque presents 

President: Jennifer Curran 
Vice President: Kathy Brooking 
Treasurer: Paul Conway 
Secretary: Bob Hermann 
Chancellor: Karen Hagerty 
Advisor: Karen Shields 

Row 1: Agnes Fung, Karen Hagerty, Jennifer 
O'Connor, Kathy Brooking. Row 2: Brian Farrell, 
Lindamarie Sands, Amy Grofscik, Jennifer Cur- 
ran. AJ Tilson, Wendy Zakrzewski, Frank Wilk- 
inson. Row 3: Br. Ken Ormerod, Matthew Cas- 
trina. Bob Hermann, John McComb, Ed Layton, 
filark Goronto, tulatthew Zimmerman, Marianna 
Loughrey. Missing: Paul Conway, JoAnn Buggy, 
Pauling Dowling, Linda Kunka. 


The Masque 

The Odd Couple (Female Version) 

The Masque 75 

Tune in to the Jazz Band 

President Andrew Borgersen confers with band members 

Trombones and trumpets are essential to the band 

The band performs at Open House 

Mr. Ciccimaro practices with the band 

President: Andrew Borgersen 
Vice President: Theo Brown 
Treasurer: Darrell Smalley 
Librarian: Bill Keenan 
Advisor: Br. Thomas McPhillips 
Conductor: Mr. Joe Ciccimaro 

Row one: Susan Schroeter, Bill Keenan, Theo Brown, Ed 
Gapsis, Darrell Smalley, Dan DeStefano Row two: Ned 
Crane, Tony Riggi, Bro. Tom McPhillips, Jennifer Bolinsky, 
Jason Eells, Andrew Borgersen Row three: Kelly Ann Def- 
ter, Jim Reed, Dan Rakowski, Ryan Frasch, Denis Olzinski 
Row four: Lem Pidlaoan, Tom Murphy, Matt Craddock, 
Rich Sacco, Melinda Padio, Kathy Klasfer, Jeanne Gimpel, 
Joe Ciccimaro Missing: Matt Castrina, Kevin Crowthers, 
Kathryn Duffy, Kimberly Craven 


Jazz Band 

student Political Association 

President: Mary Ann Buschka 
Advisor: Mr. Edward Turzanski 

Row one: Lynn Zikoski, Lois Kaznicki, Christy Marrella, 
Susie Calkins, Kelly Stumpp, Donna Gallasso, Maryann 
Melvin Row two: Kori Walter, George Fassnacht. Ai- 
mee Tagert, Michael Minghinelli, Mary Ann Buschka, 
Tiby Panea, Chris Dezzi, Doug LeVien, Mr. Edward Tur- 
zanski Row three: Dean McGrady, Charles Reiling, Tim 
James. Vince McGovern Missing: Charles Maier, Paul 
Murray, Marylou Primus, David Spaulding, Joe Swee- 
ney, Greg Kendrick, Derek Kephart, Julie Trainer, Matt 
Castrina, Andrea Chichonski, Greg Wiegand, John To- 

SPA holds a mock mayoral/senatorial election and counts up the votes with the help of advisor Edward Turzanski 

Members meet to discuss upcoming events 

The SPA team reacts to missing the first College Bowl question 

Student Political Association 77 

The Grimoire 

Managing Editor: Lindamarie Sands 
Advisor: Dr. Toni Culjak 

Row one: Mary Ann Buschka, Marlena Ryan, Bar- 
bara Sanders, Lindamarie Sands, Seann Hallisky 
Row two: Dr. Toni Culjak, Robert Conroy, Sandra 
Homan, Cecile Kandl, Bill Keenan, Patty Pfleger, 
Matt Taddei Row three: George Micco, unidenti- 
fied, Robert Eames, unidentified, unidentified, San- 
dra Peoples, Walter Elliot, Ryan Grinkewitz, Chrsi- 
tine Lester, Andrea Frucci. Missing: Bill Kerstiner, 
Sean Flannery, Monica Rossi, Leslie Turchetti, Jack 
Berkenstock, Jr., Maria Malekos, Jennifer Manion, 
Amy Welsti, Jovelyn Vilar, Ctiristina Roache, Tim 
Jones, Keith Smith 


The Singers perform concerts several times a 


rge Beschen SmSiSp^ ^^. TX~'' '^^^^^^*V''^'''''^<i^SmSStfSmSS^^ 

President: George Beschen 
Vice President: Kelly Taylor 
Secretary /Librarian: Tom Conway 
Advisor: Caliope Welsh 

Row one: Gretchen Mayer, Nicole West, 
Agnes Fung, Gia Ranaglia, Cally Welsh Row 
two: Tom Conway, Nicole Conway, Lisa Cok- 
en, Jana Nogowski, Kelly Taylor, George 
Beschen Missing: Scott Campbell 

■jaair imj 

SS7 lABvujja 



Grimoire, Singers 


Row one: Tony Sorrentino, Mike Kmiec, Danielle DeSimone, Karen DiStephano, Mike Cunningliam, Brian Farrell, 
Andrea Bozzelli, Jennifer Ask, Suzl Turkmanovich Row two: Kathy Brooking, Jennifer Curran, Jennifer O'Connor, 
Amy Grofscik, Marianna Loughrey, Leo Romero, Tom Reynolds, Scott Kinkle, Mike Ricci, Christine Smitfi, Christina 
McMenamin Row three: unidentified, Al Hurlock, Ron Grunsby, Joe Ippolito, Jim McDonough, Maurice Champagne, 
Brian Fish, unidentified, Michael Tanier, Roger Guerra Missing: Tony LaRatta, John Chiararallotti, Kevin Begen, 
Shelly Anderson, Rich Sacco, Derek Sheefer, Monica Rossi, Brian Rayca, Jim Plunkett, Anthony Marusco, Joe 
Lopez, Chris LaPorte, Fred Kurtz, Dan Kimmel, Chuck Jonas, Colleen Hebding, Mike Hayes, Marty Hayes, Kerry 
Gans, Tonya Ellis, Martha Sierra, Andy Williams, Kylie Yanke 

President: Mike Kmiec 
Vice President: Jennifer Ask 
Secretary: Tony Sorrentino 
Advisor: Dr. Lynne Texter 


President: Tony LaRatta 

Vicce Presidents: Wendy Krajewski 

Nathan Kerr 
Treasurer: Scooter Vertino 
Secretary: Laura DeFransicso 
Advisor: Dr. Richard Goedkoop 

Desiree Alexander, Trad Ambrose. Rob Arcangel. Martin Boon, Lisa Bom. 
Andrea Bozzelli. Teresa Bryant. Tata Bryce. Mauricce Champagne. Kristen 
Ciccone. Tori Clishman, Shannon Conroy. Eric Crist, Beth Csercsevits. Mike 
Cunningham. Jim DeMarco. Daniel Dienna. Jennifer DiGati. Mike Doser. Dave 
Dritsas, Michelle Drum, Jason Eells. Suzanne Ely. Brian Farrell. Matthew Fee. 
Lisa Fiocca. Jill Flanagan, Bill Furia. Danielle Genack, Elizabeth Giordanu. 
Denise Graf. Kristin Heimer. Jill Hershey. Krista Hirscmann. Chris Holger. Jen- 
nifer Jablonski, Heather Johnson. Chuck Jonas. Rhea Juntereal. Scott Kinka. 
Chris Keating. Mike Kmiec. Pam Lannutti. Roger Leister. Joe Lopez. Megan 
Lyall. Laurie MacPherson, Terry McAneany, Kathy McCann. Cathy McCaul. 
Matthev^ McElvenny. Jennifer McGinley. Matthev^ Michle. Deirde Miles. Heath- 
er Mirabelli. Jeff Meyers. Chrisine Mogel. A.J. Moore. Tiffany Mull. Michael 
Mulligan. Tara Mullin. Bernadette Murray. Fred Norton. Christine Paull. Jim 
Plunkett, Kristin Polovoy, Michael Ricci, Christina Roache, Judith Robinson. 
Monica Rossi, Chuck Schorpp. Heather Schuttz. Joseph Simmers. Tony Sor- 
rentino, Caryn Spellman. Michael Stahl. Elena Strauman. Nicole Tummarelo. 
Leslie Turchetti. Susan Turcmanovich. Elizabeth Wagner, Rebecca Walenta. 
George Williams 



Alpha Epsiion ^^ llf 
Delta ^P - 

President: Michael Faicione 
Vice President: Shannon Conrad 
Treasurer: Kevin Rodowicz 
Secretary: Mark Reynolds 
Historian: Terry Creneti 
Scalpel Editor: Lori Radecki 
Pledge Master: Dorothy Soliwoda 
Advisor: Dr. Annette O'Connor 

Row one: Lorie Radecki, Kevin Rodowicz, Shannon Con- 
rad, Michael Faicione, Mark Reynolds, Terry Creneti Row 
two: Debbie Martin, Jen Mazzoni, unidentified, Megan Ma- 
ginnis, Lisa Weimer, Domenic Mirarchi, John Oriante, Joy 
Gianvittorio Row three: Mino Aboul-Ela, Sue Guba, Robert 
Brearey, Jeff Hermann, Bob Hermann, David Nuzzolo, 
Christine Buben Missing: Dorothy Solivi/oda, Jason Ever- 
ett, Paigeann Fugaro, Matthew Gizycki, Susan Metzler, 
Ann Marie Pagano, Alex Vu, Frank Ammaturo, Tara Ann 
Bloesch, Jennifer Cole, Lisa Coyle, Dan DeStefano, Ste- 
phen Eng, Paul Fenn, Ed Gapsis, Paul Hughes, John Hunt- 
er, Jennifer King, Kimberly Lucas 

President: Lisa Weimer 
Vice President: Debbie Martin 
Secretary /Treasurer: Mike Gilbert 
Advisor: Br. Craig Franz 

Row one: Mino Aboul-Ela, Lisa Weimer, Debbie 
Martin, Mike Gilbert, Vince Azarcon Row two: Den- 
ise Morrissy, Frank Wilkinson, Chris Kousky, Frank 
Mazzotta, John Oriente, Joy Gianvittoro Row three: 
Robert Brearey, Bob Hermann, Chris Quinn, Dave 
Nuzzolo, Christine Buben 

Michelle McHugh, Megan Maginnis, Jennifer Mazzoni, Christine Muffi, Ehford Shah, Jennifer She- 
phard, Priyesh Thakkar, Greg Wood, Christine Sweeney 

Phi Alpha Beta 


Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Alpha Beta 

Health Care Administration Association 

Social Work 

President: Joan Barr 
Vice President: Angela Immler 
Treasurer: Suzanne St. Marie 
Secretary: Deana Doherty 

Row one: Deana Doherty, Joan Barr, Regina Ken- 
ney Row two: Tricia McDevitt, Angela Immler, Mar- 
tin Carey Missing: Suzanne St. Marie, And! Huck, 
Danielle Bosch, Heather Thompson 

President: Timothy Mellody 
Vice President: Thomas Cella 
Treasurer: James McCabe 
Secretary: Lisa lavecchia 
Advisor: Ms. Anne Walsh 

Row one: Maureen Conroy, Joanne Hirsch- 
buhl, Lisa lavecchia Row two: Denise Rob- 
erts, Brian Kerecz, James McCabe, Timothy 
Mellody, Thomas Cella Missing: Heather 
Mclnerney, Mike Marsteller, Kelly-Marie Byrd, 
Christina Pietrak 

Chymian Society 

President: Ann Marie Galante 
Vice President: Michael Patterson 
Treasurer: Thomas Haldis 
Secretary: Michael Mertzman 
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Jones 

Health Care Administration Association, Social Work Association, Chymian Society 81 


President: Alfie Salvador 
Vice President: Kay Chung 
Treasurer: Mariette Cabatu 
Secretary: Rhea Juntereal 
Advisor: Bro. Francis Tri 

Row one: Bob Ling. Vu Nguyen. Alfie Salvador. Ray 
Nepomuceno Row two: Margaret Leung, Rhea Junter- 
eal, Rachel Ravasco, Micelle Etorma Row three: Minh 
Duong, Sachiko Manki, Eri Kusakabe, My Lay, Yen Tieu. 
Kay Chung. Marietta Cabatu. Sokhey Muy. Megan Gas- 
kill. Debbie Shapit. Sue Lee Row four: Vince Azarcon. 
Tony Obfenda. Taka Ogowa, Belle Hernandez. Krystal 
Kowser, Steve Villacin, Rodney Abary, Manolo Aben- 
dano, Bro. Francis Tri Missing: Jeff Combaleler. Va 
Phun, Binh Tran. Alex Vu. Stephen Eng. Liza DeGuzman 
Miya Shimonoto. Ryoko Yamada. Shan Yuen. Ste 
phanie Ho. Khorn Sor. Lan Huynh. Margaret Sung. Am 
gelica Saladino. Arlene Hortaleza. Joy Vilar. Tat Shum 
Kyung Kim, Tony Mangabat. Sona Jumani. Irene Chan 
Sunhee Kim, Maria Dungca. Maria Cabungcal, Ratha 

A-ASIA's display of delicacies is always an 
Open House favorite. 


President: Mary Thomas 

Vice President: James Collins 

Treasurer: Peter Maignan 

Secretary: Mary Ann 


Advisor: Dr. Annette Onema 

?^.- k- 

i^«€^ i^*W 





President: Lisa Rogers 
Vice President: Brett Novick 
Sec /Treasurer: Stacey 
Advisors: Nina Israel 

Prof. Bertrann 


Row one: Lisa Rogers, Gene Kuper, Aar- 
on Gordon, Brett Novick, Stacey Green- 
berg Row two: Nina Israel, Prof. Bert 
Strieb Missing: Dr. Vogel 


President: Susan Schroeter 

Vice President: Jodi Apicelli 

Sec /Treasurer: Gabriella 


Advisor: Dr. Rita Mall 

Row one: Jodi Apicelli, Susan Schroeter, Ga- 
briella Marques Row two: Joe Clark, Ttieresa 
Schmitt, Marianne McEneaney, Jim Fanelli, An- 
thony Cunicelli, Marlena Ryan, Dr. Rita Mall 

Hiilel, French Club 


The 1992 Explorer 

Photo Editor |A 
Nick Caputo ^^ 

Editors not Pictured: Leah Barrett — Business Editor and Tricia 
Valentine — Sports Editor also put in many hours of hard work 
to make this book come together. We hope you enjoy the '92 
Explorer. It was fun to create. 

Cheri Pelletier 
Faculty Editor 


The Explorer 

Don't Dream It ... Do It! Now! 

Seann Hallisky 
Copy Editor 

Mary Ann Buschka 
Student Life Editor 

John is one of our assistant editors. Without them, this 
book wouldn't have been finished! 

The Explorer 85 


La Salle University, Philadelphia PA, 19141 

Row one: Christina Roache. Jen Manion, Monica Rossi, Amy 
Welsh. Virma Ugras. Lindamarie Sands Row two: A! Hurlock, 
Andrew DeNardo, John Tozcydlowski, Jean Michelle Williams, 
Duane Swierczynski. Krista Hirschmann, Martin Murphy Miss- 
ing: Rachel Apanewicz (Advertising Manager), Susie Calkins 
(Editorial Assistant) 


Right: The Dynamic Duo — Editor-in-Chief Jean Michelle Williams and Managing Editor 

Duane Swierczynski Below: The Entertainment Section — Lindamarie Sands (copy editor). 

Amy Welsh (editor), Christina Roache (assistant editor) 

Late Night . 

With the 



Left: Wonder Twin Features Section — Monica Rossi (assistant editor), 
Jennifer Manion (editor) Below: Photography Editor Virma Ugras 

Collegian 87 

Resident Student Association 

Bernard. Cassian, and Denis Halls 

Edward. Francis, and George Halls 

St. Katharine Hall 

Hilary. Albert, Jerome. Neumann, Townhouses, Apartments 

President: Alison Rush 
Vice President: Karen Leone 
Treasurer: M. Susan Scinroeter 
Secretary: Becca Curran 
Program Director: Cheri Pelletier 
Assistant Progr'm Dir: Vince Regan 
Resident Publicity: Sandra Peoples 
Regional Communications: Joe Kelly 
NACURH Communications: Jennifer Gulp 
P-Caso Representative: Michelle Fish 
Advisor: Alan Wendell 

Neumann: President: Spiro Michas, Vice President: Gia 
Ranaglia, Sec/Treas: Karen DiStefano, Programming: 
Carolyn LiBrandi. Intramurals: Jen Somerville, Reps: Jodi 
Aplcelli, Chris Izzi. Senators: Martin Boon, John Capriotti, 
Tim Nash, Dave Spaulding. 

LaSalle Apartments/Theresa Court: Eric Bean, Jeff Cruz, 
Dave Ksaizek, Chris Pomrink, Carol Foley. Dennis Kelly, 
Jill Hershey. 

Resident Student Association 

Bernard, Cassian, Denis: President: Mike Ricci, Vice-President: Douglas Abrams, Sec/Treas: Sandra 
Peoples, Intramurals: Stan Ostrowski, Reps: Eric Patton, Jeff Cox. Senators: Marc Bonora, Tricia Cattani, 
Jennifer Chestnut, Tricia Doherty, Kevin Gerry, Trish Giordano, Megan Glasko, Joseph Mendeires, Renee 
Pagano, Kimberly Pfluger, Julie Reeser, Tom Schuster, Todd Stendes. 

Katharine: President: Suzanne Bauer. Vice President: Kristen Polovoy, Sec/Treas: Jen Clup, Program- 
ming: Marina Dorosh, Reps: Mary Bruno, Dan Rakowski. Senators: Danielle Ambrosini, Tim Beehler, John 
Bruni, Joe Capriotti, Colleen Caputo, Ann Hagan. Kathy Klaster, Ellen Lamond, Jay MacRlan, Michelle 
McNamee, Christine Raub, Liz Schaefer. Jim Schilk. Lori Smith. Janet Stew/art, Susan Turcmanovich, Julie 

Edward, Francis, George: President: Dim Dorazio, Vice President: Roseann Harley, Sec/Treas: Frank 
Gattuso, Kristian Berster, Reps: Kevin Lonergan, Roger Williams, Programming: Amy Tolson. Senators: 
Steve Dvorchack, Jay McAndrews. Kelly Thompson, Matt How/ley. Christine Hartman. Amy Ott. Bob Cavella, 
Dave Martin, Drew Ruppersberger, Chris Brown, Glen Martin. 

Hilary, Albert, Jerome: John Mullaney, Jason Thompson, Bill Keenan, Mark Reimann, Christine Yeri, Kelly 
Horger, Tim Stello, Anthony Marusco, Steven DiMoreno, Meredith Kramer, Christy Davis, Carl Bauman, 
Rob Sarnowski. William Degroot. John Houck. Christine Ellis. Joy Gianvittorio, Jennifer Zapcio, Jodee 

Miguel: Bucky Wallace, Jeff Jasmann, Sari Ting, Nancy O'Brien, Jeff Grasso, John Guazzo, Jerry Kullg, 
Bill Maus 


Row one: Rich Buckmen, Joe Przybyszewski, 
Connie Osborn, Leona Watkins, Fred Strohm, 
Joseph Perez Row two: Beth Dooley, Elizabeth 
DeFrehn, Linda Middleman, Gregoria Meneses, 
Dorothy Durso, Constance Haney Row three: 
James Hembree, Mary Ellen Dobbins, Marianne 
Dormer, Tom Ryan, Ruth Hinton, Greg Maurer, 
Bob Robinson Row four: Anthony Gentner, Pa- 
tricia Dooley, Jim Searl, Margaret Wilby, Geor- 
gia Goodhue, Marybeth Siravo. Missing: Car- 
men Velazquez, Maureen Mastropietro, Lori Orr, 
Enrique Diaz, Edward Whatley 


1 President: Hope Sostman 
ii Advisor: Dr. Bernhardt 

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" ask the members of 
the La Salle German Club. 

Ukranian Club 

President: Walt Zinych 
Vice President: Larissa Benduik 
Secretary: Lia Serbyn 
Treasurer: Andrej Lushnycky 
Advisor: Dr. Leo Rudnytsky 

Dr. Leo Rudnytsky accompanies club members Les- 
ia Holowchak, Lia Serbyn and Waif Zinych at Open 
House. Missing; Larisa Benduik, Andrej Lushnycky, 
Ellie Posiad, Suzana Yastrebov 

Prolog, Gernnan Club, Ukranian Club 


University Peers 

President: Frani Wasserman 
Vice President: Joan Barr 
Treasurer: Tom Scinuster 
Advisor: Ms. Christine Trainer 

Row one: Alison Schneck, Marierose Semon, 
Caroline Weinert. Jennifer Leone, Aileen Ragan, 
Meredith Wagner Row two: Rebecca Mackiew- 
icz, Alison Rush, Dan Tierny, Andrew Johnson, 
Michael Boedwig, Tom Schuster, Joan Barr, 
Christine Trainer Missing: Frani Wasserman 

Sociology Club 

President: Jennifer Miller 

Vice Presidents: 
Maura Mulligan 
Margaret Cosenza 

Secretary / Treasurer: 
Steve Quinn 

Advisor: Bro. Francis Tri 

Row one: Beth Davis, Maura Mulligan, Margaret 
Cosenza, Alison Schneck Row two: Steve Quinn, 
Jennifer Miller, Scott Anderson, Bro. Francis Tri 
Missing: Tamika Walsh, Tom Mooney, Eileen 
Dougherty, Trish Galante, Chuck Daniels, Bob 
Feehery, Nicole Horick, Sachiko Manki, Isaac 


University Peers, Sociology Club 

Criminal Justice Association 

President: Nicole Horick 
Vice President: Kurt Neff 
Treasurer: Michael Helton 
Advisor: Dr. Laura Otten 

Row one: Lisa Chismar. Kelly Stumpp, 
Nicole Horick. Maurice Tomlinson Row 
two: Jim Gallagher, Frank Spera, Dan- 
ielle Brookins, John Treadwell, Jurt Je- 
bitsch, Diane Krupczak, Kristin Falcone 
Missing: Kurt Neff, Michael Helton. Jhn 
D'Orazio, Stephen Quinn, Chuck Daniels. 
Karon Davidson. Scott Burns. Tat Shum, 
Jennifer Bossard. Brandon Graeff 

Student Economic Association 

President: Jacqui Juliano 
Vice President: Robin Jones 
Advisor: Dr. H.D. Robinson 

Row one: Lisa Watson. Kevin Tofel, Rob- 
in Jones, Kurt Jebitsch, Jacqui Juliano. 
Jeff Fisher, Jennifer White Missing: Thad 
Nowakowski, Andee Dotsey. Hugh Ferry, 
Chris Robinson, Anna Flesak, Jen Kurtas, 
Michael Kokosky 

Criminal Justice Association, Student Economic Association 


The Honors Center cleans out its closets. 

Above; The familiar wait at the Union MAC. Below: Only the shadow knows what evil lurks in the 

Connelly Library. 





\ ^^m^U 


' • 


What do you mean you want a piece of my pretzel? 

92 Campus Candids 

Is lab really this much fun? 

Pete's Barber Shop: A La Salle tradition 

Students discuss a long day of critical thinking and intellectual pursuits. 

Campus Candids 93 

Association for Computing Machinery 

Geri Bowers, Suzanne Bogatiuk, Bruce 
Rhoades, Joseph Evangelist, Angela 

President: Bruce Rhoades 
Vice President: Joseph Evangelist 
Secretary / Treasurer: 
Angela Rowbottom 

At Open House, a prospective student learns 
about the Math/CSC department from Dr. Andrilli 

Advisor: Dr. Samuel Wiley 

President: Jason DiVirgilio 
Vice President: Kathy Robinson 
Treasurer: Chuck Nyce 
Secretary: Geralyn Bowers 
Advisor: Br. Hugh Albright 

Mike Tanier, Geralyn Bowers, Mike Boedwig, Jason 
DiVirgilio, Susan Saranchak, Kathleen Robinson 
Missing: Chuck Nyce, Jerry Duncan, Joseph Evan- 
gelist, Angela Rowbottom 

Kappa Mu Epsilon 


Association for Computing Machinery, Kappa Mu Epsilon 

Gamma lota 

President: Damian Mogavero 
Vice President: Joey Van Ness 
Treasurer: Matthew Fry 
Secretary: Robert Fry 
Advisor: Ms. Kathleen McNichol 

Row one: Christine Flaherty, Dean DiCiccio, Jeffrey Jassmon, Robert Fry, Christine Clark, Ann Marie 
Lavin, Foster Garrison Row two: Ms. Kathleen McNichol, Cynthia Walden, Ann Lynch, Joey Van Ness, 
Brian Kourez, Damian Mogavero, Mike Dougherty, Dean McGrady, Marie Kozel, Larry Berran, Brian Malone, 
John O'Donnell Row three: Eric Kleinschmidt, Jeffrey Aimone, Matthew Fry, Mark Aller, Dennis Kelly 
Missing: Jennie Hammond, Nick Arduino, Jackie Meschler, Patrick McCann, Daniela Matteucci, Michael 
McLaughlin, Maggie Gibson, Tom Markowski, Maureen Moran, Christina Rose, Brian Racey 

Math /CSC Club 

President: Kathleen Robinson 
Vice President: Sue Bogatiuk 
Treasurer: Sr. Maryann McKeogh 
Secretary: Geri Bowers 
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Andrilli 

Dr. Stephen Andrilli, Michael Tanier, Judy Mas- 
ny, Geri Bowers, Jason DiVirgilio, Sue Saran- 
chak. Sue Bogatiuk, Kathy Robinson Missing: 
Sr. Maryann McKeogh, Joe Evangelist, Angela 

Gamma Iota Sigma, Math/CSC Club 


President: Lori Hoffman 
Vice President: Melissa Guenther 
Treasurer: Patricl< Duffy 
Secretary: Charles Lanutti 
Fund Raising: Jeffrey Kafel 
Advisor: Dr. John Hanratty 

Beta Alpha 

Row one: Mike Dougherty, Jim Knepp. Melissa 
Guenther, Sonia Gonzalez, Bernie Faia, Catherine 
Curganilla, Marietta Cabatu, Sue Schwab Row two: 
Brad Maury, Joanne Galante, Leah Barrett, uniden- 
tified. Bill Pastro, Mary Beth Kaiser, Margaret For- 
restel, Frani Wasserman, Lori Hoffman, Jeff Ben- 
ninghoff, Brian Williamson Row three: Joanne Cat- 
tie, Steve Villacin, Tom Furer, Rich Nocella, John 
Mulligan, Jeff Aimone, Brian Clark, Mike Roberts, 
Dave Roberts, Joe Hohenleitner, Joe Hogan, Frank 
Lescas, Dave Wilkins, Foster Garrison 

Institute of 



President: Jeffrey Kafel 
Vice President: Jim Knepp 
Treasurer: Margaret Forrestel 
Secretary: Mary Beth Kaiser 
Advisor: Dr. Susan Borkowski 

Row one: Maria Denied, unidentified, Sonya Gon- 
zales Row two: Jeff Benninghoff, Mike Dougherty, 
Mary Beth Kaiser, Peggy Forrestel, Lori Hoffman 
Row three: unidentified, Andrew/ Borgersen, John 
Mulligan, Brian Clarke, Jeff Aimone, Foster Garri- 
son, Jim Knepp Missing: Jeffrey Kafel 


Beta Alpha, IMA 




President: Daniela Matteucci 
Vice President: Scott Campbell 
Treasurer: Alisa Toscano 
Secretary: Brad Maury 
Advisor: Mr. Mike Korzeniowski 

Above: Business Clubs put on their professional best for Open House 

Accounting Association 

President: Mark DiChristino 
Vice President: Mary Beth Kaiser 
Treasurer: Jerry Dieckhaus 
Secretary: Sue Schwab 
Advisor: Mr. Jack Zook 

Row one: unidentified, Patti Cirone, Sue Scfiwab, Bernie 
Faia Melissa Guenther, Sonia Gonzalez, Catherine Cur- 
ganilla, Joanne Galante Row two: Michael Roberts, Staci 
Wilhelm, unidentified, Mike Dougherty, unidentified. Bill 
Pastro, Mary Beth Kaiser, Margaret Forrestel. Lori Hoff- 
man, Mary Bruno, Jeff Benninghoff Row three: Thomas 
Lance, unidentified, Maria Denisi, Jim Knepp, unidentified, 
Andrew Borgersen, Jeff Aimone, John Mulligan, Brian Clark, 
Tom Purer, Mark DiChristino, Joe Hogan, Andy Brown. Dave 
Roberts, Jerry Dieckhaus, Foster Garrison. Joe Hohen- 

Business Honor Society, Accounting Association 



Editor-in-Chief: Mary Ann Buschka 
Managing Editor: Kori Walter 
Advisors: Br. Edward Sheeny 

Dr. Joseph Brogan 


Kori Walter puts the finistiing touches on a LaSPAM 

Row one: Aimee Tagert, Maryann Melvin. Douglas LeVien, Mary Ann Buschka Row two: Denis Olzinski, 
Joe Kelly, Kori Walter, Charles Reiling, Neil Montovani Missing: Keliyann Horger, Helene Grady, Christina 
Roaohe, Suzana Yastrebov 

Lambda lota Tau 

President: Mary Ann Buschka 
Vice President: George Beschen 
Treasurer: Kim Dorazio 
Secretary: Marlena Ryan 
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Haberstroh 

Lambda lota Tau recruits new English Majors at Open House 

Row one: Lindamarie Sands, Mar- 
lena Ryan, Mary Ann Buschka Row 
two: Peter McGahey, George 
Beschen, Jen Moulis, Kim Dorazio, 
Mark Krajnak, Joe Kelly Missing: 
Cecile Kandl, Seann Hallisky 


LaSPAM, Lambda Iota Tau 

Students' Government Association 

President: Thomas Cella 

Vice Presidents: 

Student Affairs: Heather Striet 

Academic Affairs: Laura Tebo 

Public Affairs: Patricia McKenna 

Business Affairs: Cathy Prendergast 

President Tom Cella — ready for business 

Open House Chairmen Steve Cusano and Dave Martin 

-n ^)^.-^-f(y M 

- ■ ^P"m ':; -■„■ ., ^ 

^^_j i 

Row one: Jen Norris, Andrea Sheplock, He- 
len Monaghan. Tricia McKenna, Thomas Cel- 
la, Heather Striet, Catharine Prendergast, Ai- 
mee Tagert, Patricia Jones, Christy Marrella 
Row two: Michael Cunningham, Andrew 
Scutti, Tony Diaz, Larry Berran, Curt Burk- 
holder. Brad Maury, Sean Hughes, Denny 
Forte, Stefano Cusano, David Martin Miss- 
ing: Laura Tebo, Stacey McKee, Re Panico, 
Joanne Brown, Gabriella Marques, Shawn 
Presley, John Meagher, Brian Morris 

Students' Government Association 


Right: Suits! It must be 
interview time! 

100 Campus Candids 

Freshening up around campus 

I <315 


Above: OIney bulletin boards are always packed with Information. 
Below: Brother Patrick chats with students. 

A leisurely afternoon on the quad 

Campus Candids 101 

Sometimes it's easier to study as a team. 


Campus Candids 

"I'm not going to set off the alarm, am I?" 

Campus Candids 103 

RUSH WEEK The symbol of ever-consronr 

change. The growrh of frorerniries ond sororiries 

depends on rhe renewing yourh of rheir 

members and rhe oge-old srrengrh of rheir ideals 

Sisrers show supporr for rhemselves as 
well OS rhe enrire Greek sysrem. 


Don't Dream 

^ -^iSiSCftcrDTH-fc >«»i.-t w ^. '♦ir- 


Oo fr Oo »t Bt'~>t 


Greek Life 

PLEDGES Continuing rhe seorch for exceilence. 

Whor do you dream of being when you finish college? "I wonr 
ro be Q success in my coreer." "A help ro my communiry." "A good 
wife." "The besr dad." "Hoppy." 

These are all greor ospirorions which could be heard from any 
srudenr or La Salle or any university bur why ore rhey or rhe begin- 
ning of rhe Greek secrion? They ore here ro symbolize ro whor 
exrenr Greeks ploy in dreom-moking. 

The enrire Greek sysrem is founded upon rhe ideals of sisrerhood 
ond brorherhood. Once young aduirs join o frorerniry or sororiry, 
rhey begin o journey of growrh which will conrinue forever. As rhey 
marure wirh rheir brorhers and sisrers, rheir dreoms also morure. They 
ralk among rhemselves; fanrasizing obour whor rhe furure holds for 

Dreams wirhour acrion are unfinished rhoughrs. Greete do nor 
oilow rhis ro happen. The communiry rhey form worte ro help mold 
on individual who will work for his or her dreams. The ocr of ochieving 
rhese goals may be difficuir bur ir is mode ro know rhar o sisrer or 
brorher is rhere ro help. 

All rhis is why so much space in rhis book has been dedicared ro 
rhe Greek sysrem of La Solle. Ir is ro ler rhe reader look or rhe 
friendships in rhe phoros ond wonder whor rhese people are dreom- 
ing obour. 

Much rime and efforr were pur inro rhese rwenry-rwo poges ond 
by rhe end, rhe ediror reolized he hod grown in his own frorernol 
experience. Dy seeing rhe inside of orher Greel-ss, o larger picrure 
was visualized in which eoch sororiry and frorerniry hod irs place. 
Viewing rhe following poges, rhe reader will hopefully undersrond 
whor rhe ediror is rrying ro express. 

So, whor are you dreoming obour? 


Front Row: K McCormock, 5 Suchdowski, S Rodriguez, K Ferer, K Durl«, T Phom, A Dorsey, K Gresdo, S. McMocl^in Second Row: 
N O'Drien, J Madonna, M. Krouss, M, Fischer, C. Ciglar, T Ceroul, C, Zoli, T. Delaney, P Cirone Third Row: J Klorrenberg, M Souers, 
L Cesoro, G, DePierro, J, Fleming, D, Genocl'i, M, Ardizzi, J. Kolorhos Fourth Row: C, Mueller, Z Kavonough, T. Vernik, D, Fozio, K. 
Drown, C. Rose, D, Csercsevirs, L. Worson, D, Mosin, 5. Ting, D, Gilbride, K. Logan, E. Hicliey, E. Veber Fifth Row: N. Tibensky, M. 
Fosserr, M, Duchonon, J Eirich, W, Zokrzewski, E Wagner, T, Tromer, C, Pogon, E. Darone, K, Forruggio, M. Cook, M, Savorese, A. 
Sheplock, L. McKee Missing: T Ambrose, M. Hillmon. L. Hondr, C- Minieri, S. Shuminski 

Phibnrhropies and communiry service borh 
ploy major parr in rhe Delro Plil Epsilon so- 
roriry. Two of rheir narionQJ philonrhropies ore 
rhe Cysric Fibrosis Foundcrion and rhe Foun- 
dorion for Anorexia Nervosa and Associored 
Disorders. In addirion ro rhese, comnnuniry serv- 
ice projects include a Crop Walk for Hunger, 
helping ro build low income houses in rhe ciry 
of Philodelphio, and sponsorship of rhe Lo Solle 
Man of rhe 90's conresr, wirh proceeds given 
ro Dr. Kelly for rhe core of his doughrer, Suson 

Esse Quam Videri, "To be rorher rhon ro 
seem ro be," is rhe morro rhor D Phi E was 
founded on. The unique qualiries rhor each sis 
rer brings forrh unro rhe whole helps ro explain 
rhe creed rhor defines rhe bond rhor rhey call 
everlasring sisrerhood. 

Hopes for rhe furure and memories of rhe 
posr odd ro rhe essence of rheir sisrerhood. In 
rhe furure rhey are confidenr in rhe facr rhor 
rheir rradirion will persevere and Delro Phi Ep- 
silon will conrinue In excellence. As for rhe posr. 
President Elizabeth Wagner speaks for rhe 
whole sororiry as she srares, "Our memories 
are ones rhor can nor be expressed through 
words. They lie deep within us, speciol to each 
individual sister. We carry rhem in our heorrs 
and you con see rhem in our pride. Our mem- 
ories will never fade, for we ore sisrers forever. 


Delta Phi Epsilon 

Front Row; N Anderson, J. Munoz, 5 Gonzoles Seond Row: M- Schroeder. T, Molone, D. Stevenson, D Junilil-io, D DIoisse Missing: T. 
Avollone, M Cobungcol, J, Diaz, T. DiCerbo, K Dotrer, M. Foirdourh, P. Forresrol, K Fox, L, Gonzoles, E. Hornberger, C. Jenhinson, R, 
Kenney, J. Keogh, M. Keogh, L McGuigan, H. Mirobelli, C Nigron, P Pisoni, S Rodriguez, K- Toylor 

Gommo Sigmo Sigma has rhe dubious dis- 
rincrion of being rhe oldesr sororiry on campus. 
Founded over fifreen years ogo, rhis narionol 
sororiry concenrrores primorily on being o serv- 
ice orgonizarion. Gommo Sig sponsors differenr 
fund-raisers for each holiday rhroughour rhe 
school yeor. For Chrisrmos rhis posr yeor, rhey 
sponsored a "Toys for Tors" drive. Also, rhey 
ore closely ried ro rhe March of Dimes and rhe 
Sunshine Foundorion. The morro of rhis sororiry 
deols v^irh communiry service ond promoring 
fellowship among La Salle srudenrs and rhe re- 
volving communiry. 

Consisting of nearly 75 percenr commurers, 
Gommo Sig is looking rowords rhe furure by 
increasing ideos of service around campus. This 
posr yeor, present sisrers mode on effort ro 
conrocr rhe founding sisrers of Gommo Sigma 
Sigmo ond hod an alumni dinner vi^hich rhey 
hope ro continue eoch yeor. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 


Front Row: C Dovis, L Chismor, N Mordell, T Golonre, C, Copobionco, A. Toscono, M, Kozel, R. Cole, C. Ricchini, L, Kunko. M. Morley, 
5 Slorer Second Row: K Dovis, L Monzo, J Von Gilder, J. Groff, R. Holmes, L. Wheeler, S. Low, D Loci, M. Guenrher, K Smith, E 
Corcoron, S McKee, D, Prozzillo, T Rrzgerold, C. Gardiner, J Coll Third Row: 5, Amoro, M. Hogy, T. McKenno, S, Schwob, C. Kowry, 
K, Corbone, K. Allison, 5. Debner, C. Dornich, L, Pollonr, L, Cicolo, A, Knopp, A, Lopusheski, K. Lewis, C. Sindoni, M. Dorosh, M. Kramer, 
5, King Missing: C. McAlee, A. Loughney, K Carroll, C. Lurz, M. Dennehy, C. 5corr, K. Reordon, P. Drumgoole, 5. Landers, J, Lwowski, 
T. Weaver, R. Junrerol, D Durney, S. Russello, K Droy, D. Folvo, J, Block, H, Goff. C, Kloss, A. Siegel, J Voiron 

Gommo Phi Dera was founded as a half 
social, half service sororiry. They ore involved 
in various communiry service ocriviries such as 
visirs ro orphanages, volunreer v^ork in soup 
kirchens for rhe homeless, and rrips ro Building 
Blocks. Hov^ever, rheir narionol philanrhropy is 
"A Camp for Girls," Camp Sechelr. A porrion 
of all of rhe orgonizorion's money goes ro rhese 
underprivileged girls, and rhe sisrers keep in 
rouch v^irh rhem rhrough lerrers. 

As srared by Chrisro Scorr, Presidenr of Gam- 
ma Phi Bera, rheir ideal is "ro promore rhe 
highesr rype of v^/omanhood." They pursue 
rhor in everyrhing rhey do — by living rogerh- 
er, rhrough philonrhropies, and by learning from 
each orher. 

The sisres of Gomma Phi Bero hove greor 
hopes for rhe furure and for Greek orgonizo- 
rions in general. They would like ro keep rheir 
chaprer, as v^ell as rheir sororiry name, as srrong 
05 ir is now by promoring enrhusiosm and pride. 
Chrisro Scorr commenrs rhor "we as sisrers in 
Gamma Phi Dera hope ro see a conrinuing 
rradirion of nor only our sororiry, bur of oil Greete 
who ore posirive role models for orher orgon- 
izorions on rhe La Salle Universiry campus." 

The Gamma Phi Bero morro, "Founded up- 
on rock," sronds for srobiliry in whar rhe four 
founding sisrers creored. This sroble belief has 
lasred since 1874 ond will keep going rhrough- 
our rhe years. As srared by Scorr, "Gamma Phi 
Bero wonrs ro be remembered as being a di- 
verse group of girls pulling differenr ideas ro- 
gerher ro become as close of friends os we 
can, while giving as much os possible ro rhe La 
Salle communiry." 

Front Row: C- Chago, S Srolrer, 5. Greenberg, E. Snyder, J Forrester, M. Denisi, T Volenrine, C. Davis Second Row: J. Mosney, D. 
Wilson, K Allen, N lonnorelli, J. Davis, S. Soranchok Missing: M, Withers 

The sisrers of Phi Gamma Nu wanr ro mix 
business wirh pleasure. Phi Gommo Nu is a busi- 
ness sociery frorerniry in which rhe sisrers' com- 
monaliry lies nor only in rhe business oreo, bur 
also in rhe desire ro build srrong and lasring 

Phi Gommo Nu is made up of business majors 
and minors concerned wirh becoming con- 
necred ro rhe business world. The sisrers hosr 
special business speokers and rhey olso have o 
Menror Commlrree; a group of alumni who 
Qssisr rhem wirh rheir careers ond "help ger a 
foor in rhe door. "Phi Gamma Nu is in rhe proc- 
ess of rebuilding since mony of irs members 
were losr ro groduorion ond Presidenr Tricio 
Volenrine hopes ro grow wirh rhe new sisrers, 
Women wirh a common academic inreresr de- 
velop close friendships rhar conrinue rhroughour 
rhe years because of Phi Gommo Nu. They 
grow rogerher, complemenring one onorher 
while srriving for success in rhe world of busi- 
ness. There is a unique closeness omong rhem. 

Founder's Day is special ro rhe sisrers,- o rime 
ro rekindle old friendships and meer new sisrers. 
Rerreors and formals also serve ro bring rhe 
sisrers closer rogerher as does rheir involvemenr 
in volunreering for drug and alcohol abuse pro- 

The sisrers symbolize rheir frorerniry wirh a 
red rose and rhey srrive ro live up ro rheir 
morro: Esse Quom Videri, "ro be rorher rhon 
ro seem." 

Phi Gommo Nu looks reward rhe furure, hop- 
ing ro expand rhe frorerniry, yer olso hoping 
ro keep rheir speciol closeness. The experience 
of Phi Gommo Nu has added much value ro 
sisrers' academic and social lives here or La 

Phi Gamma Nu 109 

Front Row: K McConn, K Hodgliiss, H. Monoghan, M, Dero, C. McGovern, J, J. Hommond, K. Hough, E, Giordano, M, Grodel Dock 
Row: J. Terrociono, G. Morrhews. K. Loferry, K, Fischer, S, MocNeil, D, Fobririus, D, Cosrelli, C, Spono, T. Pinder, J. Morris, I. Doron, J. 
DiGori, M- McGovern, C. Dowmon, M, Carmody, 5, Mulreody, C. Offshacl^ Missing: P. Drown, S. Worsen, C. Wolden, H, McKenzie, J. 
Hallinon, A. Desrephono, J. Hershey, A. Moffirr, J. McElderry, T. Sirlio, A. McNelis, C, Douer, D. Hoffmon, K, Sipos, N. Kozlouslras, J. Mozzei, 
M Kelly, H. Rifo, K. McGovern, M. MacLeod, T. Kraemer, A, Lynn, J. Leen, T. Rurherford, 5. Giordano, T. Giordono, J. Lolser, L. Dendiuk 

— ^Ssii 

"Sisrers growing rogerher," is one woy 
Presidenr Korhy Lofferry describes her so- 
roriry. Alpha Thero Alpha consisrs of almosr 
fifry sisrers whose common beliefs lie in hon- 
esry, openness, and hard worl<;. Dependo- 
biliry is another qualify rhar rhe sisrers are 
proud of; or any rime, any place, rhere is 
olwoys someone rhere for rhem. 

ATA was founded or La Salle in rhe lore 
1970's and rhe founding sisrer, Barbara Tra- 
vodo, is now rhe sororiry's advisor. One main 
aspecr rhar disringuishes ATA is rhar Ir Is a 
local sororiry. Anorher aspecr is rhar rhere is 
no bidding sysrem during rhe rush period. 
Insreod, rhe rushees sign o lisr on a firsr-come 
firsr-serve basis. The sisrers prefer rhis sysrem 
because ir eliminores rhe pre-judgemenr rhar 
somerimes accompanies rhe bidding sys- 

Social services ore o prioriry for ATA. This 
is seen by each sisrer being required ro do 
ar leasr one individual service a semesrer. 
They also come rogerher ro perform group 
services such as ruroring, Special Olympics, 
volunreering or Einsrein Hospirol, and fund 
raising for handicapped and special children. 

Inducrions, iniriarlons, and rerrears ore 
rimes for rhe sisrers ro srrengrhen rheir ries 
and ro shore good rhoughrs and feelings. 
Rerrears ore especially meoningful becouse 
rhey ore proyer-orienred and help ro berrer 
rhe sororiry. 

The green and whire rose is rhe symbol 
for ATA; ir signifies puriry and growrh. Some 
of rhe goals Lofferry srresses ore closeness, 
unificorion, respecr, and service. She em- 
phasizes rhor in rhe furure, she hopes her 
sororiry will nor be ofroid ro change and 
grow for rhe berrermenr of ATA as a whole. 


Front Row: M. McAllisrer, C. Galli, P Miiondo, M Espinoso, C, Campo, J, Goldberg, M Plyen Second Row; J. Umosello, M, Corroll, J. 
Shino, T. Holdis, K. DIenke, A. Coole, D, Hoben, J, Dever Third Row: M. Gnecco, D Suir, M Trendler, T. Modden, 5 IXesch, D. Dougherry, 
D. Kimmel, R, Nocello Missing: J. Clore, M, Sullivon, M Green, M, Corr, K, Milhous, D. Fogg, 5 Forhor, R. Poolirie. T, Mossuci 


Tou Koppo Epsilon, a longrime presence on 
La Salle's campus, conrinued irs acrive stance 
rhis posr school year. TKE helped wirh rhe Red 
Cross DIood Drive again wirh Delro Phi Epsilon 
end Sigmo Phi Epsilon and parricipared in rhe 
annual food drive for rhe homeless sponsored 
by 94 WY5P. These projecrs, along v^irh con- 
rriburions ro Respirarory Disrress Syndrome As- 
sociarion and sponsorship of Relorionship Week 
and Alcohol Awareness Week programs, com- 
bined ro help reach TKE's ideals of Love, Chor- 
iry, and Esreem. 

The inrramurals feir Tau Kappa Epsilon's pres- 
ence OS rhe brorhers mode impressive show- 
ings in volleyball, baskerball, and sofrball 

Presidenr Jason Clare sums up his hopes for 
TKE: "To conrinue rhe rrodirion of excellence 
with rhe notion's lorgesr frorerniry that chal- 
lenges college men to develop themselves, their 
talents, and their abilities in pursuit of personal 




Fronf Row: S. Mocklin, J Beninghof, C, Smirh. J Sheppard, J Fromm, S Ho, D Mossimini, P, Williams, T, Stello Second Row: G. Polokow, 
M. Marrone, M. Maxwell, M DeMarrino, J Combalecer Third Row: Pi. Lowrie, D, Nassan, J. Porvin, S, DiMorino, W. Small. A, FInarelll, J, 
Dennerr, J. Carl, E, Subokow, 5. Larsko, J. Lumley, J Charves, J. Trogner, C. Gollagher Fourth Row: L Lemieux, M, Goerrer, K. Hein, J 
Lubes, L. Derron, T. Decker, 5. Tourdo, 5. Daly, A. Heaiy Missing; C, Cenevlva, D. Rofferry, J. Cononico, C. Molloy, P,. Abory, C. Dodner, 
T. Vonleer, C. Dence, D. Corrrombone, D O'Connell, L Conre, M. Moffo, H. Morgan 

The frarerniry of Phi Gamma Deira 
was founded in 1848, bringing irs fine 
rrodirion of brorherhood ro La Solie in 
1985. Today, rhey are forrynine 
brothers srrong ond growing. Their 
values; Friendship, Knowledge, Serv- 
ice, Morality, and Excellence, ond rheir 
morro: "Friendship, rhe Sweeresr Influ- 
ence" ore found in everything they 
do. Fiji is heavily involved on campus 
from community service such as Open 
House ond Compus Clean-up, to ex- 
rrocurriculor activities like Student Gov- 
ernment ond Rugby. They continued 
their tradition of excellence in 1991 at 
Lq Salle by winning Greek Week and 
nationally by placing second in the 
Condon Cup for "Most Improved 
Chapter." Phi Gommo Delta has of- 
fered friendship that lost a lifetime and 
on ongoing tradition of excellence. 


Phi Gamma Delta 


-'S i^^^ 

Front Row: J. Kolok, M. Phelon, J Kulig, J Reilly, C Srrimel, M Lee Second Row: M, Consiglio, S. Posen, D. LeVien, S, Gray, J, Gilbert, 
M Arnold, A. Moskowirz, K. Wills, C. Gibson, V. Azorcon, P. Lofferry, J. Eodeh Third Row: D. Thompson, J. Cruz, E, Crisr, P, Thibouir, M. 
Ricci, M. Leonordis, J. Meyers, M. Zone, D. Zmudo, J Roiney, K. Meisler, J. Lenox, G. Toronrolo, D, NovicI';, G. Emens, J, Nilond, G, Voipe, 
D Gillespie, C, Whipple, D Murphy, J Meogher, R Codigon, A. Pogono Missing: M. Aller, R. Doyer, D, DeSrefono, T DiCello, P, Gonorro, 
F Genovese. J. Guozzo, P Hughes, M Johnson, M Kennedy, P. Morrillire, K, O'Keefe, C. Perl-iins, T Perrecz, C Pomrinli, D. Robinson, 
D Swierczynslii, D, Sprorr, S Mojkur, V. Regon 


Being rhe youngesr frorerniry on compus, 
Sigma Piii Epsiion has quire a lorge job in fronr 
of irself ro become on inregro! porr of Lo Solle 
life. Greor srrides hove olreody been roken in 
rheir yeor and a Inolf of exisrence. Toking porr 
in rhe Red Cross blood drive, giving o good 
shov^ or rhe pledge Olympics, ond ochieving 
one of rhe Icrgesr pledges classes in rhe foil 
rush, 5ig Ep is moking cerroin ir is o permonenr 
porr of Lq Solle. 

Sig Ep or Lo Solle srorred in a dorm room in 
1989 v^irh four men. Ir rapidly exponded os ir 
moved from o colony ro o charrered choprer 
and held o membership of over sixry men. Irs 
ideals of Virrues, Diligence, ond Drorherly Love 
orrrocred men who v^ished ro work for some- 
rhing new in rheir universiry yer old in rrodirion. 
They creored o choprer wirh whor rhey con- 
sidered ro be o proper balance of sociol ond 
service ocriviries. 

Philonrhropy is imporronr ro Sig Ep. Ir claims 
Mulriple Sclerosis collecrion, American Cancer 
Sociery, and Hobiror for Humoniry os projecrs, 
in oddirion ro locol endeavors wirh Alpha Thero 
Alpho and Srudenr Porrol. 

Searching for rhe "Bolonced Man," Sigma 
Phi Epsiion has gained members who ore oaive 
in oil areas of compus life. The blending of abil- 
iries inro o mosaic of monhood benefirs all who 
coll Sig Ep rheir frorerniry. 

The end of rhe yeor sow rhe groduarion of 
mony of rhe frorerniry 's original members. Ir 
was a sod rime for all and yer anorher srep for 
rhe group. Growing inro rhe role ir designored 
ir would ochieve will be difficuir for Sigma Phi 
Epsiion, bur if irs presenr pace is conrinued, rhe 
gool will soon be reoched. 

Sigma Phi Epsiion 


Front Row: M 5rohl, J. McMohon, 5. Elm, D. Crowley, R. Logon, J Simmers Second Row: R Fuller, J Hobon, i Collins, D Donohue, 
M Ziff, M, Minghenelli, K Durkholder, T Hermon, 5. Hughes, M. Fiorenrino Third Row: D Kosubo, S Nevin, J. Powell, J, Vomer, D 
Drown, M. Dennis, D, Forre, J. Worrello, J. Dironno, K. O'Brien, G. Porr, J, McCunney, J, Porrer Fourth Row; J, Doren, P, Piockner, A 
Kuebler, K Corroll, Dr. Vincenr Kling Missing: T, Sheo, J. Volsh, IX, Flock, P.. Kropinski, S. Malock, P Cupi, P Poulson, J Cullen, W Ziwch 

Sigmo Phi Lambda, Spirir, Fideliry, ond Lead- 
ership! Founded ar La Salle University in 1935, 
OS Q spirir club organized on o frarernai basis, 
college men considering membership were firsr 
ro prove enrhusiasm ond involvemenr in all 
areas of La Salle College life. This idea srill holds 
rrue rodoy. Members of Sigma Phi Lambda fro- 
rerniry parricipare and excel in a w\6e range 
of compus ocriviries: Srudenr Governmenr, Wrir- 
ing Fellows, English and Communicorion De- 
porrmenrol Boards, Honors Program, Dean's List, 
Govel Society, Campus Ministry, Soccer, Ice 
Hockey, and Crew. 

With the onset of World War II, the frorerniry 
experienced on inactive period. This spring, Sig- 
ma Phi Lambda celebrated the Thirtieth Anni- 
versary of their Reactivation in 1961. The cel- 
ebration at the Spring Formal included the at 
tendance of the 1961 Reactivarion Pledge Class 
and members of the Founding Class of 1935. 

As Lambda is not nationally offilioted, the 
strength of the fraternity comes from phenom- 
enal alumni support. One of the biggest events 
of the year is Alumni Weekend. Significant 
alumni indude Dan Rodden, Roland Holroyd, 
and Brother Leonard, for the quadrangle or 
"Quad" is named. 

Founded os o social service fraternity, Sigma 
Phi Lombdo is very active in working with its 
service sponsor, St. Gabriel's Hall, a Christian 
Brother-run facility for court-committed youth 
of the Philadelphia oreo ages 12-18. 


Front Row: P, Kozlowski, T Newsorne, J Derkensrock, M Mumm, T 5chum Second Row; J. Fisher, D. Rhoodes, C. Hellings, J- Romeo, 
A Sobeleski, M Kruesi, F Spero Missing: S Osrrowski, M Trocey, M. Droum, D Owsik, M. Dougherry, R. Corbone, T. Poneo, C, Moier, 
T Jomes, D, Royco 

Founded on Februory 14, 1975, Alpho Chi 
Rho or Lo Solle Universiry is l<;nown os rhe Vol- 
enrine's Day C^^oprer. Foirhful ro rhe Exerer 
Morro: "De men," President Joy Romeo as- 
serts, "We rry ro reach our members ro be 
responsible for rheir ocrions." 

There ore four landmoriis rhor rhe frarerniry 
brorhers hove pledged ro uphold: "Member- 
ship for rhose who ore prepared ro reolize in 
word and deed, rhe brotherhood of men. The 
insistence of high and clean moral stondards. 
The paramount duty of brotherly love among 
members. Judgemenr nor by exrernols but by 
intrinsic worrh." 

Frarerniry members are acrive in diverse ar- 
eas of La Salle life: Dean's List, golf team, wres- 
rling reom, intramural sports, Faculty-Depart- 
mental offices, and peer education. 

Alpha Chi Riho's moin charity Is the Church 
of rhe [Redeemer, located on the edge of Lo 
Salle's campus. In addition to fundroisers, rhe 
frotetnity provides ruroring services for rhe chil- 
dren of rhe parish communiry. Other philon- 
rhropies include Marines Toys for Tots and Build- 
ing Diodes, 

Alpha Chi Piho takes an ocrive role in bringing 
diverse groups rogether by cosponsoring a 
speaker and Martin Luther King vigil for Black 
History Month, and by sponsoring o dare rope 
seminor for Relationship Week. Romeo com- 
ments, "With rhe high visibility of Greete on La 
Solle's compus, it is in our best interest ro pro- 
more involvemenr wirh Lo Solle ond rhe sur- 
rounding community." 



Front Row: Jim Monohon, Drad Hoyr. Pvondy Giondonoro, Mike Droscio Second Row: Jerry Dieclihous, Greg Posr, George KqII^o, Tom 
Kruesi, 5reve Wonslrsl^i 

"A chain is only as srrong as irs weaKesr link." 
This is Deira Sigma Pi's morro and rhey have 
spenr many years working for strong links. 

DeIra Sig hos rhe responsibiliry of being rhe 
only mole business frarerniry on campus. Due 
ro rheir female counrerparr, Phi Gommo Nu, 
DeIra Sig has nor become co-ed which makes 
rhem rhe only all-male chaprer in rhe norion. 

The members of Delro Sigma Pi ore prepored 
for rhe business world rhrough acriviries rhey 
sponsor. Speokers and guesr lecrurers ler rhe 
men know "whor ir's like our rhere," and how 
ro survive. 

In oddirion ro rhese acriviries, Delro Sig also 
sponsors many community service projecrs. 
They work in rhe Soup Kirchens in Philadelphia 
and rhey hove o conned food drive for rhe 
Drorherhood Mission. For rhe Lo Solle commu- 
niry, rhey sponsor speakers on Drug and Al- 
cohol Addicrion. 

In oddirion ro rhe diversiry of rhe group, P,an- 
dy Giondonoro soys rhor he and his brorhers 
realize rhor "uniry is rhe key ro brorherhood." 






rl -*^^ 



4^ -^^H 






Delta Sigma Pi 

Front Row: M O Doyle, P Cleory, D Darlierro, T Sinonni, P Togno, C Wood, C Lonnurri, D Sonros, G Gollen, A McGrorh Second 
Row: A, Wrighr, D Virole, 5 Voyr Third Row: Dro C Echelmeier, D Flynn, T Sherlock, D O'Neill, E. Lynch, A, Trujillo, C Srrozerri, T 
Wilson, C Spirz Fourth Row: J Grunwold, C Porisi, J. Roci^, Pi, DeOcero, J Schneider, M Rolb, D, Lesniok, D, Drowne, M, Debernordinis, 
M Smirh Fifth Row: S. Dello, J, Pellegrino, J, Sheohon, S. Arkins, P>- Pollorino, T. Lesrer, D, McVeigh, D Ferko, D, Krofr, J, Conning, T. 
Srender, D. Powell, P. Drokely, D. Mogovero Missing: J Johnson, C, Locorell, F. Morrison, J Wollner 

When rhe original brorhers of Pi Koppo Phi 
founded rheir frorerniry or rhe College of 
Choriesron on December 10, 1904, one won- 
ders if rhey realized how for ir would go. Eigh- 
ryeighr years lorer, rheir choprer or Lo Salle 
Universiry is celebroring irs renrh year anniver- 
sary. Wirh rhis record, rheir morro, "Norhing 
shall ever rear us asunder," seems ro be hold- 
ing rrue. 

The brorhers of Pi Kop hove followed rheir 
founders' wish ro "exrend rhe bonds of friend- 
ship." These bonds go ourside rhe frorerniry as 
rhe brorhers involve Themselves wirh rhe hond- 
icopped. Through a program or Widener Uni- 
versiry, rhey help disabled children leorn how 
ro swim. Their norionol philonrhropy is PUSH, 
Pasr Understanding of rhe Severely Hondi- 
copped, which has been a parr of rhe choprer 
from rhe srorr. 

Archon Chuck Lonnurri would like ro see rhe 
diversiry conrinue in rhe years ro come. Ciring 
such involvemenrs as rhe IF5C, inrromurols, and 
orher campus ocriviries, Lonnurri hopes rhor rhe 
uniry will conrinue Through rhe common desire 
for losring brorherhood. 

Pi Kappa Phi 117 



Rush Week. Tables inside rhe Union. Too mony people. Sororiries end Fro- 
rerniries selling rhemselves, Difficulry gerring inro Inrermissions, Was rhor all rhere 
was ro ir? Nor exacrly. One sororiry sisrer described Rush Week os "rhe mosr 
imporronr evenr" of her chaprer. Rush, generally specking, rakes place year 
round as knowledge of rhe Greek sysrem is expanded and inreresr raised. 
The weeks which ore so named ore only ourword signs and rhe official ocrs. 
"A good Rush Choir works all semesrer and even over rhe summer," srared 
one proud frarerniry member. Ir also involves evenrs such as Meer rhe Drorhers/ 
Sisrers, arhleric gomes, movie nighrs, DDQ's, and anyrhing else rhor o human 
mind could rhink of. Ir was a week of fun and decision and when ir wos over, 
whar was mosr ofren said by rhe Greeks wos, "Veil, rime ro ger ready for 
nexr semesrer." 





\ ^^\'Jl 



Rush Week 

Open House. Tobies ourside of Un- 
ion. Too many people. La Salle selling 
irseif. A festive air pervaded rhe cool 
day in November v\/hen La Salle Uni- 
versity opened irs doors and invited 
oil those interested to come and look. 
The Greeks rook port in whot could 
hove been termed o practice Rush 
Week. Even though those who were 
looking were not even in college yet, 
"it never hurts to storr early," accord- 
ing to one fraternity brother. "They 
look interesting," related a high school 
senior in reference to rhe Greeks "I'll 
hove to check them out if I come 

The Greeiss hove long been active 
in Open House. Brother Gerald Fitz- 
gerald, coordinator of the events, is 
always grateful for their participation 
especially in leading tours around 

As Open House displayed the long 
trodirion of Lo Soile Universiry excel- 
lence, so, roo, did it demonstrate the 
dedication of rhe Frarerniries and So- 
rorities ro their academic institution. 

Open House 



A Greek Tradition 

"No more rhird places," o disgruntled frorerniry cried 
OS rheir represenrorives in rhe Olympics paid no Ineed 
and broughr home onorher one. No morrer how rhey 
fared, each frorerniry and sorority proved their support 
of their pledges as rhe loud cheering and screaming 
echoed through the srreers of Philly. The early morning 
hour frightened some supporrers away bur as the day 
progressed, the playing field gradually filled. Events such 
OS the mortress race, egg corch, keg toss, and rhree- 
legged race brought just as many laughs as screams of 
enrhusiosm. The coordinated costumes worn by the 
pledges added that extra touch to moke the day mem- 

When rhe points were totaled or rhe end, the glory 
of those with more did not outshine the glory of oil who 
hod formed stronger bonds of friendship. 

L^tu '*'• 1 "(^ 






nK<i> <i)rN OK0 


Front Row: C. Doigle, M. Wolrrich, T. O'Molley, T. Purer, J. Aimone, E. Dounholrz, P. Tronosl'iy, E. Firzgerold Second Row: S, Soldon, R. 
Rendler, J, Sonsovorino, G. Powell, M. Phebn, J. Dougherry, M. Corulli, J. Mulligon, D. Scorro. J, Gollucci, D Mohoney Third Row: B 
Cavello, M. IXogon, F, Garrison, M. Dougherry, C. Shibon, P Hinrze, A, J. Moore, J. Knepp, D. Clarke, C, Airier Missing: M. Siciliono, D. 
Muller, C. Benjamin, T. Le5erre, C. Hinmar. M Rogon, J Regon, T Bolond, B. Hurley, D. Thompsen 

Phi KoppQ Thero: founded in 1969 and srill 
around in 1992. Despire losing official campus 
recognirion in rhe fall of 1991, Phi Kop was re- 
insrored in rhe spring of 1992. Although rhey 
were nor permirred ro parricipare in campus 
ocriviries under rhe guise of rhe Phi Kappa The- 
re frarerniry, rhe members kepr busy; rhey did 
nor drop our of sighr. The appeal rhey srared 
proved ro rhe adminisrrorion rhor "Phi Kop 
wanred ro conrinue ro serve rhe La Solle com- 

The frarerniry 's philonrhropies conrinued 
rhroughour rhe school year. These included 
Hopes for rhe Homeless, Good Shepherd neigh- 
borhood housing program, and 5r. Francis soup 
kirchens. They also porricipored in Alcohol 
Awareness Week on La Salle's campus. 

The ideals of Phi Kop sum up irs morivorions 
and acrions. The brorhers feel rhey hove o dury 
ro man, self and porenrs, sociery, and God. A 
'rorerniry which follows ideals such as rhese can 
wearher much harder rimes rhan rhe post 
months suffered by Phi Kop. 

As rhe Phi Kop house srands, so does rhe 
frarerniry ir conrolns. With rhe work, dedicarion, 
and hope rhe members ore purring inro rheir 
brorherhood, Phi Kappa Thera will conrinue ro 
be parr of rhe La Solle community. 


Being Greek is lil^e 

being born. 

, S£lfe^',iD':ii^lit=^Jj:'i_^^^?^M^'^^i^^SD-'^^ 

You never stop until 

you die 

Members of a crew team become very 
closely knit together and these girls have 
no problems showing their camaraderie 
and friendship. 


Don't Dream 

It/. M 1 


Being an athlete and being one that 
can perform well on the collegiate level 
are often two entirely different creatures. 
The student-athletes at La Salle 
University have made a commitment not 
just to their teams and particular sports 
but also to their studies. Being a 
successful student-athlete does not mean 
just being a high scorer or a team 
captain but rather a combination of 
scholastic and extra-curricular activities. 
What is so special about college athletics 
is that often times, individuals are able 
to discover skills on the court which can 
be used in and out of the classroom. The 
lessons learned by these athletes are 
invaluable for their future whether it be 
in athletics or the real world. The next 
portion of this section demonstrates how 
our athletes have carried their dreams to 
their full realization. 
And now a look at Fall 1991 ... 





by John Schmitt 

Coming into their 1991 season, 
the Explorers coached by Pat Far- 
rell had much to look forward to. 
After a very successful 11-10-1 
1990 season, the men's team was 
looking forward to better their 2nd 
place finish in the MAAC cham- 
pionships last season. However, 
losing such standout seniors as Bob 
Bradley, Joe Joyce, Sean Conroy 
and Mike Viola would definitely 
be difficult. The solution? Ex- 
traordinary performances and 
leadership from the class of 1992. 

The season started quietly with 
a September afternoon game 
against fellow city rival, Drexel 
University. Despite battling hard 
for two halves, the Explorers lost 
by the smallest of margins 2-1. The 
next couple of weeks however 
proved to be kinder to the team as 
they went unbeaten in four games 
posting a 3-0-1 record. 

After a couple of tough hard 
fought losses, the Explorers went 
on their most impressive streak of 
the season. Beginning on October 
5th against Sienna, La Salle won 
eight of its next nine and at one 
point even boasted of a five game 
win streak. During their streak, the 
team was inspired by two victories 
against conference schools Canis- 
ius and Niagara. The team stock- 
piled thirteen goals while allowing 
just one. 

It was in these games that the 

excellent senior leadership and 
bright future could be best seen. 
Seniors Georg Montag and John 
Williams led the way throughout 
the season. Together they provid- 
ed thirteen goals and seventeen as- 
sists. However, the key offensive 
threat posed by the Explorers this 
year was by junior Jeff Van Tiem. 
Out of Conestoga High in Devon, 
Pa., Jeff put up some amazing 
numbers: nineteen goals and six 
assists for a team leading forty- 
four points. Besides goalkeeper 
Rich Scholer and Andrew Barrett, 
Van Tiem was the only player to 
start and play in all nineteen 
games. Congratulations should al- 
so be extended to departing seniors 
Herb Lottier and Dave Pancoast 
who will be sorely missed. 

The future of men's soccer for 
La Salle is also quite promising. 
With the addition of eleven fresh- 
men on this year's team, the squad 
will be very young for a long time. 
Standouts Kevin Gerry and An- 
drew Barrett are the two corner- 
stones on which the coaching staff 
hopes to build upon. 

Despite back-to-back losses in 
the MAAC tournament, the 91 
season proved to be successful for 
all those involved with the team. 

Georg Montag wants to make his opponents 
think he's run out of gas — but wait, this 
is just the beginning of yet another goal by 
La Salle's leading scorer. 

in helping young 

players pave 




Men's Soccer 

John Williams and this defender were going 
to go head to head for this shot but obvi- 
ously the ball had other thoughts. 

n a recent match against Drexcl, some of 
he resident "hams" on both teams take a 
rhance for a casual pose. 

Men's Soccer: Bottom row: Matt Lawrence, Brian Lentz, Dave Steinbach, Vince Ciocca, Jason Loftier, Joe \'eneziale. Jack O'Neil. 
Middle row: Pat Farrell, Chris Linzy, Jeff Van Tiem, John Williams, Georg Montag, Bill Pancoast, Herb Lottier. John Sakal. Mike 
. Kazimirowski, Kevin Gierry, Jim Coleman. Top row: Mike Stephpson, Mike Sullivan, Andrew Barret, Brian Hever, Walter Bilecki. Rich 

lAfll'S 'l* ^ ' XW\i>NbiKlhAj)rilrtMt^>' ' 'i'^t Scholer, John Mullaney, Chris Kane, Jack Dabose, Pat McCallion, Drew Ruppersberger, Joe Erdeltac. 

Men's Soccer 129 

Coach Betty Ann Kempf offers 
some key half-time strategy tips 
to her team. 

Junior Dawn Jaffee seems to have The penalty kick — one of the more Jeannie Cridge focuses on follow- Goalkeeper Sue Guba - in her third' 

this soccer ball attached to her exciting plays in soccer. ing the bouncing ball. year with the Explorers. 


130 Women's Soccer 


Forward Nicole Mirano tries to free herself of enemy pursuit. 




by John Schmitt 

1991 proved to be a very long 
and at times frustrating season 
for women's soccer at La Salle 
University. Coming off a medi- 
ocre season which saw the de- 
parture of many seniors, the Ex- 
plorers knew that they would 
have a young rebuilding team. 
The season started out with 
three losses to Stoney Brook, 
Villanova, and Adelphia. In each 
of these three games, the Lady 
Explorers were unable to find 
the net as they were shutout each 
time out. Confidence returned 
to the team on September 17th 
when they posted a shutout 
against lona thus gaining their 
first win of the season. 

During the course of the sea- 
son, the team faced much ad- 
versity, but were able to suc- 
cessfully battle it every time. 
Team leadership came from 
Bridget Mclernan, a senior de- 
fenseman from Archbishop Ryan 
High School. As the lone mem- 
ber of the class of '92, Bridget 
had to handle the tough task of 
passing on the leadership and 
work ethics to a very young team. 
All told there were nine from the 
class of '95 who saw action this 
year. Freshmen Christine Raub, 
Moll McAvoy, Jennifer Pesillo, 
Colleen Schlussel, Kristanne 

Coppola, Lorie McCandless, Er- 
in Able, Tiffany Carr and Erin 
Sykes round out the contingent 
of newcomers to the squad. 

Despite the hard times, the 
team was not without its stand- 
out performers. Juniors Dawn 
Jaffee and Linda Madeja were 
two of the top scorers for the la- 
dies this season. Together they 
accounted for nearly half of the 
team's offense. Steady play was 
also provided by Sue Cuba and 
Denise Schleidell. 

However as the season contin- 
ued to evolve, the same problem 
was continually coming to the 
forefront: an inability to score. 
In their seventeen regular sea- 
son games, the team was shutout 
ten times. One goal in any five 
of these ten games may have 
meant the difference between 
wins, ties and heart breaking 
losses. As the season came to its 
finale, the Lady Explorers had 
posted a record of 5-11-2. While 
unspectacular, the record did 
show that improvements could 
be made. If the young players 
are able to step up and play to 
their full abilities, the ladies soc- 
cer team should be a force to be 
reckoned with in the near fu- 

Laura Cesaro dandies her opponent with her fancy footwork. 

Women's Soccer 



season of 

ups and 








hy Jennifer Miller & Jeannie Sgro 

1982 was the last year that the 
La Salle Field Hockey team had 
a winning record, that is until 
the 1991 season. Through hard 
work and dedication the team 
compiled a record of 9-8-1 and 
just missed an invitation to a 
post season tournament. 

The season started out slow, 
but under the guidance of Joan 
Broderick and Tracey Edwards 
who were filling in for head coach 
Tracey Greisbaum, the Explor- 
ers got on the right foot with a 
seven game winning streak. Key 
wins came against such teams as 

Drexel, St. Joseph's and George- 

Throughout the course of the 
season, the offense was con- 
stantly being ignited by Kelli 
McGahey who with nine goals 
led the team in scoring. Fur- 
thermore, Pam Russo finished 
the season out with six scores. 
The majority of these points 
came on penalty strokes. Other 
scorers and offensive players on 
the Explorer squad include Amy 
Horsey, Gina Russo, Kerri 
McGahey, Juliee Zimmerman, 
Nicole Manente, Dawn Aufiero, 

Rachel Raffile, Renae Rutigli- 
ano, Maura Gaffney, Stephanie 
Irvine, Arlene Hetazzaela and 
Amanda Kropp. 

On the other side of the play- 
ing field, the defense also played 
a major role in the team's suc- 
cessful season. A solid effort was 
put forth by everyone. Junior 
goalie Michelle Richmond had 
an exemplary year posting a 1.15 
goals against average and six 
shutouts. Captain Jen Miller led 
the defense along with Kerri 
McGahey, Jen King, Kim Agli- 
dian and Jeannie Sgro. Three 

bright spots in our future appear 
to be Jen Hoopes, Jen Porrinoij 
and Renae Rutigliano. 

With a productive offense and 
a solid defense, La Salle's team 
has vastly improved during the 
course of the season and at the I 
end could hold their heads up 
with a feeling of pride. Next sea- 
son should hold the same as only 
four seniors are being lost to 
graduation. Best of luck to the 
1992 Explorers Field Hockey 


Field Hockey 

k, «k City rivalries are competitive by 

wiMl^mtt~i^^ nature and for Pam Russo and this 

St. Joseph's midfieldman show that 

this particular duel is no excep- 

With a head of steam on her, Jen 
Hoopes doesn't seem to care that 
she is being trailed by two de- 

Maura Gaffney watches the ball 
trickle harmlessly out of bounds. 

Field Hockey Team: Top row: Nicole Manenete, Kim Aglidian, Kelli McGahey, Head Coach Tracey Griesbaum, 
Tracey Edwards, Kerri McGahey, Rachel Raffile, Pamela Russo. Middle row: Michelle Richmond, Megan 
Lukasevage, Jennifer King, Julie A. Zimmerman, Jen Miller, Gina Russo, Maura Gaffney, Stephanie Irvine, 
Renae Rutigliano, Jenny Hoopes. Bottom row: Amanda Kropp, Jeannie Sgro, Dawn Aufiero, Arlene Hortal- 
eza, Jennifer Porrino, Amy Horsey. 

Field Hockey 


The sports staff apologizes for the 
lack of Cross Country pictures on 
the next four pages. 

Men's Cross Country: Top row: Javier Cordero, Pete Dougherty, Matt Stull, Tom Tennant, Joe Cranston, Marcelo Casdei, Kevin Davis, Rob 
Forberger, Coach Jim Gulick. Bottom row: Mike Ewing, Roger Leister, Chris Neglia, Tom Scwind, Zep Greto, Dave Smith, Matt Turner. 

134 Men's Cross Country 

Under the 

coaching of 

Gulick and 

KeyeSj Explorers 

have an opportunity 

to tackle 



The graduating seniors on the 
Iross Country Teams were the 
irst to complete a full cycle un- 
er the leadership of Jim Gul- 
:k. They were also the first to 
tilize the new all weather Wes- 
ler track as well as witnessing 
he demise of the Big Five 
'hampionships at Belmont Pla- 

The harriers have and contin- 
le to be a successful team bring- 
ng recognition and accolades to 
ja, Salle athletics. During the 
our years spent by the two 
;raduating seniors Roger Leis- 

hy Chris Neglia 

ter and Chris Neglia, the team 
raced to two consecutive MAAC 
Conference Championships, a 
third place finish at the Nation- 
al Catholic Championship and 
competitive finishes at the Na- 
tional qualifying meet, the 

The female Cross Country 
team has gradually developed 
since seniors Sheila Regan and 
Christine Clark first donned the 
spiked shoes and La Salle jer- 
seys. Undergoing three coaching 
changes, they have recently be- 
gan to flourish under the am- 

bitious coaching of Phyllis 
Keyes. In her second year at the 
helm. Coach Keyes has brought 
great improvements into the 
team. This past season the Lady 
Explorers led by Regan won the 
Collegiate Track Conference. 

Both teams have also dem- 
onstrated exemplary academic 
performances as well. Several of 
the runners have been named to 
the all MAAC Cross Country 
Academic Team. In addition, 
most have been on or consis- 
tently maintaining Dean's List 

The prospects for next year's 
team are exciting. A large ma- 
jority of runners will be return- 
ing to both teams. Tom Schwind 
who has led the men's team in 
the past will most likely be re- 
turning. With Tom and several 
other exceptional runners the 
team will bring notoriety to the 
La Salle Cross Country pro- 
gram. An appearance at the Na- 
tional Cross Country Champi- 
onships will not be surprising. 
The female harriers are also ex- 
pected to blaze new strides of 
success in the upcoming years. 

Men's Cross Country 135 

Melanie Johnson takes a practice 
run around the indoor track. 

1991 Cross Country Sched- 

9/14 at Navy 
9/21 at Delaware 
9/27 at National Catho- 
10/13 at Paul Short Invi- 
10/27 at MAAC Champi- 
11/2 at CTC Champion- 
11/16 at IC4a/ECAC 








1991 Women's Cross Country Cumulative Results 







Sheila Regan 


20:02(4) 19:52(6) 19:47(6) 



Christine Clark 


21:39(18) 21:03(18) 22:46(38) 


20 :40(195) 

Teresa Lewandowski 


21:16(14) 20:46(14) 22:25(37) 



Andrea Dotsey 


22:06(20) DNR 21:58(32) 


21:20(20 8) 

Jen Quigley 


20:49(8) 20:12(8) 21:19(23) 


19 :23(119) 

Melanie Johnson 


DNR DNR 21:36(28) 



Laura Black 


21:11(12) 20:15(9) 21:04(21) 


19:3 1(129) 


Women's Cross Country 





Team Results — 

Men - 

- MAAC Ch 




1) lona 

48 mm 

73 ^^ 

2) Canisius 


4) Manhattan 


5) Niagara 


6) St. Peters's 


7) Fairfield 


8) Sienna 


H^^^^n nn- 


Team Results — 

Women - 

- MAAC Championships 



1) Canisius 




3) Manhattan 


4) Loyola 

137 ^afa 

5) Sienna 

161 wm 

6) Niagara 

172 UM 

7) Fairfield 

173 Mi 

8) St. Peter's 

216 'HHH 

9) Zona 

218 '*■■* 

Women's Cross Country: Head Coach Phyllis Keyes, Jennifer Quigley, Andrea Dotsey, Laura Black, Terri Lewandowski, Sheila Regan, 
Melanie Johnson, Christine Clark. 

Women's Cross Country 137 


by Craig Davis 

As the winter weather sub- 
sides and the temperature rises, 
mother nature brings yet anoth- 
er tennis season. The 1992 edi- 
tion looks to build upon some of 
the momentum that was estab- 
lished during the fall '91 cam- 
paign. In the fall the Explorers 
defeated a very strong St. Pe- 
ter's team 6-3 and nearly upset 
former MAAC powerhouse For- 

dham barely losing 5-4. 

On the positive side the team 
returns five of six starters from 
last season's successful spring 
season. At first singles is Senior 
Jeff Grasso, who has pulled off 
many big victories throughout 
his four year career. Junior Bill 
Browne, a steady second singles 
player, tandems with Grasso to 
pose a formidable number one 

doubles team. At third singles, 
is fierce competitor Matt How- 
ley. Matt also leads the second 
doubles team with fourth singles 
player Dennis Christofor. The 
number five singles position will 
be up in the air with a handful 
of Freshmen vying for the spot. 
At number six is the captain of 
this year's team, Junior Craig 
Davis, who is usually dangerous 

for any opponent. 

Second year coach George 
Mecherly feels that "The team's 
win/loss record won't indicate 
just how good we are, for we have 
a tougher schedule than any in 
recent memory." Besides the 
regular competition, there will 
be the inaugural Big 5 Tennis 
Challenge, which will provide a 
stern test for the Explorers. 

Matt Howley enjoying a little game 
of shadow tennis. 

Junior Captain Craig Davis read- 
ies himself for a service return. 

After beating his shadow earlier, 
Matt readies himself for a legiti- 
mate match. 

Dennis Christofor modeling the 
latest in La Salle apparel. 


Men's Tennis 

Craig doesn't seem to be taking the 
challenge of teammate Matt How- 
ley too seriously. 

Persistence must be one of Matt's 
redeeming qualities as he is de- 
termined to beat opponent Craig 

lealizing that he is the focus of our camera, Bill Browne smiles not 
ealizing that he has missed his volley. 

O.K., maybe the jacket will help me beat Captain Craig!! 

Men's Tennis 139 

Taking our advice and planting her feet firmly. Cindy is now ready for Just as Meg Lyal goes to smash a return, her racket suddenly self- 


140 Women's Tennis 

Looking to build on 

prior successes, 

Women hoping 



by Chris Keating 

La Salle's Women's Tennis 
Team went through a season of 
rebuilding in 91-92. La Salle be- 
jan their season by hiring Cher- 
/l Kline to be their new coach. 
Kline, who was previously a high 
school coach in Quakertown, 
;ame in with a very enthusiastic 
attitude looking to create a 
strong team atmosphere and use 
;he women's potential to its full- 

But Coach Kline's job would 
lot be easy, for she found her- 
ielf with a very young team 
vhich included only two seniors, 
Captain Cindy Walden and Ter- 
•y Creneti. The younger and 

stronger talent on the team in- 
cluded 1990 MAAC All- 
Academic Junior Elaine La- 
Flamme and Freshman Jeanne 

The team had their problems 
early on as it took three losses 
until they achieved what was 
probably their most exciting win 
of the season against Rider Col- 
lege. It was a tied match until 
the end of the day when soph- 
omores Krista Hirschman and 
Memie Myers played to the 
pressure and won in the last set 
of third doubles. Although the 
Explorers finished with an over- 
all record of three wins and 13 

losses, wins such as these 
brought the best out in the wom- 
en and showed the kind of 
strength and improvement that 
Kline had been looking for. 
Though their record may not 
have shown it, La Salle posted 
big wins against quality teams 
such as Rider, Rosemont and 
Philadelphia Textile. 

As for the MAAC tourna- 
ment, La Salle took eight par- 
ticipants along with them on the 
road. Those playing included 
Terry Creneti, Elaine La- 
Flamme, Jeanne Montanna, Ry- 
oka Yamada, Kim Gibbons, 
Krista Hirschman and Memie 

Myers. Successful Explorers 
were Ryoka Yamada who made 
it to the semi-finals of singles 
and Terry Creneti and Yamada 
competed in a losing effort of the 
final round in second doubles. 

This team accomplished quite 
a bit for being so young and 
seemed to accomplish all of Kli- 
ne's goals of becoming a closer 
knit team and stronger as play- 
ers and people. With their three 
wins and notable showing in the 
MAAC's, La Salle's women's 
tennis team can only look for- 
ward to a season of success in 
92-93 and in the years to come. 

freshman newcomer Jeanne 
VIontanna puts on a sweet face 
hat will hopefully catch her op- 
jonents off guard. 

Despite sub-freezing tempera- 
tures, Cindy Walden is convinced 
that her performance will be aug- 
mented if she wears the proper at- 

Jeanne Montana has now put on 
her game-face as she anticipates 
a strong forehand return. 

Apparently Cindy has forgotten 
her overhand service — this will 
force her to do it the old-fashioned 

Women's Tennis 


Mary Costigan, a freshman out of 
Cardinal O'Hara High School pre- 
pares herself to return a volley. 

Eileen McKeough and Mary Cos- 
tigan ready themselves for an on- 
coming onslaught of offensive play. 

With an almost 
entirely ''frosK^ 
make-up. Coach 

and team goes 

SPIKE OF . . . 

La Salle University's Volley- 
ball Team began the 1991 sea- 
son looking to improve on their 
1990 season record. Their final 
record for that season was 14-18. 
That record was good enough for 
a second place finish in the 
MAAC. 1990 saw head coach Ar- 
nie Rosenbaum graduating six 
seniors. This meant that his '91 
squad would be young and in- 
experienced. However, he knew 
that the returning lettermen 
which he did have would act as 
a calming influence on his frosh 

by John Schmitt 

Junior Lori Huggins and Ei- 
leen McKeough helped out Sen-i 
ior Jennifer Wutzer with the 
leadership factor. Once organ- 
ized and fully prepared, the La-^ 
dy Explorers were ready to be-| 
gin their seasonal campaign. 

Beginning on September 7th 
against Loyola, the team began 
a season which would see them 
compete thirty-nine times 
against such schools as For- 
dham, Columbia, Rutgers, Duke 
and Villanova. The competition 
throughout the season was stiff 
but nonetheless, the team was! 

142 Volleyball 

KristinReilly keeps a watchful eye A four year team member, Jen 
on the net making sure she's not Wutzer successfully replies to the 
caught off guard. passing lob of her opponent. 

The women Explorers congratu- 
late each other after a victory. 
They finished with a 19-20 record. 

ible to compile an overall record 
)f 19-20 thereby improving on 
-heir previous season. 

As was mentioned previously, 
his team was composed mainly 
)f freshmen. They were Connie 
Blades, Carrie Fossella, Kristin 
ileilly, Debra Garry, Debra Ro- 
senbach and Mary Costigan. Six 
/ear coach Rosenbaum should 
eel confident about the success 
md future of his team. With all 
;he young talent, it is easy to en- 
/ision the volleyball being a force 
be reckoned with in the not 
.00 distant future. 

Volleyball Team: Bottom row: Carrie Fossella, Debra Rosenbach, Mary Costigan, Kristin Reilly. Top row: 
Head Coach Arnie Rosenbaum, Debra Garry, Eileen McKeough, Lori Huggins, Jen Wutzer, Connie Blades. 

Volleyball 143 





by Chris McCool 

Paul Rambo takes advantage of this chance to show off his new 7 iron 

The 1991-92 golf season began 
with high hopes for the La Salle 
Explorers. Led by Irishman 
Brian Shaw and seasonal super- 
star Sal Furia, the Explorers ex- 
pected to improve on their solid 
1990-91 record. The season 
opened on a high note with a 
second place finish at Franklin 
& Marshall and a solid showing 
at Georgetown. The fall season 
concluded with a somewhat dis- 
appointing 3rd place finish in the 
MAAC league championships. 
The championship was high- 
lighted by all-MAAC perform- 
ances by Sal Furia and freshman 
Mark Sheehan. In addition, sen- 
ior captain Sean Carr earned All- 

Academic MAAC honors. 

Besides Carr, Shaw and Shee- 
han, Explorer coach Brian Nel- 
son will have the services of ex- 
perienced senior Chris McCool. 
Returning this year are sopho- 
mores Paul Rambo and Chris 
Sivak and junior Fran "Eazy" 
McDonald. Notably absent from 
play this year was junior Marc 
latarola who sat out the season. 
Coach Nelson will be counting 
on Marc's leadership and assis- 
tance during the present season. 


will be able to hold up under 
pressure and perform well at the 
upcoming Eastern Regionals. 


't "Til 

% tiisean 











Golf Team: First row: Chris McCool, Paul Rambo, Fran McDonald, Sean Carr, Brian Nelson. Second rov 
Christian Sivak, Mark latarola, Sal Furia, Mark Sheehan. Missing: Brian Shaw, Matt Shoettler. 

Captain Sean Carr models a ne\ 
line of golf wear from Fairway #1 

IThis wrestler from the U.S. Mer- " ■ '•'•"'' 

ichants Marines is caught off guard Waiting for an upcoming match can 

iby the powerful lunging move from Freshman Rich Rozier has been one of the pleasant surprises for head be difficult but what exactly is this 

Ihis opponent. coach Ed Lawless this season. Explorer thinking about? 

f»; C 


by John Schmitt 

Wrestling is one of the oldest 
Iforms of athletic competition 
known to mankind. This phys- 
ically grueling sport combines 
personal sacrifice, discipline, 
concentration, motivation and 
brute strength into one com- 
plete package. However, wres- 
tlers do not compete for the 
l)ublicity or fanfare for there is 
none to be found in collegiate 
wrestling. Nor is there any com- 

mon future to be sought. There 
is no pro career for these wres- 
tlers once they graduate. Wres- 
tlers compete solely for the en- 

Not many people realize how 
demanding a match can be for 
one of our Explorers. For be- 
tween seven and ten minutes a 
wrestler finds himself alone on 
the mat facing his opponent. 
During this time he must out- 

think his foe while being careful 
not to be physically overpow- 
ered. For this reason each match 
has its own signature. 

The 1991-92 La Salle Wres- 
tling team began its campaign 
against Swarthmore in early No- 
vember. Subsequent matches 
pitted LSU against such schools 
as John Hopkins, St. John's and 
Seton Hall. The squad is led by 
Seniors Vinnie Ernst and Pat 

McGonagle. Supplement to the 
team came from Juniors Colin 
Dagle, Chris Shalbert and Jeff 
Benningoff. Newcomer Rich Ro- 
zier along with Kevin Crouthers 
provided some youth to this 
year's team. Under the guidance 
of head coach Ed Lawless, the 
Explorers hope to have another 
successful season in the ranks of 
collegiate wrestling. 

Wrestling 145 

by John Schmitt 

When La Salle defeated Nia- 
gara 84-78 at the Philadelphia 
Civic Center on January 12, 
1991, the victory was the 100th 
in the school's history. The Ex- 
plorers' official start of intercol- 
legiate Varsity Basketball was 
the 1930-31 season, giving La 
Salle the distinction of being the 
team with the fewest number of 
seasons — 61 — to reach the 
grand total. 

In the history of Varsity Bas- 
ketball at La Salle University 
there have been a total of six- 
teen head coaches. For the past 
six seasons, the Explorers have 
been under the tutelage of the 
most recent of these men, Bill 
"Speedy" Morris. A native of 
Philadelphia, Coach Morris has 

been an integral part of the suc- 
cess that the Explorers have en- 
joyed at both the local and na- 
tional levels. 

As a graduate of Roman Cath- 
olic High School, Speedy began 
his coaching career at his Alma 
Mater in 1967. For fifteen years 
at Roman, Morris led the school 
to numerous championships. Af- 
ter two years at Penn Charter, 
he proceeded to take the helm 
of La Salle University Women's 
program. After two successful 
seasons, Coach Morris was cho- 
sen to take over for Dave "Lefty" 
Ervin as the head coach of the 
men's team. This marked the 
first Division I coach ever to 
make such a transition. 

In his six years at La Salle, 






Speedy has directed the Explor- 
ers to six post-season tourna- 
ments. Among these was a 1987 
appearance in the finals of the 
N.I.T. and a first round victory 
in the 1990 N.C.A.A.'s against 
Southern Mississippi — the first 
N.C.A.A. tourney victory since 

When he started at La Salle 
in 1986, Morris saw a successful 
program but also found a team 
which lost quite a few games 
which they should and could 
have won. Therefore in his first 
year Speedy's aim was to instill 
within his players an attitude 

that they could win if they be- 
lieved in themselves. 

To accomplish this, he had to 
begin building his program from 
the ground up through recruit- 
ing. In his tenure at La Salle, 
Morris has recruited players 
from all areas and all leagues. 
Among his finest and most 
treasured are Lionel Simmons, 
Randy Woods, Jack Hurd and 
Doug Overton. 

Once he has the players in the 
program. Coach Morris and his 
assistants design individual pro- 
grams for improving each indi- 
vidual's game. These are further 



Men's Basketball Special 


less than 







integrated with practices to in- 
sure that his players learn the 
fundamentals of the game. De- 
spite some recent changes in the 
style of collegiate basketball and 
some slight variations in his phi- 
losophy, Coach Morris has al- 
ways held central the belief in 
defense and discipline. 

When looking at his 1991-92 
squad, Speedy freely acknowl- 
edges that this year's team has 
been plagued with inconsistent 
play. However with leadership 
from seniors Jack Hurd and 

Randy Woods, he fully expects 
the team to come together as the 
season reaches its most pivotal 

Looking towards the future, 
Coach Morris expects the win- 
ning tradition to continue with 
freshmen Luteke Kalombo, Paul 
Burke and Blitz Wooten playing 
key roles. As for goals for him- 
self and the program, Speedy 
sets only two. First — to main- 
tain the level of pride that the 
program and the University have 
enjoyed for decades. Secondly, 
to be successful in their confer- 
ence for "an\i:hing less than a 
M.A.A.C. Championship would 
be unacceptable." 

When looking back at his years 
at La Salle, Speedy is proud of 
his conference championships 
but most of all for the players 
who have contributed to the his- 
tory of La Salle University Bas- 

Men's Basketball Special 







by Mike Bergin 

The 1991-92 La Salle Explor- 
ers began their season on Oc- 
tober 15th with an air of cau- 
tious optimism. Over the past 
three seasons, the Explorers won 
80 '~f of their games, compihng a 
remarkable record of 78 wins 
versus just 18 losses. Included in 
those three seasons were two 
trips to the NCAA tournament, 
a NIT tournament berth, a Big 
Five Title (and one co-title), and 
three MAAC championships. Of 
course, many of those wins were 
aided by superstars Lionel Sim- 
mons and Doug Overton, both 
now playing professional bas- 
ketball. La Salle basketball was 
definitely back in the national 
spotlight and it was the respon- 
sibility of the class of 1992 to 
keep the proud tradition alive. 

As had been the case in the 
Speedy Morris era, the Explor- 
ers faced a challenging non-con- 
ference schedule. They partici- 
pated in the Central Fidelity 
Holiday Classic in Richmond, 
Virginia, where they soundly de- 
feated the California Golden 
Bears before bowing to host 
Richmond Spiders in the cham- 
pionship game. Christmas break 
afforded the team the opportu- 
nity to play in the Far West 
Classic in Portland, Oregon, 
where they lost to the Oregon 
State Beavers and defeated the 
Oregon Ducks. The Explorers 
also tackled the likes of Prin- 
ceton, Notre Dame, Bringham 
Young, and the Philadelphia Big 
Five in city series competition. 

Coach Speedy Morris entered 

Men's Basketball: Bottom row: Jim Phillips, Bron Holland, Milko Leiv- 
erst. Jack Hurd, Luteke Kalombo, Ray Schultz, Blitz Wooten, Brian 
Morris. Standing: Bob Mullen, Keith Morris, Mike Bergin, Jeff Neu- 
bauer, Paul Burke, Randy Monroe, Joe Mihalich, Head Coach Speedy 

Junior Guard Jeff Neubauer read- 
ies himself for a pivotal free- 


M J 


Men's Basketball 

In a recent game against Canisius, 
La Salle struggled early but came 
up big when it counted. 

Head coach Speedy Morris gives 
some "between time-outs" advice 
to team scoring leader Randy 

Captain Jack Hurd readies an in- 
bound pass. Hopefully he'll be able 
to find teammate Bron Holland. 

he season facing the usual high 
expectations of the Philadelphia 
Basketball faithful. The lead- 
rship void left by Overton's de- 
)arture was assumed by senior 
laptain Jack Hurd. After scor- 
ng well over one thousand 
)oints in his three previous cam- 
)aigns, Hurd would be counted 
)n for more leadership this sea- 
on. Hurd came through with 
ome impressive scoring and re- 
)ounding efforts in big games. 
Another key component would 
)e senior Randy Woods who was 
:oming off a tremendous junior 
ear. Woods was sensational, 
coring almost thirty points per 
',ame with his array of spectac- 
ilar moves and long range 
hooting. Randy ranked among 
he nation's leaders in scoring 

and caught the eye of many pro- 
fessional scouts. Milko Lieverst 
and Bron Holland provided the 
squad with sound post play, of- 
ten out-rebounding bigger op- 
ponents. Lieverst corralled al- 
most ten rebounds a game while 
Holland's smooth post moves 
mystified opposing centers. Jun- 
ior Jeff Neubauer provided 
steady play from the point guard 
position, benefiting from his 
daily battles with senior Keith 
Morris in practice. Morris, along 
with juniors Mike Bergin and 
Ray Schultz consistently pushed 
the starters in practice with their 
hustle and determination. The 
emergence of freshmen Luteke 
Kalombo, Paul Burke and Blitz 
Wooten provided the Explorers 
with great hope for the next 

three seasons. 

The Explorers began the sea- 
son in grand fashion, blowing out 
a very talented California team 
behind Randy Woods' 42 points. 
The next night against Rich- 
mond, the Explorers looked flat 
and fell behind by twelve points 
in a disappointing effort. These 
two games provided an interest- 
ing microcosm of the season, as 
the Explorers struggled to hit 
their stride. The team always 
played hard, providing the fans 
with much to cheer about. One 
of the most exciting games of the 
year was played on January 23rd 
at Temple's McGonigle Hall. 
The Explorers fell behind by 
twenty-two points, embarrass- 
ing themselves in front of a na- 
tional television audience on 

ESPN. The team caught fire and 
mounted a comeback, defeating 
the Owls by an eleven point 
margin. Another win occurred in 
early December with the Ex- 
plorers defeating Villanova at 
the Spectrum in a Big Five 
doubleheader. These wins were 
mixed in with disappointing 
losses to Notre Dame and Penn- 
sylvania in which the team 
struggled in the second half. All 
in all, the 1991-92 men's bas- 
ketball team displayed great 
heart and successfully carried on 
La Salle's proud basketball tra- 

Men's Basketball 


Dolores Seiberlich taking a mo- 
ment of relaxation underneath the 
basket. She is one of three return- 
ing starters for the 91-92 season. 

A tension filled moment fills the 
minds of Coach John Miller and his 
players in a recent game. 

Freshman Alyson Blue is patiently Sophomore Lisa Auman takes Junior Tina Tunink readies her- 
waiting to receive the ball so she careful aim at making her freeth- self for a defensive stance right 
can inbound it. rows. outside of the lane. 


Women's Basketball 

Forgetting tough 

breaks from last 

season crucial in 

Lady Explorers 





hy John Schmitt 

1990-91 was another challeng- 
ing season for John Miller's Ex- 
plorers, but more importantly it 
was a winning season. La Salle 
battled through a multitude of 
setbacks to finish with an over- 
all record of 16-12 and a fourth 
place finish in the Metro Atlan- 
tic Athletic Conference. 

For Coach Miller, this was his 
fifth straight winning season. "I 
thought we had a tremendous 
season," said Miller. "It was a 
crazy year with all the sickness, 
injuries and adversity that we 
had to face, but we came to- 
gether and that's what it is all 

To say that 1990-91 was a year 
plagued by injuries would be a 
slight understatement. The con- 
tinual list of accidents included 
a series of bone spurs, chin 
stitches and stress fractures. All 
told a total of 72 games were 
missed by nine different play- 

However, that was last year 
and all those setbacks have been 
put into the history books. Of 
that team only two players were 
lost: starters Mary Greybush and 
Denise Kayajian. Between them 
they averaged thirty-two points 
per game. Their loss would most 
certainly be felt but with the tal- 

ent that this team was returning 
the transition would and could 
be made smoothly. Led by sen- 
ior Mimi Harris, La Salle's all- 
time leader in assists, the Ex- 
plorers were returning three 
starters and five additional let- 

During the course of the sea- 
son, John Miller began to see 
some of the young talent that 
this team possessed. Sophomore 
Jennifer Cole who averaged 15 
points per game as a freshman 
last season was joined by new- 
comers Allyson Blue and Cindy 
Pierce. Together these freshmen 
form the backbone of the future 
for La Salle Women's Basket- 
ball. Sophomores Lisa Auman, 
Lori Hamilton and Mary Heller 
rounded out the corps of young- 

As a result of the hard work 
put forth by the team, the Lady 
Explorers have been able to ac- 
crue the same total of victories 
which they had last \^ear with 
more than a month remaining in 
the season. With the emotional 
boost provided by their quick 
start, the Explorers and John 
Miller hope that their future v.ill 
be filled with post seasonal tour- 
nament play. 

Coach John Miller utilizes a time-out to discuss strategy with his team. 

Women's Basketball 


Hard Work, Numerous 

practices all key in 



by John Schmitt 

Andrea Wachob struts her stuff on 
the Quad for some passers-by. 

Patti Aguayo raises her hands — 
she's sure about this successful 
air-borne entry jump. 

The cheerleading squad for La 
Salle University is an extremely 
important part of the basis for 
school and community spirit. It 
is very common for you to see 
them at all of the Explorers' 
home basketball games at the 
Civic Center. The cheerleaders 
also travel with the team occa- 
sionally to provide that extra 
added edge. 

Being a member of this spe- 

cial group is not an easy task: 
Coach Carl Smith has the group 
practicing quite frequently. In- 
cluded in this package is a sum- 
mer camp for the team and the 
annual performance at Open 
House Festivities. This year's 
team is led by Captain Leo He- 
garty. With this, the squad is 
able to provide our fans the ex- 
citement that should accompa- 
ny all basketball games. 

Cheerleaders: First row: Molly Dezura, Jennifer O'Driscoll, Patti 
Aguayo, Ann Marie Montaldi, Andrea Wachob, Michelle Yavorski. 
Second row: Dean McGrady, Don Hanrahan, Carl Smith (Coach), Gary 
Jonas. Missing: Leo Hegarty. 

152 Cheerleading 



The dance team has this routine 
timed perfectly for a presentation 
at Open House '91. 


T » d 1^ *-t-S- Once again, Andrea has the chance 

tfOlTFT tjC ft/T¥l/1/l/J/ to show off some of her cheers. 

Complementing the skills and 
ictions of the cheerleaders is La 
ialle University's Dance Team. 
Vith a similar practice regiment 
vith that compared to the 
heerleaders, it is no wonder that 
nany of the individuals on one 
aay choose to lend a hand to 
/ork with the other. Headed by 
oach Jennifer Nelson, the team 
pends considerable time drill- 
ig and re-drilling the same set 
f moves. The hope here is that 
'hen it comes time for the game, 
11 unnecessary kinks and flaws 
re ironed out. They look for that 
ne moment when the whistle is 
lown to sneak in and amaze 
leir audiences. 

Dance Team: First row: Natalie Senecki, Lynette Matthews, Erin Reilly. 
Second row: Diane Azzolini, Sue Meighan, Kelly Whitting. Third row: 
Tori Clisham, Kim Gibbons, Kelly Anderson. 

Dance Team 



It appears as though the Explor- 
ers have invented a new type of 

aquatic event — freestyle board After his lap, Dave McKay glanc 
gliding. es over at his time in disbelief. 

This board gliding race is about as 
close as its going to get. Can you 
guess which Explorer will pull it 


* i %.XJUki 


Men's Swimming and Diving 


The moment of decision, a very 
lonely one awaits for Senior diver 
Craig Brensten. 

Under the 

guidance of coaches 

Jim Lyons and Chris 

Bergere, Men's 

Swimming and 

Diving are 



» . . 

k-' «* 


Senior Chris Demark holds this 
Reverse Pike just long enough for 
the photographer to catch her 
touching her toes. 

Now using the aquatic toy of 
choice, the La Salle squad sees no 
reason to keep their eyes on the 
finish line. 


'- -'-J l.U 


■■*.. ^ 


''^*'"""'— -«.«,«„ 

Obviously not pleased with her performance, this swimmer threatens 
the cameraman with the infamous gliding board. 

156 Women's Swimming and Diving 



by John Schmitt 

The Lady Explorers' swim 
team finished the 1991-92 sea- 
son with an impressive record of 
nine wins and just one loss. In 
addition to their impressive reg- 
ular season record, the Lady Ex- 
plorers also finished second at 
the Catholic Nationals. Their 
success this season was once 
again testified to with a first 
place victory at the MAAC 
championships in late February. 

This year's team is captained 
by Seniors Cindy Meehan and 
Michelle Grace. The rest of the 
team is rounded out by Nicole 
lanerelli, Pam Wilson, Stacy 
SchroU, Laveu MacPherson, 
Chris DeMark, Angela Carter, 
Holly Barnett, Judy Skoronski, 
Karen Hafner, Deidre Lynch, 

Beth Choncelor, Kim Pharrer, 
Heather McPherson, Joanne 
Brown, Liz Schaffer, Kathy 
Oacky and Cheryl Coppola. 

Once again this year's team is 
under the guidance of Malachi 
Cunningham. Under him, this 
year's team has went on to break 
many school records. The first 
of these was the 400 medley re- 
lay by the team of Deidre Lynch, 
Karen Hafner, Cindy Meehan 
and Michelle Grace. This is only 
one of five records that the Lady 
Explorers have shattered this 
year. With this kind of team be- 
hind them, there is no reason not 
to expect LSU swimming to be 
a dominant force for years to 

Cheryl Coppola balances herself 
in preparation for completing this 
forward somersault. 

Keeping an eye on the leader board 
is most typically the most stress- 
ful part of collegiate competitions. 


Experienced coaching staffs 

veteran upperclassmen 

and talented 

newcomers insure 

La Salle staying on 


by Roger Leister 

When you first took a look at 
La Salle's campus brochure, you 
probably saw a photo of a se- 
rene, sunny, warm day with a 
runner or two jogging comfort- 
ably in the background. This is 
normal. Now, picture a runner 
or two indoors speeding like mad 
around a pint-sized track: their 
every muscle straining, their 
faces turning a funny shade of 
blue, and their eyes cast sky- 
ward (toward the ceiling any- 
way) praying that they don't see 
their lunch a second time. This 
is not normal, yet it goes on reg- 
ularly in the sport known as in- 
door track — running's answer 
to arena football. 

The 1992 edition of La Salle 
indoor track added quality and 
quantity to a team that has 
steadily grown in stature since 
head coach Jim Gulick's arrival 
four years ago. Over thirty run- 
ners competed, with tutelage 
from three wise men — Irv 
"Moon" Mondshein, George 
"Bear" Williams and Coach 
Gulick — who bring a combined 
90 years of track and field 
coaching experience to La Salle. 

Instead of a win-loss record, 
the team is represented by in- 
dividuals who shoot for quali- 
fying times in their respective 
events. Reaching those stan- 
dards earns them a trip to the 
IC4A and/or NCAA post-season 
championship meets. 

The '92 team stressed quality 
on the track, and broke down in- 
to three categories: 1) sprinters, 
2) middle distance and 3) dis- 
tance. For the novice fan, that's: 
1) really fast guys, 2) guys who 
run pretty fast and just enough 
to keep their sanity and 3) guys 
who simply run too much. 

The impact of newcomers to 
the team was felt throughout the 
season. Distancemen Mike Ew- 
ing, Tom Tennant and Jason 
DiJoseph — talented transfers 
from William & Mary, Navy and 
Wisconsin — found the atmos- 
phere at 20th & Olney to their 
liking and they proved it on the 
track with superb showings in 
the mile and the half-mile. 

An army of freshmen includ- 
ed sprinters Greg Mills, Joe 
Crowne and Kevin Minihan: 
middle distance men Pete 

Dougherty and Dave Patten: 
distance runners Marcelo Cas- 
adei, Kevin Davis and Matt Stull 
as well as triple jumper Neil Sal- 

The newcomers added a depth 
that was much needed due to in- 
juries. Various ailments forced 
J.J. Hunter {*La Salle's fastest 
human*), IC4A veteran Fran 
Hoey and endurance specialist 
Zep Greto to miss the indoor 

The sprinting corps was led 
by the IC4A qualifiers of the 
4x400 meter relay — Juniors 
Mark McCall and Eric Mobley, 
freshman Chuck Kelly, and 
sophomore Ed Kelleher, who has 
emerged as the team's finest 
hurdler. Dasher-jumper-hurdler 
Derek Brown rounds out the 
speed merchants who spent 
many an afternoon tearing up 
Hayman Hall's ceiling track, 
a.k.a. "The House of Pain." 

Middle distancemen run 
mainly the 800, 1000, 1500 met- 
er runs. It's at these distances 
that runners begin to wilt and 
pacing becomes important. 
Tired old proverbs like No Pain, 

No Gain might apply but the 
Explorers prefer a different 
motto for psyching themselves 
up: Oxygen? Who needs it? This 
group consisted of IC4A regulai 
Chris Donato and Dave Smith 
plus sophomores Joe Cranstor 
and Rob Forberger. 

Distance runners take the "in 
door" out of indoor track. Dur ! 
ing the frigid winter season, thej 
go inside only to sleep or to rur 
their 3000 or 5000 meter races 
Their practice grounds have n( 
boundaries, but they try to d( 
most of their mileage in the 21; 
area code. Seniors Tom Schwinc, 
(IC4A vet.) Chris Neglia anCi 
Roger Leister as well as Junioi 
Matt Turner all admit to doing 
this stuff. Incidentally, they d( 
a pretty good job in races, nevei 
letting a St. Joe's runner cross 
the finish line before them. 

The 1992 team was a deep anc 
talented group that loses onl}! 
Brown, Leister and Neglia tr 
graduation. Look for school rei 
cords to fall in '93, as La Sall^ 
track continues its emergence irj 
the East. 

158 Men's Indoor Track 

Men's Indoor Track 159 

Overcoming injuries 
and setbacks 

provides confidence 

for Lady^s 

Indoor Track 

by Jennifer Quigley 

Though the La Salle girls' in- 
door track team did not have an 
overly successful season last 
year, this year's group of ath- 
letes has not allowed this to af- 
fect them. As a member of this 
team, I can say that I have never 
witnessed more dedication and 
desire from a team wishing to 
make a comeback. One might 
ask, "How can you run, isn't it 
boring?" Well, this group of girls 
is anything but that. 

Last year five injuries and two 
illnesses left a large gap between 
winning and losing. Last out- 
door season the 4x800m relay 
team finally qualified for the 
ECAC's (Eastern Coast Athletic 
Conference), which was held 
down at George Mason Univer- 
sity. Soon another obstacle pre- 
sented itself: A sudden rash of 
injuries at the end of last year 
and the beginning of this year. 
Despite these difficult times, all 
members of our team have re- 
turned with high hopes for 
breaking the barrier of achiev- 
ing an ECAC qualifying time. 

The pieces are now in place 
and the coaches now have a re- 
newed confidence in what the 

team can do as a whole. Senior 
Sheila Regan, the team captain, 
had a setback in her collegiate 
running career when she badly 
sprained her ankle on a distance 
run last fall. However she is now 
back with the team and having 
a superior season constantly 
making progress. With respect 
to other team members, all are 
running faster and more com- 
petitively against each of the 
more talented schools. This en- 
thusiastic mood is reflected well 
in coach Phyllis Keyes' com- 
ments: "This year we are much 
healthier and stronger coming 
off the cross-country season. For 
the indoor season to be a suc- 
cess, we have to continue to work 
on speed and combining that 
with the endurance from the 
cross-country season." 

Since the beginning of the year 
Cheryl has tried to instill and 
build up a confidence which will 
hopefully act as a spark plug 
against future competition. Even 
the team sees differences in the 
way we are approaching com- 
petitions. Sophomore Lynesia 
Crawford said, "I have gotten in 
shape faster than last year main- 



Women's Indoor Track 

ly because of experience and the 
way the coaching staff relates to 
each of us on an individual ba- 

La Salle University has re- 
cently shifted from the MAAC 
(Metro Atlantic Athletic Con- 
ference) to the MCC (Midwest- 
ern Collegiate Conference). This 
change will be implanted next 
year and will be a challenge for 
everyone. Many freshmen ac- 
knowledge that this might add 
another year on to their accli- 
mation process into collegiate 

Among this season's high- 
lights is that the girls' 4x800m 
relay team qualified for the 
ECAC's which will be held at 
Syracuse University. The relay 
consists of Jennifer Quigley, 
Theresa Lewandowski, Laura 
Black and Sheila Regan. The 
team middle distance runners 
are Laura Black (Freshman), 
Joyce Jellig, Jennifer Quigley, 
Theresa Lewandowski, Jennifer 
Gatt and Sheila Regan. Distance 
runners are Melanie Johnson 
(Jr.), Andrea Dotsey (Jr.) and 
Christine Clark (Senior). 
Sprinters include Dana Boger 

(Frosh), Lynesia Crawford 
(Soph.), Lisa Hartley fSoph.) 
and Angela Fitch (Soph.). 

People now look at the La- 
Salle girls' track team and won- 
der. The team has become re- 
spected among their fellow com- 
petitors. The team has been 
slowly building up a name for 
ourselves, a name which stands 
for working hard and starting at 
the bottom and working our way 
towards the top. Because of this 
we are able to hold our heads up 
high knowing that we have over- 
come many obstacles as a team 
and have persevered throughout 
it all. 

We must continue this win- 
ning attitude by remembering 
that when the coaches keep say- 
ing, "Keep driving, pump your 
arms all the way through that 
finish line!", they are simply try- 
ing to breed within us the com- 
petitive edge needed to be a 
champion. The aroma of victory 
is in the air and the LaSalle girls' 
track team has been so close to 
victory at times. It is now up to 
us to take this momentum to the 
next level and achieve all that 
we know that we can. 

Women's Indoor Track 




Coach Gene 

McDonnell looks 

to strengthen 

an Explorer 

squad which 

won only 35 

percent of its 

games m 

Junior Bill Artz finds his mask a hindrance in catching thi 
pop-up. I 

162 Baseball 

Ryan Krauss and Ross DiMaggio Tim Foley delivers a pre-season Looking through the mesh, our camera catches this Explorer in the 
at the third base bag. pitch to the plate. batting cage in Hayman Hall. 

164 Softball 





will be a 


for team led by 




-sJSI^^^^^^^ ^aSUf^ j^ 

Softball 165 

Editor's Note: Due to inclement 
weather conditions, we were un- 
able to photograph women's out- 
door track pictures. Therefore 
most of the pictures will be of the 
men's team. We regret this dis- 


Outdoor Track & Field 

Without fear of 

pain, punishment 

or defeat Explorers 

go about 




Outdoor Track & Field i67 

Men & Women's Track Team 


168 Outdoor Track & Field 

Outdoor Track & Field 169 

Dedication^ enthusiasm and 

hard work pays off for 

Women's Crew Team; Close knit 

group has all the tools 

needed to be a 


CREW — is not easily de- 
fined. It is only for the dedicated 
athlete. Rowing is more than just 
a sport — it is teamwork, be- 
yond everything. When you join 
the crew team you become part 
of a new family, closer to you 
than anyone else. You need 
them, they are part of you, for 
in the boat are many individuals 
working together as one. The 
more you experience it, the more 
you need it. It's something, a 
feeling that burns from within, 
which causes apparently sane 
individuals to do things that 
others would consider less than 
sane. It is said that the rower 
does more before 8 a.m. than 
most people do all day. It is a 
great deal of work, that gets lit- 
tle recognition. 

Rowers range from lifetime 
athletes to never before athletes, 
but after a few weeks, no one can 
tell them apart. They know in- 
side that they must work to- 
gether in order to succeed. A 
rower does more than pull on an 
oar, a rower is a runner, a weigh- 
tlifter, and above all a deter- 
mined athlete. 

The team that considers 
Schuykill River their second 
home cannot forget . . . the erg 
. . . textile runs . . . circuits . . . 
lifting . . . the loop ... art mu- 
seum steps . . . making weight . . . 
hills . . . jumpies (enough said?) 
. . . spring break (what spring 

hy Patricia Russonello 

break?) . . . seat racing . . . cut 
the cake drill . . . wake up calls 
(thanks guys!) . . . fast hands, 
slow slide, quick catch . . . pick 
drill . . . square blades . . . van 
rides . . . 5:00 a.m . . . Coleman 
. . . the sneaker ball . . . van con- 
versations . . . boathouse row . . . 
the angels . . . 500 meters to go! 
. . . the island . . . Etes-Vous- 
Prets-Partez! ... "I can't, I have 
crew" . . . the addiction . . . fun 
. . . and friends! 

Crew is a varsity sport which 
has no recruiting, gives no schol- 
arships, and has no "star" of the 
team. It's a close-knit group 
whose season begins the second 
week of September and ends af- 
ter spring finals. La Salle's team 
had a great turnout this year for 
the novice women, 24 in all, with 
varsity women adding 14 more 
to that with returning seniors, 
and they are: Dorothy Soliwada, 
Karen Heavey, and Eileen Tim- 
othy. The women's team is 
strong, and is getting stronger 
than it's been in years. The team 
is currently under the direction 
of head coach Julie Yentz. In ad- 
dition, Greg Doyle is in his first 
season as the new novice coach. 
The team will end the fall sea- 
son with the Frostbite and Brax- 
ton Regattas. These regattas in- 
volve local competition and will 
give the rowers a look at their 
competitors. River practice is 
soon put on hold during the win- 

ter season. At this point land 
training begins and continues 
throughout until early spring. 
Spring will include traveling to 
various rivers racing against 
some difficult teams. 

All of the hard work and ded- 
ication throughout the season 
eventually leads to the national 

collegiate competition known as 
the Dad Vail Regatta, where 
more than 100 crews from across 
the country come in search of 
the top prize. Hopefully La Salle 
will come home with top honors. 
The 1991-92 season looks to be 
a promising year for the Ex- 
plorers' Women Crew Team. 


Women's Creiv 

Editor's Note: We apologize but 
due to circumstances beyond our 
control, no pictures were availa- 
ble for the Men's Crew Team. We 
are truly sorry for this discrep- 




''■^' ■ •' ■-"^^^^^^^if 

W '^^vw/'i 

, -^^^^^^^^i 




fe-s*;^ 1 

' ' M 


La Salle University would like to take this 
chance to thank all of our athletes 

who exemplify the ideal 





174 Senior Highlight 

For all our graduating athletes 

Your leadership, dedication and enthusiasm is what allows La 

Salle's program to flourish as it does. Please continue to use the 

work ethics which have gotten you where you are today. 









DATUM philadelph:* 









h cum omnibus juribus ac privilegiis 

libenter contulimus. 

:atis sigillo nomina nostra subscripsimus. 

in republica pennsylvaniense 

ji in anno domini mcmxci 

-^Sw^ /2s:U3^-, /^2. 

Don't Dream 

I can clearly recall my first day at La 
Salle: a rainy Sunday nnorning on the first 
weekend of September. Besides tine less 
than stellar weather, I also remember 
being nervous. A million questions raced 
through my mind: Can I handle the college 
workload? What are the people like? How 
am I going to make friends? 

Four years later, 1 think about that 
Sunday and wonder why 1 was so 
nervous. Looking back, my fears were 
silly. 1 obviously handled the academic 
workload or 1 wouldn't be graduating. Just 
as important as Graduation was the path I 
took to get there, the close friends I've 
made at La Salle and the different types 
of people that I've met here. The diversity 
among students has enabled me to 
experience opinions and ideas different 
from my own. My acceptance and 
consideration of these ideas has 
undoubtedly aided my growth into a more 
mature person. 

Because of the people of La Salle, 1 am 
no longer the apprehensive eighteen year 
old; rather, 1 am a confident, polished 
adult who will receive his degree in May. 
— Rich Colden 



Nermin AboulEla 

Michael E. Adamski 


Biagina Addiego 

!t^ [^t^ 

Carol Adelsberger 

Jeffrey P. Aimone 

Richard Alessandrini 

Derek C. Allen 

Kathleen L. Allen 

Mark C. Aller 






Nermin Aboul-Ela, B.A., Biology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Tennis, FAB, Alpha Epsilon 

Michael E. Adamski, B.S., Marketing; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Biagina Addiego, B.A., Communications; 
Loveladies, NJ; Delta Phi Epsilon, AERho. 

Carol Adelsberger, B.S., Marketing; Glen- Jeffrey P. Aimone, B.S., Finance; Clifton, Richard Alessandrini, B.S., Finance; Nor- 

side, PA. MJ; Phi Kappa Theta. ristown, PA. 

Derek C. Allen, B.S., Finance; College- 
ville, PA; Assoc, for Business Excellence. 

Kathleen L. Allen, B.S., Management; Al- 
exandria, VA; Phi Gamma Nu, Council for 
Professional Leadership. 

Mark C. Aller, B.S., Finance; Chalfont, PA; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Collegian, Gamma lota 
Sigma, Crew. 

178 Aboul-Ela — Aller 

Susan Gail Amato 

Maria N. Ancona 

Kelly Kristin Anderson 



Micole L. Anderson 

Cheryl L. Andrews 

La'Tonya S. Andrews 

Nora K. Arant 

Nicholas A. Arduino 

Jennifer A. Ask 






Susan Gail Amato, B.A., Economics; 
Freehold, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Maria N. Ancona, B.A., English; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Karate Club. 

Kelly Kristin Anderson, B.S., Finance; 
Holland, PA; Dance Team, Business Honor 
Society, Intramural Football and Soccer, 
Field Hockey. 

Nicole L. Anderson, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Philadelphia, PA; Gamma Sigma Sig- 
ma, Collegian. 

Cheryl L. Anderson, B.S., Psychology; 
Gilbertsville, PA; Council for Leadership 
Excellence, Widener Swim Therapy, Wres- 
tling Manager. 

La'Tanya S. Andrews, B.S., Manage- 
ment; Philadelphia, PA. 

Nora K. Arant, B.A., English; Bristol, PA. Nicholas A. Arduino, B.S., Finance; Er- Jennifer A. Ask, B.A., Communications; 

denheim, PA. Philadelphia, PA; WEXP. 

Amato — Ask 179 

Scott James Atkins 

Harold Francis Auch ill 

Allison Anne Auld 

Anthony Richard Avicolli 

Jon Paul Aylmer 

Joyce Azarewicz 

R. George Azizhan Jr. 

Earl F. Baker 

Kevin D. Baker 






Scott James Atkins, B.A., Psychology; 
Royersford, PA; Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, 
Psychology Club. 

Harold Francis Auch III, B,A., Commu- 
nications; Mandsquam, NJ; Resident Stu- 
dent Assoc, ROTC, Crew. 

Allison Anne Auld, B.A., Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Council for Exceptional Chil- 

Anthony Richard Avicolli, B.S., Fi- Jon Paul Aylmer, B.S., Accounting; Phi Joyce Azarewicz, B.A., Education; Phi- 

nance; Philadelphia, PA. ladelphia, PA. ladelphia, PA. 

R. George Azizhan Jr., B.A., Biology; Me- 
chanicsburg, PA; Judicial Board. WEXP, 

Earl F. Baker III, B.S., Marketing/Man- 
agement; Philadelphia, PA; Business Stu- 
dent Center. 

Kevin D. Baker, B.A., Biology; Mountain- 
top, PA; FAB, Homeless Committee, Club 

180 Atkins — Baker 

Ann Baldo 

Christopher J. Barbier 

Ailena S. Earner 

Elisabeth Rosa Barone 

Joan Theresa Barr 

Christine M. Bauer 

Ethan Philip Baumholtz 

Kevin D. Beck 

Christina Bellini 






Ann Baldo, B.A., Education; Philadelphia, Christopher J. Barbier, B.S., Finance/ Ailena S. Earner, B.S.. Accounting: King 

PA; Intramural Sports. Accounting; Warminster, PA; Resident As- of Prussia, PA; Accounting Association. 


Elisabeth Rosa Barone, B.A., Criminal 
Justice; Philadelphia, PA. 

Joan Theresa Barr, B.S.W., Social Work: 
Philadelphia, PA; Peer Education Program, 
Social Work Assoc, Alpha Epsilon Honor 

Christine M. Bauer, B.A., Sociology: Toms 
River, NJ; Alpha Theta Alpha, Sociology 
Club, Intramural Sports. 

Ethan Philip Baumholtz, B.S., Market- 
ing; Voorhees, NJ; Phi Kappa Theta, Mar- 
keting Club, Intramural Basketball and 

Kevin D. Beck, B.A., Psychology; Med- 
ford, NJ; Psi Chi, Psychology Club, WEXP. 

Christine Bellini, B.A., Spanish/Educa- 
tion: Philadelphia, PA: Spanish Club, For- 
eign Language Honor Society. 

Baldo — Bellini 181 

Dena M. Bellucci 

John Bennett 

George Michael Beschen 

Gary R. Bily 

Jennifer L. Black 

Deborah M. Blaisse 

Charles S. Blake Jr. 

Leslie Ann Blanchard 

Scott T. Blanchard 






Dena M. Bellucci, B.S.. Management; 
Huntingdon Valley, PA; Business Honor So- 
ciety, Council for Leadership Excellence. 

John Bennett, B.S., Marketing; Chester, 
MJ; Phi Gamma Delta, American Marketing 

George Michael Beschen, B.A., English; 
Philadelphia, PA; Resident Assistant, Col- 
legian, Lambda lota Tau, La Salle Singers. 

Carry R. Bily, B.A., Criminal Justice; Hor- 
sham, PA. 

Jennifer L. Black, B.A., Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Prison Tu- 

Deborah M. Blaisse, B.S., Finance; Con- 
shohocken, PA; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Committee for the Homeless. 

Charles S. Blake Jr., B.S., Management; 
Toms River, MJ; Investment Club, Council 
for Leadership Excellence. 

Leslie Ann Blanchard, B.A., Communi- 
cations; Hockessin, DE. 

Scott T. Blanchard, B.A., English; Edi- 
son, NJ; Phi Kappa Theta. 

182 Bellucci — Blanchard 

Cynthia M. Blancuzzi 

Michael A. Boedewig 

Suzanne T. Bogatiuk 

Robert J. Borella 

Andrew C. Borgersen 

William Michael Bosch 

Jennifer Bossard 

Joseph S. Bottino Jr. 

Geralyn M. Bowers 






Cynthia M. Blancuzzi, B.A., Education: 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Michael A. Boedewig, B.S., Accounting/ 
Mathematics; Warminster, PA; Honors 
Board, Business Honor Society, Mathemat- 
ical Honor Society, Association for Busi- 
ness Excellence. 

Suzanne T. Bogatiuk, B.A., Computer 
Science; Philadelphia. PA; Mathematics/ 
Computer Science Dept. Board. Mathe- 
matics/CSC Club. ACM. 

Robert J. Borella, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Philadelphia, PA. 

Andrew C. Borgersen, B.S., Accounting; 
Ramsey, NJ; Jazz/Pep Band, National As- 
soc, for Accountants, Assoc, for Business 
Excellence, Accounting Assoc. 

William Michael Bosch, B.S.. Finance; 
Philadelphia. PA. 

Jennifer Bossard 

Joseph S. Bottino Jr., B.S., Marketing; 
Newtown, PA. 

Geralyn M. Bowers, B.A., Computer Sci- 
ence; Philadelphia, PA; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 
Math/CSC Club, ACM. 

Blancuzzi — Bowers 183 

Malinda A. Bowers 

Troy A. Bowman 

Carl Martin Bradley 

Christine N. Branco 

Kiersten Leigh Bray 

Craig Wilson Brewster 

Danielle Brool<ens 

David James Brown 

Gina Nicole Brown 






Malinda A. Bowers, B.A., Spanish; Ware- 
town, NJ. 

Troy A. Bowman, B.S., Marketing; Har- 
risburg, PA; Marl<eting Assoc, Intramural 

Carl Martin Bradley, B.A., Criminal 
Justice; Philadelphia, PA; Naval ROTC, Nat. 
Criminal Justice Honor Society, Phila. Fu- 
tures, Dean's List, 

Christine N. Branco, B.A., Education; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Kiersten Leigh Bray, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Huntingdon Valley, PA; Gamma Phi 

Craig Wilson Brewster, B.S., Manage- 
ment; Turnersville, NJ; Diving Team. 

Danielle Brookens, B.S., Criminal Justice; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

David James Brown, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Thorndale, PA; Hockey Club, Colle- 
gian Sports Editor. 

Gina Nicole Brown, B.S., Marketing; 
Camden, NJ; Black Residents Support 
Council, African American Students 
League, Sigma Dove. 

184 Bowers — Brown 

Karen Marie Brown 

Theodore William Brown 

Michelle P. Buchanan 

James Bulgurelli 

Steven William Burdziak 

Curtis J. Burkholder 

Susan BurnettHerkes 

Mary Ann Buschka 

Christopher W. Calhoun 






Karen Marie Brown, B.A., Sociology; 
Springfield, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon, Sociol- 
ogy Assoc. 

Theodore William Brown, B.A., Com- 
munications; Vernon, CT; Resident Assis- 
tant, Jazz Band, Campus Ministry. 

Michelle P. Buchanan, B.A., English/His- 
tory; Hatboro, PA; Crew, Delta Phi Epsilon, 
Homeless Organization, Honors Program. 

James Bulgurelli, B.A., Chemistry; Hav- 
ertown, PA; Resident Assistant, Chymian 
Society, Intramurals. 

Steven William Burdziak, B.A., Com- 
munications; Philadelphia, PA. 

Curtis J. Burkholder, B.A., Education; 
Chalfont, PA; Crew, Sigma Phi Lambda, 
Student Govt. Assoc, Inter Fraternity-So- 
rority Council. 

Susan Burnett-Herkes, B.A., Communi 
cations; Atlantic City, ISJ. 

MaryAnn Buschka, B.A., English; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Gavel Society, Explorer, 
LaSPAM. Student Political Assoc. 

Christopher W. Calhoun, B.S., Finance/ 
English; Delran, NJ; Crew. Honors Pro- 
gram. Writing Fellows. 

Brown — Calhoun 185 

Scott David Campbell 

Camilo David Campos 

Joseph R. Canonica 

Jennifer A. Capozzoli 

Raymond M. Carbone 

Martin Carey 

Catherine Carganilla 

Kristin Carickhoff 

Jeffrey T. Carlin 






Scott David Campbell, B.S., Marketing; 
Reading, PA; Marketing Assoc, Resident 
Assistant, Business Honor Society, Council 
for Leadersliip Excellence. 

Camilo David Campos, B.S., Finance; Al- 
lentown, PA; Spanisli Club, Investment 

Joseph R. Canonica, B.S., Accounting; 
Somerset, NJ; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Jennifer A. Capozzoli, B.S., Psychology; Raymond M. Carbone, B. A., History; Colts Martin Carey, B.S.W., Social Work; Phi- 

Holland, PA. Neck, NJ; Alpha Chi Rho. ladelphia, PA; Social Work Club. 

Catherine Carganilla, B.S., Accounting; 
Bensalem, PA; Beta Alpha, Accounting As- 
soc, Business Honor Society. 

Kristin Carickhoff, B.A., Psychology; 
Bensalem, PA. 

Jeffrey T. Carlin, B.S., Finance; Dover, 

186 Campbell — Carlin 

Jill Suzanne Carozza 

Sean Carr 

Catherine M. Carroll 

Kevin Joseph Carroll 

Mark Richard Carroll 

Helen K. Carter 

Nancy L. Caruso 

Jacqueline Cassidy 

Beth Eileen Castelli 

/ O O C* v ^^ ^^-^ ?^ 

Jill Suzanne Carozza, B.A., English; Con- 
gers, NY; Women's Volleyball, Student- 
Athlete Advisory Board. 

Sean Carr, B.A., Economics/Political Sci- 
ence; Yardley, PA; Golf, Judicial Board, 
Omicron Delta Epsilon. 

Catherine M. Carroll, B.A., Education; 
Elkins Park, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Council 
for Exceptional Children. 

Kevin Joseph Carroll, B.S., Marketing; 
Washington Crossing, PA; Sigma Phi Lamb- 
da, Volleyball. 

Mark Richard Carroll, B.A., English; 
Pleasant Valley, NY; Thomas More Law So- 

Helen K. Carter, B.S., Accounting/MIS; 
Philadelphia, PA; Dean's List, Beta Alpha, 
Business Honor Society. 

Nancy L. Caruso, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Dallas, PA; Club Earth, Amnesty Interna- 

Jacqueline Cassidy, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Beth Eileen Castelli, B.A., Psychology; 
Litchfield, CT; Alpha Theta Alpha, Psi Chi 
Honor Society. 

Carozza — Castelli 187 

About two million Iraqi Kurds and other minorities fled north in April 
1991 when Kurdish rebels in the north and Shiite Muslim rebels in the 
south failed to oust President Saddam Hussein in the aftermath of the 
Persian Gulf War. At least 6,700 of the Iraqi refugees died fleeing to the 
Turkish border. 

Military units from the United States and at least seven other countries 
participated in a relief effort along with civilian agencies from about 20 
countries. The relatively quick, cooperative response helped keep the 
death rate as low as it was. 

"There were U.S. soldiers, Dutch nurses and Red Cross workers working 
side by side. There was very little friction," Dr. Michael J. Toole of the 
CDC's International Health Program Office said. "It really was an unprec- 
edented effort." 

Firefighters were unprepared for the sight they were met with in Kuwait 
— scores of oil wells sending plumes of red and orange flames 30 yards 
into the air. Oil lakes and soot blackened the sand. 

During the seven-month Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, more than 730 oil 
wells were damaged or set ablaze. Firefighting crews have been able to 
extinguish 584 wells since the effort began in March 1991. 

When the effort to combat the blazes began in March, it took an average 
of four days to put out one well fire. Now the teams are averaging 8.5 
wells each day, according to Oil Minister Hamous al-Rquba. 

The faster rate of progress has been attributed to the increase in the 
number of firefighting companies, the availability of needed equipment, 
the completion of the water system and the growing experience of the 

Teams from the United States, Canada, China, Iran, Kuwait, Hungary 
and France are all working together to clean up this environmental dis 

188 Year-inReview 

Desert Storm Commander General H, Norman Schwarzkopf gave a 
thumbs up to the crowd as he made his way up Broadway during New 
York's Operation Welcome Home ticker tape parade in June 1991. A 
fireworks extravaganza capped off the celebration. 

Schwarzkopf, General Colin Powell and Defense Secretary Dick Che- 
ney were the grand marshals of the New York parade, with over 600,000 
people turning out to welcome the soldiers home. More than one million 
people attended a welcome home parade May 19 in Hollywood, and an 
estimated 800,000 turned out for the parade in Washington. 

"U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" the flag-waving crowd chanted during a half-hour 
of nighttime fireworks over the East River in New York City. The $1 
million display was accompanied by the New York Pops Orchestra. A 
teary-eyed Korean War veteran said, "These young boys put their lives 
on the line and now they're getting their reward." 

Year-in-Review 189 

Colleen M. Cavanaugh 

J. Patrick Cavanaugh 

Thomas J. Cella 

Michael R. Charlton 

John Chiango 

David A. ChioDo 


Vera Cinquanto 

Frank Citrigno 

J. Jason Clare 






Colleen M. Cavanaugh, B.S.. Marketing; J. Patrick Cavanaugh, B.S.. Psychology; 

Maple Glen, PA. Highspire, PA. 

Thomas J. Cella, B.S., Marketing; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Student Gov't. Assoc, Health 
Care Admin. Society, University Council, 
Student Affairs Committee. 

Michael R. Charlton, B.A., Criminal 
Justice/Sociology; Bensalem, PA; Phi 
Gamma Delta. 

John Chiango, B.S., Accounting; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

David A. ChioDo, B.S., Business Man- 
agement; Ambler, PA, 

Vera Cinquanto, B.A., Education/Eng- 
lish; Philadelphia, PA; Rowing Team, Col- 
legian reporter. 

Frank Citrigno, B.A., Psychology; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

J. Jason Clare, B.S., Marketing; Wilming- 
ton, DE; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Council for 
Leadership Excellence, La Salle Marketing 
Assoc, Amer. Marketing Assoc. 

190 Cavanaugh — Clare 

Christine M. Clarl< 

Brian A. Clarke 

Susanne M. Cleary 

Josepli M. Cloud 

Nicholas J. Coggins 

Richard L. Colden 

Michael J. Coluzzi 

Joseph D. Connell, Jr. 





Christine M. Clark, B.A., Finance; Lon- 
ghorne, PA; Crosscountry, Campus Min- 
istry, Sigma lota Gamma, Investment Club. 

Brian A. Clarke, B.S., Accounting; Mill- 
town, NJ; Institute of Management Ac- 
countants, Accounting Assoc, Phi Kappa 

Susanne M. Cleary, B.S., Finance; Rock- 
ledge, PA. 

Joseph M. Cloud, B.S., Finance/HRM; 
Philadelphia, PA; Investment Club, Intra- 
mural Sports. 

Nicholas J. Coggins, B.A., Spanish/ His- 
tory; Philadelphia, PA. 

Richard L. Colden III, B.S., Finance/Eng- 
lish; Clifton Heights, PA; Explorer. Aca- 
demic Discovery Program, Honors Pro- 
gram, Business Honor Society. 

Cerald P. Collins, B.S., Marketing; North Michael J. Coluzzi, B.S., Accounting; Del- Joseph D. Connell Jr., B.A., Political Sci- 

Wales, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda. ran, NJ; National Accounting Association. ence; Philadelphia, PA. 

Clark — Connell 191 

Stephen J. Connolly 

Shannon M. Conrad 

Michael A. Consiglio 

Paul G. Conway 

Maria Theresa Cook 

Melissa Anne Corwell 

Margaret M. Cosenza 

Geoffrey R. Cox 






Stephen J. Connolly, B.S., Accounting; 
Woodstock, MY; Accounting Association. 

Shannon M. Conrad, B.A., Biology; West 
Pittston, PA; AED, Philosopiiy Club. 

Michael A. Consiglio, B.A., English/His- 
tory; Wilmington, DE; Signna Phi Epsilon, 
Project Appalachia, Amnesty International, 
Honors Program. 

Paul G. Conway, B.S., Accounting; Jen- 
kintown, PA; Masque, Institute of Manage- 
ment Accountants, Accounting Assoc, 
Technical Theatre Assoc. 

Maria Theresa Cook, B.A., Psychology; 
Hannonton, NJ; Delta Phi Epsilon, Psi Chi. 

Melissa Anne Corwell, B.A., Criminal 
Justice; Doylestown, PA; Criminal Justice 
Society, Honors Program, Council for Lead- 
ership Excellence. 

Margaret M. Cosenza, B.A., Sociology; Geoffrey R. Cox, B.A., English; Tampa. Colleen A. Coyle, B.A., Education; Phi- 

Philadelphia, PA. FL. ladelphia, PA. 

192 Connolly — Coyle 

Kimberly A. Craven 

Christy R. Crawford 

Theresa Creneti 

Cara Caithlin Cullen 

John F. Cullen Jr. 

Anthony M. Cunicelli 





Kimberly A. Craven, B.A., Communica- 
tions/English; Philadelphia, PA; Thomas 
More Law Society, Jazz Band, Student Po- 
litical Assoc, AERho. 

Christy R. Crawford, B.A,, Communica- 
tions; Jackson, NJ; Judicial Board, Thom- 
as More Law Society, Committee for the 
Homeless, AfricanAmerican Student 

Theresa Creneti, B.A., Biology; Philadel- 
phia, PA; Tennis, AED, Honors Program. 


Nancy Criniti, B.S., Management; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Society for Advancement 
Management, Council for Professional 
Leadership, Council for Pro. Manage., Ital- 
ian Club. 

Eric n. Crist, B.A., Communications/His- 
tory; Ridley Park, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Masque. Campus Ministry, Project Appa- 

Mary E. Csercsevits, B.A,, Psychology; 
Mt. Holly, NJ; Delta Phi Epsilon. CLE, 
Masque, Psychology Club. 

Cara Caithlin Cullen, B.A., English; Fish- 
kill, NY. 

John F. Cullen Jr., B.S., Marketing; Lans- 
dale, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Anthony M. Cunicelli, B.A., Italian/ 
French; Philadelphia, PA. 


Cunicelli 193 

John C. D'Orazio 

Patricia K. Daly 

Robert P. Danna 

Alfonso Dasso 

Karen T. Davidson 

Rose Marie Davis 

Dana A. DeAngelo 

Laura Lynne DeFrancisco 

Maria L. DeGuzman 






John C. D'Orazio, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Patricia K. Daly, B.S., Marketing; Sana- 
toga, PA; Cheerleading, American Market- 
ing Assoc. 

Robert P. Danna, B.S., Finance; Morris- 
town, MJ; Phi Kappa Theta, Intramural 
Sports, Assoc, for Business Excellence. 

Alfonso Dasso, B.S., Finance; Lima 27, 

Karen T. Davidson, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Philadelphia, PA; Criminal Justice Assoc, 
Afro-American Student League, AERO. 

Rose Marie Davis, B.S., Management; 
Vineland, NJ; Resident Student Assoc, Phi 
Gamma Nu, 

Dana A. DeAngelo, B.A., Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Italian-American Club, Coun- 
cil for Leadership Excellence. 

Laura Lynne DeFrancisco, B.A., Com- 
munications; Springfield, VA; Alpha Epsi- 
lon Rho, Masque. 

Marie L. DeCuzman 

194 D'Orazio — DeGuzman 

Kimberly DeNardo 

Gina K. DePietro 

Elizabeth Defrehn 

Janeen Marie Delcher 

Kristine E. Demark 

Peter Demian 

Maria Lisa Denisi 

Antlnony John DiBabbo 

Anthony J. DiBricida 






Kimberly DeNardo, B.A., Education; Phi- Cina K. DePietro, B.A,, Communications; Elizabeth Defrehn 

ladelphia, PA. Scranton, PA; WEXP, Delta Phi Epsilon. 

Janeen Marie Delcher, B. A., Political Sci- Kristine E. Demark, B.A., Biology; Ply- Peter Demian, B.S., Accounting; Metuch- 

ence; Catonsville, MD; Club Earth, WEXP. mouth Meeting, PA; Diving. en, NJ. 

Maria Lisa Denisi, B.S., Accounting; 
Marlton, NJ; Phi Gamma Nu, Institute of 
Management Accountants, Accounting As- 
soc, Council for Pro. Leadership. 

Anthony John DiBabbo, B.S., Finance/ 
English; Turnersville, NJ. 

Anthony J. DiBricida HI, B.A., Criminal 
Justice/Sociology; Philadelphia, PA. 

DeNardo — DiBricida 195 

Tina DiCerbo 

Mark DiCristino 

Jason J. DiVirgilio 

Jeanette Diaz 

Gerald J. Diecl<haus Jr. 

Marcia R. Dixon 

Bernadina M. Doiierty 

Andrew T. Dolan 

Robert Michael Donahue 






Tina DiCerbo, B.A., Education; Ambler, 
PA; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Council for Ex- 
ceptional CInildren. Inter-Fraternity Sorority 

Mark DiCristino, B.S., Accounting/Fi- 
nance; Pliiladelphia. PA. 

Jason J. DiVirgilio, B.A., Computer Sci- 
ence; Chalfont, PA. 

Jeanette Diaz, B.S., Accounting; Pliila- 
delphia, PA; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Insti- 
tute of Management Accountants, Beta Al- 
pha Accounting Honor Society. 

Gerald J. Dieckhaus Jr., B.S., Account- 
ing; Philadelphia, PA; National Assoc, of 
Accountants, La Salle Accounting Assoc, 
Delta Sigma Pi. 

Marcia R. Dixon, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Accounting Association. 

Bernadina M. Doherty, B.S.W., Social 
Work; Philadelphia, PA; Social Work As- 

Andrew T. Dolan, B.A., Religion; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Robert Michael Donahue, B.A., Com- 
munications; Pennsauken, NJ; Sigma Phi 
Lambda, AERho, Communications Dept. 

196 DiCerbo — Donahue 

Jennifer Donnelly 

Lori Jane Donohue 

Thomas Joseph Donohue 

Irene Elizabeth Doran 

James M. Dougherty 

Joseph P. Dougherty 

Michael Dougherty 

Evelyn Dowgiel 

Michelle A. Drum 






Jennifer Donnelly, B.S., Management; 
Wynnewood, PA. 

Lori Jane Donohue, B.S., Marketing; 
Doylestown, PA; American Marketing As- 
soc, Student Board of Directors for the 
School of Business. 

Thomas Joseph Donohue, B.A., Com- 
munications; West Milford, NJ; Resident 

Irene Elizabeth Doran, B.S., Biology; 
Conshohocken, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha, 
Campus Ministry. 

James M. Dougherty, B.S., Finance; Col- 
lingdale, PA; Business Honor Society, 
Council for Professional Leadership. 

Joseph P. Dougherty, B.A., English/Ed- 
ucation; Philadelphia, PA. 

Michael Dougherty, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA; Phi Kappa Theta, Insti- 
tute for Management Accountants, Gam- 
ma lota Sigma. 

Evelyn Dowgiel, B.A., Communications; 
Philadelphia, PA; Masque, Karate Club. 

Michelle A. Drum, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Liverpool, NY; Women's Varsity Soc- 

Donahue — Drum 197 

Patricia J. Drumgoole 

CInristine Drummond 

Theresa C. Duffner 

Patrick F. Duffy 

Kelly A. Dugan 

Raciiel Dusl<a 

Jill Dymek 

Judy Eirich 

Walter J. Elliott 






Patricia J. Drumgoole, B.A., Education; 
Fort Lee, INJ; Gamma Phi Beta, Council for 
Exceptional Children, Homeless Commit- 

Christine Drummond, B.S., Finance; 
Warminster, PA. 

Theresa C. Duffner, B.A., Biology; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Patricia P. Duffy, B.S.. Accounting; North 
Hills, PA; Beta Alpha, Accounting Associ- 

Kelly A. Dugan, B.A., English/Education; 
Philadelphia, PA; Project Appalachia. 

Rachel Duska, B.A., Computer Science; 
Villanova, PA. 

Jill Dymek, B.A., Education; Bensalem, 

Judy Eirich, B.A., Education; Philadel- 
phia, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon, Council for Ex- 
. ceptional Children. 

Walter J. Elliott, B.A., English; Philadel- 
phia, PA; Karate Club. 

198 Drumgoole — Elliott 

Sean Michael Elm 

Suzanne G. Ely 

Gerald J. Emens II 

Amelia Enoch 

Tracey Lynn Enoch 

Patrick Scott Erdie 

Vincent E. Ernst 

June J. Erwin 

Kathryn M. Esposito 


»00C * — ^ .^^ ^"■^- ^^soOCv ^-'— ^ s^ 

Sean Michael Elm, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Holland, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
Communications Board. 

Suzanne G. Ely, B.A., English/Commu- 
nications; Baltimore, MD; AERho, Council 
for Leadership Excellence. 

Gerald J. Emens II, B.S., Management/ 
Finance; Millville, NJ; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Wrestling Team, Committee for the Home 

Amelia Enoch 

Tracey Lyn Enoch, B.S., Political Sci- Patrick Scott Erdie, B.A., Political Sci- 

ence; Lawrenceville, NJ; Phi Kappa Theta. ence; Lawrenceville. NJ; Phi Kappa Theta. 

Vincent E. Ernst, B.S., Marketing; Phila- 
delphia. PA; Wrestling Team. 

June J. Erwin, B.A., Psychology; West 
Trenton, NJ. 

Kathryn M. Esposito, B.A., Communi- 
cations; Scotch Plains, NJ. 

Elm — Esposito 199 

Michael Landon. Actor; television producer, director, and 
writer; a principle long-term shaper of wholesome prime time 
family programming. Known as Charles Ingalls from "Little 
House on the Prairie, " 

Rajiv (Ratna) Gandhi. Former prime minister of the Republic 
of India; leader by birthright of India's Congress party; older 
of two sons of Indira Gandhi, prime minister from 1966-1977 
and again from 1980 until her assassination in October 1984. 

John (Henry) Heinz III. Republican United States Senator 
from Pennsylvania; heir to H.J. Heinz food company fortune; 
died in airplane crash near Philadelphia. 

Harry Reasoner. Broadcast journalist; for more than three 
decades was known to millions of network television viewers 
for his low-keyed and droll flavored deliveries of news, com- 
mentaries on world affairs, and special events reportage. 

Lee Atwater. Republican political consultant; campaign man- 
ager; chairman of hational Republican Committee; a Machia- 
vellian political warrior. 

Theodor Seuss Geisel. Writer; artist; best selling author of 
zanily entertaining and subtly didactic children's books, usually 
in verse, illustrated by himself under the pen name of Dr. Seuss. 

John Goodwin Tower. United States Senator from Texas 
from 1961 until his retirement in 1985; first Texas Republican 
since Reconstruction to win election to Senate. 

Miles Dewey Davis, Jr. Trumpet and flugelhorn player; com- 
poser; band leader; perhaps the most famous jazz trumpeter 
of his generation, known for his unmistakable haunting tone, 
now melancholy, now furious, and virtually free of vibration. 
Source; Current Bibliography Yearbook 1991. 

Michael Landon 
Oct. 31, 1932 — July 1, 1991 


Rajiv Gandhi 
344 — May 21, 1991 

Friends We Have Lost . . . 







John Heinz 

Oct. 23, 1938 

Apr. 4, 1991 



Harry Reasoner 
Apr. 17, 1923 — Aug. 6, 1991 

Lee Atwater 
Feb. 27, 1951 - Mar. 29, 1991 

Dr. Seuss 

John Tower 

Miles Davis 

Mar. 2, 1904 

Sept. 29, 1925 

— Apr. 5, 1991 

May 25, 1926 — Sept. 28, 1991 

Sept. 24. 1991 

Obituaries 201 

Jason L. Everett 

Michael J. Fabey 

Elizabeth Jo Fabritius 

Bernard J. Faia 

Jennifer Marie Faig 

Christine Marie Failla 

Michael Falcione 

Veronica Fallon 

Daniela Falvo 

/ < >C <^ ^ ^ / < ><S > '^ ^ 

Jason L. Everett, B.A., Biology; Philadel- 
phia, PA; AED. 

Michael J. Fabey, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Beta Alpha, Business Honor 
Society, Accounting Association. 

Elizabeth Jo Fabritius, B.S., Account- 
ing/Finance; Sykesville, MD; Alpha Theta 
Alpha, Accounting Assoc, Institute of 
Management Accountants. 

Bernard J. Faia, B.S., Accounting; Phi- JenniferMarieFaig,B.A., Education; Glen Christine Marie Failla, B.S., Marketing; 

ladelphia, PA; Accounting Assoc, ABE. Ridge, NJ. Chester, NJ. 

Michael Falcione, B.A., Biology; Pitts- 
burgh, PA; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Campus 
Ministry, Biology Dept. Board, Writing Fel- 

Veronica Fallon, B.A., Computer Sci- 
ence; Philadelphia, PA. 

Daniela Falvo, B.S., Marketing; Trenton, 
NJ; Gamma Phi Beta, American Marketing 

202 Everett — Falvo 

Michele Marie Farina 

Kimberiee A. Farruggio 

Andrew P. Fee 

Robert F. Feehiery Jr. 

Dina Michele Ferro 

Michael P. Crowley Fiorentino 

Peter N. Fiorentino Jr. 

• \ 

Patricia M. Findish 

Susan Laura Fischer 

Michele Marie Farina, B.A., Education; Kimberiee A. Farruggio, B.A., Psycliol- Andrew P. Fee, B.A., Political Science; 

Sea Isle City, N J. ogy; Yardley, PA; Psychology Club, Psi Chi, Philadelphia, PA. 

Delta Phi Epsllon. 

Robert F. Feehery Jr., B.A., Sociology; 
Springfield, PA; Swimming Team. 

Dina Michele Ferro, B.S., Accounting; 
Bensalem, PA; Accounting Association, 

Patricia M. Findish, B.A., Education; 
Windber. PA; Club Earth, CEC, 

Michael P. Crowley Fiorentino, B.A., 
Psychology; Madison, CT; Sigma Phi 

Peter N. Fiorentino Jr., B.A., Commu- 
nications; Philadelphia, PA; AERho, Na- 
tional Broadcasting Society. 

Susan Laura Fischer, B.A., Education; 
Philadelphia, PA; Council for Exceptional 
Children, GAELS, ROTC. 

Farina — Fischer 203 

Brian M. Fish 

Mario Adele Fisher 

Tina M. Fitzgerald 

Christine Ann Flaherty 

Jennifer A. Fleming 

Maureen Foley 

Margaret Forrestel 

Jill E. Forrester 

Michelle Fossett 

/ < >00' ~"^^ S^ '^"^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Brian M. Fish, B.A., Political Science/His- 
tory; Erie, PA, 

Mario Adele Fisher, B,A„ Mathematics/ 
Education; Cape May, NJ; Mathematics 
Science Board. 

Tina M. Fitzgerald, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Richboro, PA; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Christine Ann Flaherty, B.S.. Manage- Jennifer A. Fleming, B.A., Education; Maureen Foley, B,S,, Marketing; Hunting- 

ment; Drexel Hill, PA; Gamma lota Sigma. Newtown, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon. don Valley, PA. 

Margaret Forrestel, B.S., Accounting; 
Huntingdon Valley, PA; Institute of Man- 
agement Accountants, Beta Alpha, Honors 
Program, Accounting Association. 

Jill E. Forrester, B.S., Management; Free- 
hold, m. 

Michelle Fossett, B.A., English; Yardley, 
PA: Delta Phi Epsilon, American Marketing 
Association, Intramural Sports. 

204 Fish — Fossett 

Amy C. Foy 

Matthew J. Fry 

Robert B. Fry 

Paigeann Lace Fugaro 

Robert A. Fuller 

Thomas G. Furer 

William E. Furia 

Kimberly A. Gabryelski 

Ann Marie Galante 






Amy C. Foy, B.S., Finance; Philadelphia, 

Matthew J. Fry, B.S., Finance/ Marl^et- 
ing; Cheltenham, PA; Gamma lota Sigma, 
Council for Professional Leadership, Intra- 
mural Sports. 

Robert B. Fry, B.S., Finance; Sinking 
Spring, PA; Gamma lota Sigma. 

Paigeann Lace Fugaro, B.A., Biology; 
Sicklerville, NJ; Explorer. Editor-in-Chief, 
Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gavel Society, Honors 

Robert A. Fuller, B.A., Communications; 
Wayne, PA; Campus Ministry, LEO, Sigma 
Phi Lambda, Intramural Sports. 

Thomas G. Furer, B.S., Organizational Be- 
havior; Yorktown Heights, NY; Phi Kappa 

William E. Furia, B.A., Communications; 
Philadelphia, PA; AERho. 

Kimberly A. Gabryelski, B.S., Psychol- 
ogy; Bensalem, PA; Psychology Club, 
Homeless Committee, Prison Tutoring. 

Ann Marie Galante, B.A.. Chemistry: Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Chymian Society. 

Foy — Galante 205 


Jean Patricia Gallagher 

Josepin A. Gallen 

Geraldine T. Germanis 


Maureen P. Gallagher 

Gregory D. Gallen 

Anthony R. Gelona II 

Frank J. Genovese 

Brian P. Gerrard 


Jean Patricia Gallagher, B.A., Commu- 
nications; Ridley Park, PA; Crew, Honors 

Joseph A. Gallen, B.S., Finance; Phil, 
delphia, PA; Investment Club. 

Maureen P. Gallagher, B.A., Education/ 
History; Philadelphia, PA; Historical Soci- 
ety, Irish Club, Intramural Sports. 

Anthony R. Gelona II, B.S,, Finance; An- 
nandale, VA; LEO, Resident Assistant, 

Gregory D. Gallen, B.S., Organizational 
Behavior/Marketing; Warrington, PA; Pi 
Kappa Phi, American Marketing Assoc, La 
Salle Rugby, People Understanding the Se- 
verely Handicapped. 

Frank J. Genovese, B.A., English; Cata- 
sauqua, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Geraldine T. Germanis, B.S., Marketing; 
Philadelphia, PA; Assoc, for Business Ex- 
cellence, American Marketing Assoc. 

Brian P. Gerrard, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Hatboro, PA; Phi Qamma Delta, Alpha Ep- 
silon, Council for Leadership Excellence, 
Criminal Justice Society. 

Matthew P. Gerst, B.S., Finance; Marl- 
ton, NJ, 

206 Gallagher — Gerst 

Brian D. Gertz 

Margaret Mary Gibson 

Jason Richard Gilbert 

Donna Lynn Gilbride 

Andrea J. Gilson 

Timothy L. Gimbel 

Christine Ginter 

Lucinda D. Glaspey 

/ 0> \ ^ 

Brian D. Gertz, B.A., Biology, Mechanics- 
burg, PA; ROTC, Crew. 

Margaret Mary Gibson, B.S., Organiza- 
tional Behavior; Elkins Park, PA; Business 
Honor Society, Assoc, for Business Excel- 
lence, Gamma lota Sigma. 

Caren E. Glassman 


Jason Richard Gilbert, B.S., Marketing; 
Slatington, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ameri- 
can Marketing Assoc., Intramural Sports. 

Donna Lynn Gilbride, B.S., Marketing; 
Pennsauken, NJ; Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha 
Epsilon, Business Honor Society. 

Andrea J. Gilson, B.S., Accounting/Fi- 
nance; Philadelphia, PA; Dean's List, As- 
soc, for Business Excellence, Beta Alpha. 

Timothy L. Gimbel, B.S., Organizational 
Behavior; Philadelphia, PA. 

Christine Ginter, B.A., Education; Phila- Lucinda D. Glaspey, B.A., English; Le- Caren E. Glassman, B.A.. Education; Phi- 

delphia, PA. banon, PA. ladelphia, PA. 

Gertz — Glassman 207 

Brenda Jean Glover 

Mark T. Gnecco 

Susan Marie Godin 

Sonia Noemi Gonzalez 

Michelle Marie Grace 

Denise Jean Graf 

James A. Greco 

Kathleen E. Greenle 

Dana Michelle Gregg 

Brenda Jean Glover, B.A., Education; 
Collingswood, NJ; Council for Exceptional 

Mark T. Gnecco, B.S., Marketing/Ger- 
man; Ridgefield Park, NJ; Track & Field, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Phi lota, Ger- 
man Club, 

Susan Marie Godin, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Norristown, PA. 

Sonia Noemi Gonzalez, B.A., Account 
ing; Philadelphia, PA; Gamma Sigma Sig- 
ma, Institute of Management Accounting, 
Spanish Club, Assoc, for Business Excel- 

Michelle Marie Grace, B.A., Education/ 
English; Oreland, PA; Women's Swim 

Denise Jean Graf, B.A., Communica 
tions; King of Prussia, PA; AERho. 

James A. Greco, B.S., Finance/Manage- 
ment; Philadelphia, PA; Council for Pro. 
Leadership, Assoc, of Business Excellence, 
Intramural Sports, LEO. 

Kathleen E. Greenle, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Philadelphia, PA. 

Dana Michelle Gregg, B.S., Finance; 
Abington, PA; Field Hockey, Investment 

208 Glover — Gregg 

William J. Gretzula 

Ryan P. Grinkewitz 

Jeannine E. Groff 

Kathleen Gross 

Gary J. Grosso 

in HI 

Jason P. Grunwald 


John Palmer Guazzo 


Melissa M. Guenther 

Karen Gullotti 




William J. Gretzula, B.A., Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Ryan P, Grinkewitz, B.A., Biology; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Karate Club, Club Earth, Gri- 

Jeannine E. Groff, B.A., Education; Lev- 
ittown, PA; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Kathleen Gross, B.A., English; Philadel- 
phia, PA. 

Gary J. Grosso, B.A., Economics; Smith- 
town, NY; Resident Student Assoc, Stu- 
dent Economics Assoc. 

Jason P. Grunwald, B.A.. Criminal 
Justice; Marlton, NJ. 

John Palmer Guazzo, B.A., English; 
Chaptico, MD; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Melissa M. Guenther, B.S., Accounting; 
Edison, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta, Beta Alpha, 
Accounting Assoc, Business Honor Soci- 

Karen Gullotti, B.A., Art History; Cert- 
erport. NY. 

Gretzula — Gullotti 209 

Cheryl Halferty 

Denise J. Hammond 

Jeannie Justina Hammond 

Donald E. Hanrahan 

Janey Mildred Harm 

Maria L. Harris 

fi 'i 

Jennifer Hasson 

James Hayburn 

Karen Marie Heavey 





Cheryl Halferty, B.A., Education; Willow 
Grove, PA. 

Denise J. Hammond, B.A., Communica' 
tions; Clifton Heights, PA; AERho, Swim 
Team, Intramural Sports. 

Jeannie Justina Hammond, B.S., Fi- 
nance/Management; St. Paul, MM; Alpha 
Theta Alpha, American Marketing Assoc, 
Gamma lota Sigma, Business Society of 

Donald E. Hanrahan, B.A., Criminal 
Justice; Mt. Sinai, NY; Cheerleader. Cross- 
country, Track. 

Janet Mildred Harm, B.A., Education; 
Huntingdon Valley, PA; Council for Excep- 
tional Children. 

Maria L. Harris, B.A., Economics; Flush- 
ing, Ml. 

Jennifer Hasson, B.A., English-Writing; James Hayburn, B.S., Management; Phi- 

Holland, PA; Writing Fellow. ladelphia. PA. 

Karen Marie Heavey, B.A., French/Eng- 
lish Lit.; Philadelphia, PA; Crew, French 
Club, Council for Leadership Excellence, 
Student Government. 

210 Halferty — Heavey 

Lori Ann Heimbach 

Bernadette Anne Hennegan 

Donna P. Hennessey 

Amanda D. Herdman 

Robert F. Hermann 

Thomas C. Hewitt 

Christopher Hinman 

Joanne L. Hirschbuhl 

Kristine Anne Hodgkiss 

/ C <> 0> \ ^ ^ -0 0' ~*> .^ 

Lori Ann Heimbach, B.S., Management/ Bernadette Anne Hennegan, B.S., Man- Donna P. Hennessey, B.A., Communi- 

Marketing; Churchville, PA. agement; Cheltenham, PA; Council for Pro- cations, Ft. Washington, PA. 

fessional Leadership. 

Amanda D. Herdman, B.A., Education; 
Ladewood, NJ. 

Robert F. Hermann, B.A., Biology; Ore- 
land, PA; Masque, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 
FAB, Honors Program. 

Thomas C. Hewitt, B.S., Finance; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Christopher Hinman, B.S., Finance; 
Westfield, NJ; Phi Kappa Theta. 

Joanne L. Hirshbuhl, B.A., Organization- 
al Behavior; Cheltenham, PA; Business 
Honor Society. 

Kristine Anne Hodgkiss, B.A.. English; 
Mastic Beach, NY; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

Heimbach — Hodgkiss 211 


Ronald Reagan threw open the doors of 
his presidential library on November 5, 
1991, and invited the public to judge his 
turn in the White House. 

A military band played "Hail to the Chief" 
and the crowd of 4,200 invited guests 
cheered as President Bush and former Pres- 
idents Carter, Nixon and Ford joined Re- 
agan in the first gathering ever of five past 
or current presidents. 

Each president took a turn at the micro- 
phone, praising Reagan and reflecting on 
their own presidential challenges. 

"The doors of this library are open now 
and all are welcome," Reagan said. "The 
judgment of history is left to you, the peo- 

212 Year-in-Review 

Leaders of the world's seven largest industrial democracies began arriving in London on July 14, 1991, for the 
July 15-17 economic summit focusing on aid for the Soviet Union. 

Mikhail Gorbachev made a two-hour presentation to the leaders of the United States, Britain, Canada, France, 
Germany, Italy and Japan that closely followed the 23-page letter he had sent to each of them the week before. 

By the close of the summit, the Group of Seven had offered Gorbachev technical assistance, and a special 
association with the International Monetary Fund but not the enormous economic aid he had sought. 

Although financial aid was not forthcoming, Ljubo Sire, director of the Center for Research into Communist 
Economies, said, "The very fact that this meeting has taken place has improved the chances for the Soviet Union 
to attract Investment." 

"It always makes a difference when the powers that be in Western countries become interested in the fate of 
a country with which trade is possible. Businessmen become aware of the possibilities." 

Year-in-Review^ 213 

Bridget Hoffman 

Loretta A. Hofmann 

Joseph J, P. Hogan 

Maria Linoa Honorio 

William S. Horan 

Nicole L. Horick 

Amy Nicole Horsey 

Kelly A. Hough 

Matthew W. Howald 





Loretta A. Hofmann, B.S., Accounting/ 
Finance; Dresher. PA; Beta Alpha, Ac- 
counting Assoc, Institute of Management 
Accountants, Honors Program. 

Joseph J. P. Hogan, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Maria Linoa Honorio, B.A., Psychology; 
Cherry Hill, NJ; Judicial Board, Academic 
Affairs Committee, Psychology Club, Soft- 

Bridget Hoffman, B.A., Communications; 
York. PA; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

William S. Horan, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Nicole L. Horick, B.A., Criminal Justice/ 
Sociology: Hanover, PA; Committee for the 
Homeless, Philadelphia Futures, Criminal 
Justice Assoc, Council for Pro. Leader- 

Amy Nicole Horsey, B.S., Management; 
Seaford, DE; Field Hockey. 

Kelly A. Hough, B.S., Marketing; Rich- 
boro, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha, Marketing 

Matthew W. Howald, B.S., Finance; Elk- 
ins Park, PA; Accounting Assoc, Business 
Honor Society, Intramural Sports. 

214 Hoffman — Howald 

<r IT 

Bradley J. Hoyt 

Andrea L. Huck 

Raymond T. Huggett 

Allison Hughes 

Sean A. Hughes 

Robert Lee Hunsinger 

John T. Hurd 

Nicole lannarelli 

Janice H. iannelli 





Bradley J. Hoyt, B.A., English; Plymouth, 
PA; Delta Sigma Pi. 

Andrea L. Huck, B.A., Social Work; Glen 
Burnie, MD; Softball, Departmental Board, 
Social Work Assoc. 

Raymond T. Huggett, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA: Beta Alpha. Dean's List, 
Business Honor Society. Assoc, for Busi- 
ness Excellence. 


Allison Hughes, B.A., Education; Ram- Sean A. Hughes, B.A., Education/Histo- Robert Lee Hunsinger, B.S., Accounting: 

sey, rSJ. ry; Havertown, PA; Crew, Sigma Phi Lamb- Pennsauken, NJ. 

John T. Hurd, B.S., Finance/Manage- 
ment; Lititz, PA; Basketball. 

Nicole lannarelli, B.S., Organizational Be- 
havior/Marketing; Grafton. Wl; Swim Team, 
Phi Gamma Nu, Project Appalachia. 

Janice H. Iannelli, B.A., English; Wayne, 
NJ; Club Earth. 

Hoyt — Iannelli 215 

Angela Christine Immler 

Joel B. Ingersoll 

Joseph J. Ippolito 

Linda M. Ipri 

Kristina Jacobs 

Jeffrey Dwight Jasmann 

Treena M. Jefferson 

Nancy Jenkins 

Marlbeth Jermyn 






Angela Christine Immler, B.S.W., Social 
Work; Mullica Hill, NJ; Social Work Assoc. 

Joel B. Ingersoll, B.A., Psychology; Wild- 
wood Crest, NJ; Psychology Club, Act for 
Peace Club. 

Joseph J. Ippolito, B.A., English; Ply- 
mouth Meeting, PA. 

Linda M. Ipri, B.A., English Lit.; Deptford, 
NJ; Cheerleading. 

Kristina Jacobs, B.A., Communications; 
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY; Council for Lead- 
ership Excellence. 

Jeffrey Dwight Jasmann, B.S., Finance; 
Hong Kong; Activities Funding Board, 
Gamma lota Sigma, Council for Pro. Lead- 
ership, RSA Senator. 

Treena M. Jefferson, B.A., Biology; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; African-American Students 
League. ADP Peer Counselor and Tutor. 

Nancy Jenkins, B.S., Psychology; Am- 
bler, PA; Tennis, Psychology Club, Psi Chi. 

Maribeth Jermyn, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Wappinger Falls, NY; Crew. 

216 Immler — Jermyn 

Justin C.K. Johnson 

Karen E. Johnson 

Gary A. Jonas Jr. 

Diane L. Junikka 

Carol A. Jusczak 

Jeffrey R. Kafel 

Mary Beth Kaiser 

Eileen M. Kane 

Bryce Eric Kasuba 






Justin C.K. Johnson, B.S., Marketing; 
Penn Valley, PA; Rugby Club, Pi Kappa Phi, 
Wrestling Team, Marketing Club. 

Karen E. Johnson, B.S., Marketing; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Gary A. Jonas Jr., B.S., Finance; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Cheerleading, Council for Busi- 
ness Excellence. Dean's List. 

Diane L. Junikka, B.A., Psychology; 
Pennsauken, [SJ; Gamma Sigma Sigma. 

Carol A. Jusczak, B.A., Mathematics/ Ed- 
ucation; Philadelphia, PA. 

Jeffrey R. Kafel, B.S.. Finance/ Account- 
ing; Willow Grove, PA; National Assoc, of 
Accountants, Investment Club of Manage- 
ment Accounting, Honors Program. 

Mary Beth Kaiser, B.S., Accounting/MlS; 
Philadelphia, PA; Accounting Assoc, Beta 
Alpha, Institute of Management Account- 
ing, Honors Program. 

Eileen M. Kane, B.S., Marketing; North 
Wales, PA; Business Honor Society, Mar- 
keting Assoc, Finance Investment Club. 

Bryce Eric Kasuba, B.A., Communica- 
tions; CT; Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Johnson — Kasuba 217 

Dana Mary Kauffman 

Zoe J. Kavanaugh 

Nancy K. Kazlauskas 

^^■^ '*^^K 


Lois W. Kaznicki 

Williann E. Keenan 

Jennifer Tlieresa Kelly 


I 'C'^ 

Jannes R. Kelly Jr. 

Candace A. Kemo 

Janet Keogh 





Dana Mary Kauffman, B.A., Communi 
cations; Philadelphia, PA. 

Zoe J. Kavanaugh, B.A., Psychology; East 
Ampton. rSJ; Psychology Club, Council for 
Leadership Excellence, Delta Phi Epsilon. 

Nancy K. Kazlauskas, B.A., Education; 
Harrisburg, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha, Coun- 
cil for Exceptional Children. 

Lois W. Kaznicki, B.A., Political Science; 
Philadelphia, PA; Writing Fellow, Student 
Political Assoc. 

William E. Keenan, B.A., English; Bel Air, 
MD; Jazz Band, Explorer, Pep Band, Stu- 
dent Gov't. 

Jennifer Theresa Kelly, B.A., English; 
Philadelphia. PA. 

JamesR. Kelly Jr., B.S.. Accounting/ MIS; Candace A. Kemo, B.A., Communica- 

Laurel Springs, NJ. tions; Lawrenceville, NJ; AERO. 

Janet Keogh, B.S., Finance/Marketing; 
Philadelphia, PA; Gamma Sigma Sigma; In- 
ter-Fraternal Sorority Council. 

218 Kauffman — Keogh 

Nathan Kerr 

^ WL 

Colleen Kirwin 

Kyung Kim 

Christine M. Kinnmel 

Jennifer M. Klattenberg 

Eric J. Kleinschmidt 

Michal Kmiec 

Alexa M. Knapp 

James Michael Knepp Jr. 


v^^ ^^-^^ 00» ~'^^% 

Nathan Kerr, B.A., Communications; Lev Kyung Kim, B.A., Biology; Philadelphia, Christine M. Kimmel, B.A., Psychology: 

ittown, NY; AERho, SGA Senator. PA. Philadelphia, PA; Psychology Club. 

Colleen Kirwin, B.A., English; Philadel- 
phia, PA. 

Jennifer M. Klattenberg, B.S., Market 
ing; West Orange, MJ; Delta Phi Epsilon, 
Committee for the Homeless, Marketing 

Eric J. Kleinschmidt, B.S., Finance: Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Gamma lota Sigma. 

Michal Kmiec, B.A., Communications; 
Elm, rSJ; WEXP. 

Alexa M. Knapp, B.A., English/Spanish; 
Emmaus, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Amnesty 
International, Spanish Club. 

James Michael Knepp Jr., B.S., Ac- 
counting; Allentown, PA; National Assoc, 
of Accountants, Beta Alpha, Phi Kappa 
Theta. Campus Ministry. 

Kerr — Knepp 219 


Rebecca Leigh Kohler 

Timothy Kolber 

Christopher Koukoski 

Wendy L. Krajewski 

Mark V. Krajnak 

Natasha Anna Krauth 






Rebecca Leigh Kohler, B.A., Education; 
Greensburg, PA; Prison Tutoring, Council 
for Exceptional Children, Intramural Sports. 

Timothy Kolber, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia. PA. 

Christopher Koukoski, B.S., Manage- 
ment; Philadelphia, PA. 

Christopher Kousky, B.A., Biology; 
Lansdale, PA; FAB. 

Marie E. Kozel, B.S., Finance; Dover; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Gamma lota Sigma, In- 
tramural Sports. 

Robert I. Kozloski II, B.S., Marketing/ 
Finance; Lansdale, PA; American Market- 
ing Assoc. 

Wendy L. Krajewski, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Bridgeton, NJ; AERho. 

Mark V. Krajnak, B.A., Communications/ 
English; Swoyersville, PA; Resident Assis- 
tant, RA Selection Committee, Robert F. 
Dean Scholar. 

Natasha Anna Krauth, B.A., Communi- 
cations/English; Miami, FL; Alpha Theta 

220 Kohler — Krauth 

Dianne M. Krupczak 

Gerald Kulig Jr. 

Jennifer Kurtas 


Kenneth J. Kussay 

Joseph J. La Spina 

Kathleen Lafferty 

Peter W. Lafferty 

Thomas Matthew Lance 

Patrick Larr 






Dianne M. Krupczak, B.A., Criminal 
Justice; Philadelphia, PA. 

Gerald Kulig Jr., B.S., Marketing; Free- 
land, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Resident Stu- 
dent Assoc, Marketing Assoc. 

Jennifer Kurtas, B.A., Finance/Econom- 
ics; Yardley. PA; Academic Discovery Pro- 
gram, Council for Leadership Excellence, 
Business Honor Society, Student Econom- 
ic Society. 

Kenneth J. Kussay, B.S., Finance; Fox Joseph J. La Spina, B.A., Communica- 

Chase Manor, PA. tions; Philadelphia, PA. 

Kathleen Lafferty, B.A., Education; War- 
minster, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha, Campus 
Ministry, Council for Professional Leader- 

Peter W. Lafferty, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Philadelphia, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Project Appalachia. 

Thomas Matthew Lance, B.S., Account- 
ing; Colwyis, PA. 

Patrick Larr, B.A., Education: Levittown. 
PA; Crew, Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Krupczak — Larr 221 




^H 1 


^^B ^r~ "^ m 






Anne Marie Lavin 

Robert Stephen Lawrence 

Robert S. Lawrie 

Jeannine M. Leahy 

Douglas E. Leaman 

Roger Leister 


Antoinette Leonard 


Matthew P. Leonardls 


John Robert Leonetti 



Anne Marie Lavin, B.S., Finance/Man- 
agement; Edison, NJ; Gamma lota Sigma, 
Irish Club, Intramural Sports. 

Robert Stephen Lawrence, B.A., Eng Robert S. Lawrie, B.A., Political Science; 

lish; Richland, NJ; Honors Program. Mendham, NJ; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Jeannine M. Leahy, B.S., Marketing; Hun- 
tingdon Valley, PA. 

Douglas E. Leaman, B.A., Biology; Lan- 
caster, PA. 

Roger Leister, B.A., Communications; 
Huntingdon Valley, PA; Cross Country, 
Track, Collegian. 

Antoinette Leonard, B.A., Communica Matthew P. Leonardis, B.S., Marketing; John Robert Leonetti, B.S., Accounting. 

tions; Hazlet, NJ; lota Phi Beta. Onion, NJ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

222 Lavin — Leonetti 

Thomas J. Lester 

Linda Lewandowski 

Thomas R. Libonate 

Milko Lieverst 

Serline M. Lisondra 

John C. Locatell 

Joel T. Lomurno 

Mark Lopergolo 

Douglas Lopian 

/ O O C* "^ ^ z -*^ C* ~*> s, 

Thomas J. Lester, B.S., Marketing; Linda Lewandowski, B.A., Psychology; Thomas R. Libonate, B.A.. Communica- 

Stroudsburg, PA, Morrisville, PA. tions; Donbury, CT. 

Milko Lieverst 

Serline M. Lisondra, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA; American Asian Assoc, 
Accounting Management Society. 

John Locatell 

Joel T. Lomurno, B.S., Communications; Mark Lopergolo, B.A., Communications; Douglas Lopian, B.S., Management; Free- 

Morristown, NJ; Ice Hockey, French Club. Philadelphia, PA. hold, NJ; Baseball. 

Lester — Lopian 223 

A sealed structure of steel and glass will 
be "home" for two years to four men and 
four women. The structure, called Bio- 
sphere 2, is about the size of 2 '/2 football 
fields and contains all necessities of life. 
For two years, nothing will be introduced 
from the outside. 

In addition to eight humans. Biosphere 
2 houses 3,800 species of animals and 
plants and five ecosystems. 

This $100 million project has taken sev- 
en years to put together and hopes to be 
the model for other self-sufficient environ- 
ments. Planets other than Earth (Biosphere 
1) may one day be the base for similar 

Much skepticism has been expressed by 
the scientific community, however. Many 
scientists seem to feel this experiment is 
a ridiculous sham, designed to draw spec- 
tators who will spend around $10 just to 
view the sphere and spend even more in 
the gift shop. 

Both participants and backers of the Bi- 
osphere 2 maintain that the project will pro- 
vide significant data. 

' .'' SV •>' ''S' ''>S' '5 K< ?> 1^4 * 


224 Year-in-Review 

The brush fire that killed 19 people in 
Oakland, CA, was the costliest blaze in U.S. 
history — the damage was put at more 
than $5 billion. This surpasses the Great 
Chicago Fire of 1871. 

Pushed by 25 mph winds across brush 
that had been dried by five years of drought, 
the October 1991 blaze destroyed more 
than 1,800 houses and 900 apartments, city 
officials said. 

The wooded area, with its postcard views 
of San Francisco Bay, was a disaster wait- 
ing to happen because of the drought, of- 
ficials said. Many of the area's once-elegant 
homes were reduced to rubble, their bare 
chimneys looming like giant tombstones. 

Forestry Department spokeswoman Kar- 
en Terrill said, "The very thing that makes 
the wildlands attractive and romantic, like 
the trees, is what makes the wildlands 

On July 11, 1991, the moon slipped over the sun 
in the celestial ceremony of the eclipse, turning day 
into night for thousands of viewers and scientists. 

About 500 astronomers and tens of thousands of 
tourists came to see the moon line up between the 
sun and Earth and plunge into darkness a IGOmile- 
wide swath stretching from Hawaii to Mexico's Baja 
Peninsula, central and southern Mexico, Central Amer- 
ica, Colombia and Brazil. 

One after another, spectators around the mountain- 
top astronomy observatory in Hawaii exclaimed, "Oh, 
my God!" as the sky went dark. This was the first 
time an eclipse path of totality passed over a major 
observatory, scientists said. 

Year-in-Review 225 

Herbert J. Lottler 

Kathleen M. Loughman 

Amy E. Loughney 

Sherri Ann Low 

John M. Lubas 

Jennifer R. Lucas 

Ronald M. Lupi Jr. 

Dawn C. Luppino 

Thomas R. Lutter 






Herbert J. Lottier, B.S., Management; 
Philadelphia, PA; Varsity Soccer. 

Kathleen M. Loughman, B.A., Educa- 
tion/Political Science; Reading, PA; 
Masque, Campus Ministry, Resident Assis- 
tant, Leadership Development Committee. 

Amy E. Loughney, B.S., Accounting/ 
Marketing; Jenkintown, PA; Gamma Phi 
Beta, Accounting Assoc, American Mar- 
keting Assoc. 

Sherri Ann Low, B.A., Education; Wil- John M. Lubas, B.S., Organizational Be- Jennifer R. Lucas, B.A., English; Em- 

lingboro, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta. havior; Reading, PA; Phi Gamma Delta. maus, PA. 

Ronald M. Lupi Jr., B.S., Accounting; Ve- 
rona, MJ; Sigma Phi Lambda, Accounting 
Assoc, Student Government. 

Dawn C. Luppino, B.A., History; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Thomas A. Lutter, B.S., Accounting; Lan- 
caster, PA; Swimming, Army ROTC, Busi- 
ness Honor Society. 

226 Lottier — Lutter 

Carroll Ann Lutz 

Jenifer Rose LwowskI 

Ann C. Lynch 

Patricia Lynch 

Sheila Marie Lynch 

Michael T. Lyons 

Pamela MacAllister 

Laura Ann MacPherson 

Celia M. MacWilliams 






Carroll Ann Lutz, B.A., Education; War- 
minster, PA; Gamma Phi Beta. 

Jenifer Rose Lwowski, B.A., Psycholo- 
gy; Randolph, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta, Psy- 
chology Club. 

Ann C. Lynch, B.S., Finance; Havertown, 
PA; ABE, Gamma lota Sigma. 

Patricia Lynch, B.S., Finance; Philadel- 
phia, PA. 

Sheila Marie Lynch, B.A., Education; 
Center Valley, PA; CEC, Committee for the 

Michael T. Lyons, B.S., Management; Wil- 
liamstown, NJ; Crew. 

Pamela MacAllister, B.A., Psychology; 
Camp Hill, PA; Soccer, Psychology Club. 

Laura Ann MacPherson, B.A., Commu- 
nications; La Canada, CA; Swimming, Del- 
ta Phi Epsilon, AERho, Dept. Board for 

Celia M. MacWilliams, B.A., Psychology; 
Philadelphia. PA: Masque, Campus Minis- 
try, Psi Chi, Psychology Club. 

Lutz — MacWilliams 227 

Rocco Alexander Mairone 

Scott A. Malack 

Brian A. Malone 

Ching Shiu Man 

Antoino O. Mangabat Jr. 

Jennifer Mangan 






Christine E. Madden, B.A., Education; 
Lebanon, PA; CEC. 

Joanne Marie Madonna, B.A., Educa- 
tion; New Providence, NJ; Delta Plii Epsi- 
Ion, Prison Tutoring, Homeless Committee. 

Thomas J. Mahoney III, B.S., Finance/ 
Marketing; Hatboro, PA. 

Rocco Alexander Mairone, B.S., Ac Scott A. Malack, B.S., Management; 

counting; Philadelphia, PA. Souderton, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Brian A. Malone, B.S., Finance; Delanco, 
NJ; Covenant House, Committee for the 
Homeless, Gamma lota Sigma. 

Ching Shiu Man, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Antonio O. Mangabat Jr., B.A., Biology; 
Folcnott, PA; American Asian Society, Pro- 
ject Appalachia. 

Jennifer Mangan, B.A., Political Science; 
Doylestown, PA. 

228 Madden — Mangan 

Maryann Marchiano 

Dania Lynn Marciano 

John Marek Jr. 

Thomas L. Markowski 

Deborah A. Martin 

Tony Masucci 

Daniela Matteucci 

Lynette Matthews 

Virginia Matthews 


90Cs > "^ / ^ — ^ 0< >^^~"^ s^ 

Maryann Marchiano, B.S., Marketing; 
Philadelphia, PA; Business Honor Society, 
Council for Leadership Excellence. 

Dania Lynn Marciano, B.S., Marketing; 
Stamford, CT; American Marketing Assoc, 
Intramural Volleyball, RSA. 

John Marek Jr., B.S., Management; Har- 
rington Park, NJ; Swimming. 

Thomas L. Markowski, B.S.. Finance/ 
Marketing; Bloomsburg, PA; Business Hon- 
or Society. 

Deborah A. Martin, B.A., Biology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Phi Alpha Beta, Biology Board, 
Karate Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta. 

Tony Masucci, B.S., Finance; Whitehall, 
PA; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Wrestling. 

Daniela Matteucci, B.S., Marketing; Tren- 
ton, NJ; Business Honor Society, American 
Marketing Assoc, National Insurance Fra- 
ternity, Intramural Sports. 

Lynette Matthews, B.S., Mathematics; 
Philadelphia, PA; Track, Dance Team. 

Virginia Matthews, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Doylestown, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

Marchiano — Matthews 229 

Michael J. Maxwell 

Keith Geraro Mayer 

Joseph G. Mazzacano 

Jody Lyn Mazzei 

Eileen McAllister 

Amy A. McAvaddy 

James P. McCabe 

Eileen McCarthy 

Tara McCarthy 

^ * < s X* S / ^ -*^ C <* ~^ s^ 

Michael J. Maxwell, B.A., English; Fie 
mington, NJ; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Keith Geraro Mayer, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA; Beta Alpha, Accounting 
Assoc. Assoc, for Business Excellence. 

Joseph G. Mazzacano, B.S., Accounting; 
Norristown, PA. 

Jody Lyn Mazzei, B.S., Accounting; Oak- 
mont, PA; National Accounting Assoc, Al- 
pha Theta Alpha; Institute of Management 

Eileen McAllister, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Lafayette Hill, PA; LEO. 

Amy A. McAvaddy, B.A., English; Atlan- 
tic City, NJ; AERho, RSA, Intramural Vol- 

James P. McCabe, B.S., Finance; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Business Honor Society, As- 
soc, for Business Excellence, Health Care 

Eileen McCarthy, B.A.. Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Tara McCarthy, B.A., Education; Pur 
chase, NY. 

230 Maxwell — McCarthy 

JoEllen McCloskey 

Christopher McCool 

Kerry M. McCormack 

James P. McCunney 

Nicole S. McDonald 

Judith Ann McElderry 

Jennifer A. McGinley 

Christine McGovern 

Maryrose McGovern 






JoEIIenMcCloskey.B.A., Education; Phi- Christopher McCool, B.A., Education; 

iadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA; Golf Team. 

Kerry M. McCormack, B.A., English/ 
Spanish; New Fairfield, CT; Delta Phi Ep- 
silon, Prison Tutoring. Department Board 
of English. 

James P. McCunney, B.A., Communica- 
tions/English; Bensalem, PA; Sigma Phi 

Nicole S. McDonald, B.A., English; Hol- 
land, PA; Dean's List, Marketing Assoc. 

Judith Ann McElderry, B.S., Manage- 
ment/Organizational Behavior; Menden- 
hall, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

Jennifer A. McGinley, B.A., Communi- 
cations; Philadelphia, PA; Dean's List. 

Christine McGovern, B.A., Education; 
Medford, NJ; Alpha Theta Alpha, Resident 

Maryrose McGovern, B.A., Education; 
Vorhees, NJ; Alpha Theta Alpha, Inter-Fra- 
ternity Sorority Council. 

McCloskey — McGovern 231 

Leslie A. McGowen 

C. Dean McGrady 

Susan M. McGrath 

Boina Patricia McGuinness 

Maryanne A. McGurk 

Michael Paul McGurk 

Patrick Joseph Mcllhenny 

Shauna M. McKee 

Patricia A. McKenna 






Leslie A. McGowen, B.S., Accounting; 
Flourtown, PA. 

C. Dean McGrady, B.S., Finance; Bowie, 
MD; Gamma lota Sigma, Cheerleading, Res- 
ident Student Assoc. 

Susan M. McGrath, B.A., Psychology; 
Philadelphia, PA; Psychology Club, Psi Chi. 

Boina Patricia McGuinness, B.A., Eng 
lish; Philadelphia, PA; GAELS, ROTC, In- 
tramural Soccer. 

Maryanne A. McGurk, B.S.W., Social 
Work; Philadelphia, PA; Social Work As- 

Michael Paul McGurk, B.S., Finance; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; French Club, Collegian, Am- 
nesty International, Accounting Club. 

Patrick Joseph Mcllhenny, B.S., Mar 
keting; Elkins Park, PA. 

Shauna M. McKee, B.A., English; Broad 
Axe, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Crew, Project 

Patricia A. McKenna, B.S., Accounting; 
Warminster, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Student 
Government Assoc, Accounting Assoc. 

232 McGowan — McKenna 

Angela Marie McNeils 

Shannon Bridget McNulty 

Catherine D. McAlee 


Thomas J. McDermott 

John McGee 

Patrick J. McGonagle 

Stayce A. McMackin, B.A., Education/ Colleen McManus, B.S.. Accounting; Phi- Thomas J. McNamara, B.A.. Communi- 

History; Hatboro, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon. ladelphia, PA. cations; Womelsdurt, PA; Delta Sigma Pi. 

Angela Marie McNelis, B.A., Communi- 
cations; Stratford, MJ; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

Shannon Bridget McNulty, B.A., Eng- 
lish; Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

Catherine D. McAIee, B.A., English; 
Springfield, PA; Gamma Phi Beta; Colle- 

Thomas J. McDermott, B.S., Finance; John McGee, B.S., Marketing; Philadel- Patrick J. McGonagle, B.A., English/Ed- 

Philadelphia, PA. phia, PA; Baseball. ucation; Oreland, PA; Wrestling. 

McMackin — McGonagle 233 

Sister Maryann McKeogh, CSFN 

Joseph J. McMahon Jr. 

John J. Meagher 

Kristen Meagher 

Cynthia A. Meehan 

Maria Melekos 

Timothy Mellody 

Jonathan P. Menta 

Jacqueline Meschler 





Sister Maryann McKeogh, CSFN, B.A., Joseph J. McMahon Jr., B.A., English; 

Computer Science; Pliiladelphia. PA. Mortfi Wales, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda. 

John J. Meagher, B.A., Philosophy; Ho- 
nesdale, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student 
Government Assoc, Campus Ministry, Na- 
val ROTC. 

Kristen Meagher, B.A., Education; Ho- Cynthia A. Meehan 

nesdale, PA; Campus Ministry. 

Maria Melekos, B.A., English; Philadel- 
phia, PA; Health Care Administration So- 

Timothy Mellody, B.S., Finance: Phila- 
delphia, PA; Health Care Administration 

Jonathan P. Menta, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Jacqueline Meschler 

234 McKeogh — Meschler 

Michael J. Metzler 

Susan M. Metzler 

George E. Micco 

Spiro G. Michas 

Kevin T. Milhous 

Charles A. Miller 

Geneifer N. Miller 

Gina Miller 

Jennifer Miller 


-^^^/^^ ^^^^^^— 




Michael J. Metzler, B.A., Education/His- 
tory; Philadelphia, PA; Project Appalachia, 
Thomas More Law Society, Council for 
Leadership Excellence, La Salle Political 

Susan M. Metzler, B.A., Biology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Alpha Epsilcn Delta, Council 
for Leadership Excellence, Dean's List. 

George E. Micco, B.A., English: War- 
minster, PA. 

Spiro G. Michas, B.S., Management; Brick, 
NJ; RSA, Assoc, for Business Excellence, 
Council for Professional Leadership, Busi- 
ness Honor Society. 

Kevin T. Milhous, B.A., Education; War- 
minster, PA; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Wres- 

Charles A. Miller, B.S., Political Science/ 
English; Norristown, PA; Honors Program. 

Geneifer N. Miller, B.S., Accounting; 
Broomall, PA. 

Gina Miller, B.A., History; Arlington, VA; 

Jennifer Miller, B.A.. Sociology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Sociology Club, Social Work/ 
Criminal Justice/Sociology Assoc. 

Metzler — MiUer 235 


After all the twists, turns and tension, the closest of World Series 

ended in the closest of games. 

The Minnesota Twins and Jack Morris squeezed past the Atlanta 

Braves 1-0 on pinch-hitter Gene Larl<in's single in the bottom of the 

10th inning on October 27, 1991, to win Game 7 and end baseball's 

most dramatic odyssey. 

Never before had three Series games gone into extra innings, and 

the Braves and Twins saved the best for last, matching zero for zero, 

pressure pitch for pitch, even turning back bases-loaded threats in 

the same inning. 

"Someone had to go home a loser, but there's no loser In my 

mind," Morris said. "Those are two of the greatest teams. I just 

didn't want to quit. Somehow, we found a way to win this thing." 

236 Year-in-Review 

Don Mattingly received national attention in August, 1991, for more 
than his baseball expertise. A flat refusal to get a haircut resulted in 
his being benched just before the New York Yankees' game against 
Kansas City. 

The hair-raising issue came to a close just days later when bullpen 
catcher Carl Taylor gave Mattingly a trim. 

The haircut took 30 minutes and Taylor took a little off the back, 
where Mattingly's brown locks curled on his collar. 

"1 was pretty much embarrassed by the whole thing. I've never been 
the kind of player who's been a problem," Mattingly said. "We've dis- 
agreed on things in the past, but they've never taken the game away 
from me." 


Magic Johnson, whose beaming smile and sparkling play en- 
tertained basketball fans for more than a decade, announced on 
November 7, 1991, that he had tested positive for the AIDS virus 
and was retiring. 

"Because of the HIV virus I have attained, I will have to an- 
nounce my retirement from the Lakers today," Johnson told re- 
porters at the Forum, where he played for 12 superstar seasons 
with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

"1 plan on going on, living for a long time," he said. Johnson 
said he would become an AIDS activist and campaign for safe 

More than just a basketball star who led the Lakers to five NBA 
championships, Johnson has been a philanthropist, a prominent 
corporate spokesman and a role model for young people. His 
broad grin, familiar nickname and electrifying ability have made 
him familiar to people around the world. 

"I'm going to go on, I'm going to beat it and I'm going to have 
fun," he insisted, displaying some of the irrepressible zest for life 
that he brought daily to the basketball court. 

Year-in-Reivew 237 

Jennifer Lynn Miller 

Thomas Oliver Miller III 

Kenneth E. Minnick 

Dominic Mirarchi 

Maureen Moffitt 

Damian Joseph Mogavero 

Helen M. Monaghan 

Georg W. Montag 

James A. Moran 






Jennifer Lynn Miller, B.S., Accounting; 
Southampton, PA; Field Hocl<ey, Intramu- 
ral Sports, Business Honor Society, Beta 

Thomas Oliver Miller III, B.S., Finance/ 
English; Crew, Business Honor Society. 

Kenneth E. Minnick, B.S.. Accounting; 
Southampton, PA; Karate Club, Beta Al- 
pha, Institute of Management Account- 

Dominic Mirarchi, B.A., Biology; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Maureen G. Moffitt, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Cranford, NJ. 

Damian Joseph Mogavero, B.S., Fi- 
nance; Haddonfield, NJ; Pi Kappa Phi, 
Gamma lota Sigma, Business Honor Soci- 
ety, Campus Ministry. 

Helen M. Monaghan, B.S., Management; 
Woodcliff Lake, NJ; Alpha Theta Alpha, 
SGA, Intramural Football. 

Georg W. Montag, B.S., Finance/Man- 
agement; Philadelphia, PA; Varsity Soccer. 

James A. Moran, B.S., Marketing; Phila- 
delphia, PA; American Marketing Assoc, 
Ice Hockey Team, Investment Club. 

238 Miller — Moran 

Vincent N. Morrell 

■ '%, 






V '^ 


Jodi A. Morris 

Keith Thomas Morris 

Diane Morrissey 


Denise M. Morrissy 

David Morsa 


Mary Kathleen Motley 


Maureen E. Moran, B.S., Marketing; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Nicole Mordeel, B.A., Education; New- 
town, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Project Ap- 
palachia, CEC, 

Vincent N. Morrell, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Accounting Assoc. 

Jodi A. Morris, B.S., Marketing/Manage- 
ment; Trenton, NJ; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

Keith Thomas Morris, B.A., Marketing/ 
Management; Philadelphia, PA; Men's Bas- 

Diane Morrissey, B.A., Management/ 
Health Care Admin.; Oreland, PA: Health 
Care Society. 

Denise M. Morrissy, B.A., Biology; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; FAB. 

David Morsa, B.A., Art History; Willow 
Grove, PA. 

Mary Kathleen Motley, B.A.. Education: 
Douglassville, PA; Gamma Phi Beta. Cheer- 

Moran — Motley 239 

April F. Moyer 

Sean J. Mullen 


William F. Muller 

Maura Mulligan 

Sarah Alison Mulready 

John David Murphy 

Mary Beth Murphy 

Christopher Neglia 




Jonathan Niszczak 



April F. Moyer, B.S., Accounting; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Beta Alpha. 

Sean J. Mullen, B.S., Marketing/English; 
Brookside, NJ. 

William F. Muller, B.S., Finance; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Phi Kappa Theta, Inter Fra- 
ternity Sorority Council, Intramural Sports. 

Maura Mulligan, B,A., Sociology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Sociology/Social Work 
Criminal Justice Assoc, Sociology Club. 

Sarah Alison Mulready, B.S., Marketing; 
Lewiston, ME; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

John David Murphy, B.A., English; 
Downingtown, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Col- 
legian, Intramural Sports. 

Mary Beth Murphy, B.A., English/Com- 
munications; Manlius, MY; Crew, Commit- 
tee for the Homeless, Campus Ministry, 
French Club. 

Christopher Neglia, B.A., Biology; Fred- Jonathan Niszczak, B.A., Psychology; 

erick, MD; Cross Country, Track. Andalusia, PA. 

240 Moyer — Niszczak 

Richard E. Niwinski Jr. 

Richard J. Nocella 

Thaddeus E. Nowal<owski 

Matthew R. Nunnaliy 

Richard H. Nusbaum Jr. 

Karin Amanda Nyberg 

Charles Nyce 

Matthew T. O'Boyie 

Michael D. O'Brien 






Richard E. Niwinski Jr., B.S., Account- 
ing; Richboro, PA; Accounting Assoc, As- 
soc, for Business Excellence, Sigma Phi 
Lambda, WEXP. 

Richard J. Nocella, B.S., Accounting; 
Marlton, fSJ; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Al- 
pha, Business Honor Society. 

Thaddeus E. Nowaliowski, B.A.. Eco- 
nomics; Philadelphia. PA: Crew, Wrestling, 
Omicron Delta Epsilon. 

Matthew R. Munnaly, B.S.. Organization- 
al Behavior; Avon, NJ; Swimming. 

Richard H. Nusbaum Jr., B.A., Com- 
munications; Warminster, PA; Lambda Chi 

Karin Amanda Nyberg, B.A.. Education; 
Lakewood, PA; Army ROTC, Color Guard, 
Scabbord & Blade. 

Charles Nyce, B.A., Mathematics; Phili 
delphia, PA. 

Matthew T. O'Boyie, B.A., Criminal 
Justice; Aberdeen, NJ; Pi Kappa Phi, Rug- 
by Football Club. 

Michael D. O'Brien, B.S., Finance; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Ice Hockey. 

Niwinski — O'Brien 241 

Nancy M. O'Brien 

John J. O'Donnell 

Michael Justin O'Grady 

Edward T. O'Hanlon Jr. 

Karen Jean Oakley 

Kristine T. Offshack 

Michael A. Olivieri 

Michael Oungaretti 

Jennifer G. Owens 






Nancy M. O'Brien, B.A., English/Span- 
ish; Philadelphia, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon, 
Crew, Student Government. 

John J. O'Donnell, B.S., Finance; Run- 
nemede, NJ; Gamma lota Sigma, Invest- 
ment Club. 

Michael Justin O'Grady, B.A., English/ 
American Lit.; Newtown Square, PA; Ac- 
ademic Discovery Program. 

Edward T. O'Hanlon Jr., B.S., Account 
ing; Blue Bell, PA; Accounting Assoc, 
WEXP, National Assoc, of Accountants, In- 
tramural Sports. 

Karen Jean Oakley, B.S., Management; 
Turnersville, NJ. 

Kristine T. Offshack, B.A., Biology; Nor- 
ristown, PA; Alpha Theta Alpha, Spanish 
Club, Foreign Language Honor Society, In- 
tramural Sports. 

Michael A. Olivieri, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Michael Oungaretti 

Jennifer G. Owens, B.S., Marketing; New- 
town, PA; Council for Leadershp Excel- 
lence, Business Honor Society. 

242 O'Brien — Owens 

Elizabeth A. Pacana 

Christine A. Pagan 

Ann Marie Pagano 

Scott A. Paida 

Gregory J. Palakow 

William G. Pancoast 


Joseph Paone 

Christopher S. Parisi 



Elizabeth A. Pocana, B.A., Po 
litical Science; Exton, PA; Cam 
pus Ministry, Orientation Leader 
Council for Leadership Excel 
lence, History Nat. Honor Society 

Scott A. Paida, B.A., English; 
West Chester, PA; Collegian. 

Joseph Paone, B.S., Marketing; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Christine A. Pagan, B.S., Man 
agement/English; Philadelphia, 

Gregory J. Palakow, B.A., Eng- 
lish; Newtown, PA; Phi Gamma 
Delta, PreLaw Society. 

Christopher S. Parisi, B.A., Eng- 
lish/Communications; Glen Ridge, 
NJ; Pi Kappa Phi. 

Susan L. Parker 


Ann Marie Pagano, B.A., Biolo- 
gy; Philadelphia, PA; Alpha Epsi- 
lon Delta. 

William G. Pancoast, B.A., Com- 
munications; Philadelphia, PA; 

Susan L. Parker, B.A., Econom- 
ics; Philadelphia, PA; Judicial 


Patana — Parker 243 

George J. Parr 

William P. Pastro 

Meenal P. Patel 


Shailesh Patel 

Lori Patti 


John W. Pellegrino 

« ^ 

Cineri Ann Pelietier 


George J. Parr, B.S., Accounting; West 
Chester, PA. 

Suzanne Raquel Patton 

Nicholas L. Perna Jr. 



William A. Pastro, B.S., Accounting: Al- 
exandria, VA; Beta Alpha, Business Honor 
Society, Assoc, of Business Excellence, 
Resident Assistant. 

Meenal P. Patel, B.A., Biology; Fairless 
Hills, PA. 

Shailesh Patel, B.S., Finance/Marketing; Lori Patti, B.A., Computer Science; Phi- Suzanne Raquel Patton, B.S., Account- 

West Berlin, NJ. ladelphia, PA. ing; Philadelphia, PA. 

John W. Pellegrino, B.S., Accounting; 
Stamford, CT; Pi Kappa Phi. 

Cheri Ann Pelietier, B.A., Psychology; 
Manchester, CT; RSA, Explorer, Psi Chi, 
Covenant House, Alpha Epsilon. 

Nicholas L. Perna Jr., B.S., Accounting; 
Laurel Springs, NJ. 

244 Parr — Perna 

Thomas Anthony Petrecz Jr. 

Patricia L. Pfleger 

Timothy James Phelan 

Thomas Poehlmann 

Mary E. Poiicoro 

Jennifer Anne Pomerance 

William Pope 

Dana Popovic 

Richard G. Poulson 






Thomas Anthony Petrecz Jr., B.A., Ge- 
ology: Collegeville, PA; Geology Club, Sig- 
ma Phi Epsilon. 

Patricia L. PHeger, B.A., English; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Grimoire, Masque, CLE. 

Timothy James Pheian, B.A.. Commu- 
nications; Failsington. PA. 

Thomas Poehlmann, B.A., Education/ 
History; Elkins Park, PA; Baseball, Histor- 
ical Society. 

Mary E. Poiicoro 

Jennifer Anne Pomerance, B.A., Eng- 
lish/Political Science; Philadelphia, PA; 
Homeless Committee, Project Appalachia. 

William Pope, B.S., Finance; East Brun- 
swick, INJ; Assoc, for Business Excellence, 
Right to Life Committee. 

Dana Popovic, B.S., Management; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Richard G. Poulson, B.A.. Communica- 
tions: Philadelphia, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
Orientation Leader, Discover the Differ- 
ence Program. 

Petrecz — Poulson 245 

Catharine T. Prendergast 

Maria K. Prendergast 

Kathleen M. Price 

Jeffrey E. Prosser 

Bernadette M. Prozzillo 

Peter A. Puodziunas 

Ritu Puri 

Michael J. Quarry 

Lor! Anne Radecki 






Catharine T. Prendergast, B.S., Fi 
nance/Marketing; Newtown, PA; SGA, 
Business Honor Society, Intramural Sports. 

Maria K. Prendergast, B.S., Marketing/ 
English; Newtown, PA; National Marketing 
Assoc, Marketing Assoc, Dance Team, In- 
tramural Sports, 

Kathleen M. Price, B.A., Psychology; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Jeffrey E. Prosser, B.A., Computer Sci- 
ence; St. Petersburg, FL; ROTC. 

Bernadette M. Prozzillo, B.S., Market- 
ing; Furlong, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, AMA, 

Peter A. Puodziunas, B.S., Management/ 
Organizational Behavior; Philadelphia, PA. 

Ritu Puki, B.A., Psychology; Sinking 
Spring, PA; Psychology Club, Athletic 

Michael J. Quarry, B.S., Marketing; Mt. 
Laurel, NJ. 

Lorie Anne Radecki, B.A., Biology; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Week 
of Hope, Eucharistic Minister. 

246 Prendergast — Radecki 

h t 

Dawn C. Rawle 

Jacqueline M. Ray 

Kristen Lee Reardon 

Cecelia Ellen Regan 

Laura Lynne Reigstad 

Charles F. Reiling 

Michael J. Repeckyj 

Diane Reynolds 

Mark E. Reynolds 






Dawn C. Rawle, B.A., Communications/ 
English; Newportville, PA; Gavel Society, 
Council for Leadership Excellence. 

Jacqueline M. Ray, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Philadelphia, PA; Club Earth. 

Kristen Lee Reardon, B.A., Psychology/ 
Communications; Warminster, PA; Gam- 
ma Phi Beta. 

Cecelia Ellen Regan, B.S.. Accounting; 
North Hills, PA; Cross Country, Track, Pro- 
ject Appalachia, Irish Society. 

Laura Lynne Reigstad, B.A., Education; 
Sparta, NJ; Basketball. 

Charles F. Reiling III, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Philadelphia, PA; Political Science 
Assoc, LaSPAM,. 

Michael J. Repeckyj, B.S., Finance; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Accounting Assoc, Beta Al- 
pha, Business Honor Society. 

Diane Reynolds, B.A., Education; Holly- 
wood, PA. 

Mark E. Reynolds, B.A.. Biology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Jazz & 
Pep Band. 

Rawle — Reynolds 247 

Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American member of the Su- 
preme Court, was less than a week shy of his 83rd birthday when 
he announced on June 27, 1991, that he was retiring. His 24 years 
on the bench followed 23 of fighting before that court and others 
for the rights of the oppressed and forgotten. 

He won 29 of the 32 cases he argued before the Supreme Court 
while he was head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and, later, 
while he was the federal government's solicitor general. No victory 
was sweeter, or more earthshaking, than his 1954 coup in Brown 
vs. Board of Education when the court ruled that racially segregated 
schools were unconstitutional. 

Life has not been the same for law professor Anita Hill since going 
public with allegations that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas 
sexually harassed her nearly a decade ago. 

Although Thomas was confirmed, professor Hill insisted that by 
letting her story be known she had accomplished everything she set 
out to do. "All that's happened has made the general public much 
more aware of sexual harassment than ever before," said Hill. 

She offered one piece of advice to victims of sexual harassment. 
"Try to find somebody you can trust and tell them," she said. "Try 
to find somebody who can help make you feel that you are not at 
fault. Find someone you can trust because you can't take it all out 
on yourself, you can't internalize it." 

248 Year-in-Reviewr 


Forty-three year old Clarence Thomas grew up poor, Black and 
Democratic In Pinpoint, Georgia, but later switched parties and 
became a controversial symbol of Black conservatism. 

"Only in America," Thomas said after President Bush an- 
nounced his nomination as the second Black justice on the Su- 
preme Court. Thomas will succeed Thurgood Marshall who has 

In addition to the controversy of Thomas's legal views, a charge 
of sexual harassment was brought against him by law professor 
Anita Hill. Thomas vehemently denied the allegations and said, 
"This Is Kafkaesque. Enough is enough." 

After much debate over who was right and who was wrong — 
Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, the system itself — the United States 
Senate voted to confirm him. 

On October 18, 1 99 1 , Clarence Thomas became the 1 05th Unit- 
ed States Supreme Court Justice. 

Year-in-Review 249 

David Louis Rhoads 

Thomas E. Ricoux 

Anthony J. Riggi 

Gericel Rivera 

Kathleen F. Robinson 

Jennifer Roby 

Christina Rocklage 

Kevin F. Rodowicz 

James J. Roeder 






David Louis Rhoads, B.A., Psychology; 
Pennington. NJ; Sigma Phi Lambda, Crew, 

Thomas E. Ricoux, B.A., Education/So- 
cial Studies; North Bricl^, INJ; Crew, Voi- 
leyball, Collegian. 

Anthony J. Riggi, B.S., Marketing; Ram- 
sey, iSJ; Jazz & Pep Band, Investment Club, 
Marketing Assoc. 

Gericel Rivera, B.S., Management; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; CPL. 

Kathleen F. Robinson, B.A.. Mathemat 
ics/Computer Science; Springfield, PA; 
Kappa Mu Epsilon, Math/Computer Sci- 
ence Club, ACM. 

Jennifer Roby, B.S., Accounting; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Christine Rocklage, B.A., Biology; Hol- 
land, PA; FAB, Crew. 

Kevin F. Rodowicz, B.A., Biology; Ivy- 
land, PA; Honors Program, AED, Homeless 

James J. Roeder, B.S., Accounting; Had- 
den Heights, NJ. 

250 Rhoads — Roeder 

Janice M. Roeder 

Jonathan D. Roesser 

Lisa Belli Rogers 

Marc Rollo 

Mark J. Rooney 

Mary Alice Rosenhagen 

Jennifer Rosso 

Stacey Ann Russello 

Barbara R. Russo 

/ < s X* ^ s,^ ^ g0O O> ~^ s^ 

Janice M. Roeder, B.A., Psychology; Al- 
lentown, PA; Psychology Club, Marketing 

Jonathan D. Roesser, B.A., Communi- 
cations; Hatboro, PA; Communications So- 
ciety. WEXP. 

Lisa Beth Rogers, B.A., Biology: Phila- 
delphia, PA; Hillel. 

Marc Rollo, B.S,, Accounting; Mariton, NJ; 
Pi Kappa Phi. 

Mark J. Rooney, B.S., Marketing; Med Mary Alice Rosenhagen, B.S., Account- 

ford, NJ; American Marketing Assoc, Ice ing; Philadelphia, PA. 


Jennifer Rosso, B.A., Education; Phila- 
delphia, PA; CEC. 

Stacey Ann Russello, B.S., Accounting; 
Fairless Hills, PA; Gamma Phi Beta, Crew, 
Cheerleader, Accounting Assoc. 

Barbara R. Russo, B.A.. Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Phi Sigma lota. 

Roeder — Russo 251 


Gina M. Russo 

Donna A. Ryder 

Sean D. Saldan 


Patricia M. Russonello 

Stephen T. Rydzewski 

Ellen T. Ryan 

Angelo Sacco, Jr. 

Lindamarie Sands 

Bridget Ellen Sass 



Gina M. Russo, B.S,, Accounting/Fi- 
nance; Norristown, PA; Field Hockey, Busi- 
ness Honor Society, Assoc, of Business Ex- 
cellence, Beta Alpha. 

Patricia H. Russonello, B.A., Education; 
Staten Island, MY; Crew. 

Ellen T. Ryan, B.S., Marketing; Ctielten- 
tiam, PA; American Marketing Assoc. 

Donna A. Ryder, B.S., Accounting; Ben- 
salem, PA; Council for Leadership Excel- 
lence, Resident Assistant, Beta Alpha, As- 
soc, for Business Excellence. 

Stephen T. Rydzewski, B.S., Account- 
ing; Collingswood, NJ; Baseball, Account- 
ing Assoc. 

Angelo Sacco, Jr., B.S., Accounting; Hun- 
tingdon Valley, PA. 

Sean D. Saldan, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Phi Kappa Theta, Account- 
ing Honor Society, Dean's List. 

Lindamarie Sands, B.A., English/Histo- 
ry; Colmar, PA; Grimoire, Collegian, 
Masque, Lambda lota Tau. 

Bridget Ellen Sass, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Haddonfield, NJ; SGA, Psychology 
Club, Phi Beta Lambda, 

252 Russo - Sass 

Tricia L. Schafer 

David Schlee 

Alison Ann Schneck 

Stacy J. Schroli 

Susan M. Schwab 

Carolyn M. Schwarz 

Christa L. Scott 

Brian M. Scotto 

William Servis 

/ < h X^ '^ ^ Z — C OO' ^^'^^ s^ 

Tricia L. Schafer, B.S., Communications/ 
Englisfi; Reading, PA; Varsity Tennis. 

David Schlee, B.A., Education/Social 
Studies; Baltimore, MD; RSA, Spring Fling 
Committee, Campus Ministry, National 
Communications Coordinator. 

Alison Ann Schneck, B.A., Sociology: 
Newtown, PA. 

Stacy J. Schroli, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Reading, PA; Swimming. 

Susan M. Schwab, B.S., Accounting; 
Medford, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta, Accounting 
Assoc. Secretary, Campus Ministry, Ori- 
entation Leader. 

Carolyn M. Schwarz, B.A., English; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Christa L. Scott, B.S., Marketing; Vine- 
land, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta, American Mar- 
keting Assoc. Intramural Sports, Crew. 

Brian M. Scotto, B.S., Accounting; Per- William Servis, B.S., Accounting; Phila- 

rineville, NJ; Phi Kappa Theta. delphia, PA. 

Schafer - Servis 253 

ri r 

Jeannie Sgro 

Matthew R. Shaffer 

Sean Shanaphy 

Beth Ann Short 

Joseph L. Simmers 

Kristin M, Simmons 






Jeannie Sgro, B.A., Political Science; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Field Hockey, College Re- 

Matthew R. Shaffer, B.S., Finance/Ac 
counting; Southampton, PA; National As- 
soc, of Accountants. Assoc, for Business 

Sean Shanaphy, B.A., Economics; War- 
minster. PA. 

Michael D. Shellito, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Dillsburg, PA; Amnesty International, 
Club Earth, Student Political Assoc. 

Andrea Sheplock, B.S.. Marketing; Du- 
Pont, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon, Student Gov- 
ernment, Collegian, Campus Ministry. 

Maryellen Shields, B.S., Marketing; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Honors Program, Marketing 
Assoc, Business Honors Society. 

Beth Ann Short, B.S., Finance; Doyles- 
town, PA; Assoc, for Business Excellence, 
Business Honors Society. 

Joseph L. Simmers, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Cherry Hill, NJ; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
AERho, Intramural Sports, WEXP. 

Kristin N. Simmons, B.A., Education; 
Philadelphia, PA; Council for Exceptional 

254 Sgro — Simmons 

Kristen Sipos 

Thomas P. Sirianni 

Kimberly A. Sloan 

William Charles Small 

Michael P. Smith 

Elena Maria Snyder 

Jeff Snyder 

Dorota Joanna Soliwoda 

Anthony P. Sorrentino 





Kristen Sipos, B.S., Marketing; Alpha 
Theta Alpha, American Marketing Assoc, 

Thomas P. Sirianni, B.S., Marketing; 
Gwynedd, PA; Pi Kappa Phi, Varsity Wres- 
tling, American Marketing Assoc, Student 
Athlete Advisory Board. 

Kimberly A. Sloan, B.A.. Political Sci- 
ence; Equinunk, PA. 

William Charles Small, B.A., English; 
Brigantine, NJ; Phi Gamma Delta, Resident 
Assistant, SGA. 

Michael P. Smith, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha 
Assoc, of Business Excellence, Accounting 

Elena Maria Snyder, B.S., Management; 
Emmaus, PA; Phi Gamma Nu; Business 
Honor Society. 

Jeff Snyder, B.S., Accounting; Avalon, tSJ. 

Dorota Joanna Soliwoda, B.A., Biology; 
New Haven, CT; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi 
Alpha Beta, Crew. 

Anthony P. Sorrentino, B.A., Commu- 
nications; Drexel Hill, PA; WEXP. 

Sipos — Sorrentino 255 

Catherine Elizabeth Spano 

Caryn E. Spellman 

Michael K. Stahl 

Eugene Steinberg 

Jennifer Anne Strakele 

Carmen J. Strazzeri 

Heather A. Striet 

Craig G. Strimel 

Ronald Struckus 




Catherine Elizabeth Spano, B.A., Com 
munications; Rockville, MD; Alpha Theta 
Alpha, Intramural Sports. 

Caryn E. Spellman, B.A., Communica- 
tions; Racine, Wl. 

Michael K. Stahl, B.A., Communications; 
Huntingdon Valley, PA; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
WEXP, Intramural Sports, AERho, Masque. 

Gene Steinberg, B.S., Marl<eting; Rydal, 
PA; Phi Kappa Theta, Assoc, for Business 

Jennifer Anne Strakele, B.A., Educa 
tion; Plainview, NY; Committee for the 
Homeless, Project Appalachia, Council for 
Exceptional Children. 

Carmen J. Strazzeri, B.S., Accounting; 
Ventnor, MJ; Pi Kappa Phi, Weightlifting 
Club, Italian Club. 

Heather A. Striet, B.S., Finance/ Market- 
ing; Bensalem, PA; Student Government, 
Business Honor Society. 

Craig T. Strimel, B.A., Communications/ 
Spanish; Warminster, PA; Sigma Pi Epsi- 
lon. Campus Ministry, Writing Fellows. 

Ronald Struckus, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; NAA, Honors Program. 

256 Spano — Struckus 

Susan Stieffenhofer 

Susan P. Suchodolski 

Daniel D. Swankoski 

Maria T. Swartz 

Richard Tabarrini 

Kristen Elizabeth Talaber 

Michael Tanier 

Christopher B. Taulane 

Kelly A. Taylor 






Susan Stieffenhofer 

Susan P. Suchodolski, B.A., English; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon, St. Thom- 
as More Law Society, Resident Assistant, 

Daniel D. Swankoski, B.S.. Finance; Sea 
Isle City, NJ; Assoc, for Business Excel- 
lence, Business Honor Society, Dean's List. 

Maria T. Swartz, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Business Honor Society, Be- 
ta Alpha, American Accounting Assoc. 

Richard Tabarrini, B.A., Biology; Old 
Forge, PA. 

Kristen Elizabeth Talaber, B.S.. Fi- 
nance/Marketing; Qlenmore, PA; Alpha 
Theta Alpha. 

Michael Tanier, B.A., Educations; Mount 
Ephram, NJ; Collegian, WEXP, KME, Ac- 
ademic Discovery Program. 

Christopher B. Taulane, B.S., Account- 
ing; Atco, MJ; intramural Sports, Volley- 
ball, Accounting Assoc. 

Kelly A. Taylor 

Stieffenhofer — Taylor 257 

Larry Dean Taylor 

Lisa Ann Tedeschi 

Bryan Richard Terne 

Jennifer Terracciano 

Patrick H. Thiele 

Mary Elizabeth Thomas 

David Thomsen 

James Tickner 

Eileen M. Timothy 






Larry Dean Taylor, B.S., Management; Lisa Ann Tedeschi, B.S., Management; Bryan Richard Terne, B.A., History/Qer- 

Narberth. PA. Philadelphia, PA. man; Philadelphia, PA; Masque, Honor So- 

ciety, La SalleinEurope, Dean's List. 

Jennifer Terracciano, B.A., English; Me- 
tuchen, NJ; Alpha Theta Alpha. 

Patrick H. Thiele, B.A., Criminal Justice/ 
Sociology; Harleysville. PA; Criminal Justice 
Assoc, Assoc, for Business Excellence, 
Council for Professional Leadership. 

David Thomsen, B.A., Political Science; 
Lost Angeles, CA; St. Thomas More Soci- 
ety, La Salle Rugby Club, Phi Kappa Theta. 

Mary Elizabeth Thomas, B.S., Public Ad- 
ministration; Pittsburgh, PA. 

James Tickner, B.A., Education; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Eileen M. Timothy, B.A., English/Ger- 
man; Honey Brook, PA; Honors Program, 
Crew, La Salle-in-Europe. 

258 Taylor — Timothy 

Sally C. Ting 

John E. Toczydlowski 

Julia Ann Trainer 

Virma Clgras 

Jeffrey (Jmosella 

Andrea M. Valente 






Sally C. Ting, B.S., Finance/Marketing; 
Yardley, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon. 

John E. Toczydlowski, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Ames, lA; Honors Program, College 
Republicans, Collegian. 

Julie Ann Trainer, B.S., Richboro, PA; 
Marketing Assoc, Committee for thie 
Homeless, Political Science Association. 

John W. Treadwell, B.S., Criminal 
Justice/Sociology; Huntington Station, MY; 
Criminal Justice Assoc, African American 
Students League. 

Bryan J. Trexler, B.A., Psychology; Nor- 
thampton, PA. 

Christine Trotto 

Virma Ugras, B.S., Finance; Istanbul, Tur- 
key; Collegian. 

Jeffrey CImosella, B.S., Hammonton, NJ; 
Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

Andrea M. Valente, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia. PA; Business Honor Society, 
Beta Alpha, Assoc, for Business Excel- 
lence, Nat. Assoc, of Accountants. 

Ting — Valente 259 

Simone C. Valenti 

Tricia Valentine 

Lisa Jane Venuti 

Tracey Lynn Vernik 

Dominic J. Vesper, Jr. 

Gene J. Voipe 

Alex Vu 

Elizabeth Wagner 

Cynthia Anne Walden 






Simone C. Valenti, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Italian Club President, Ac- 
counting Assoc. 

Tricia Valentine, B.S., Marketing/ Man- 
agement; Darien, CT; Phi Gamma Nu, Mar- 
keting Assoc, Council for Professional 

Lisa Jane Venuti, B.A., Education; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Council for Exceptional Chil- 

Tracey Lynn Vernik, B.A., Education; 
Trumbull, CT; Delta Phi Epsilon, Council 
for Exceptional Children, Discover the Dif- 
ference Program, Council for Leadership 

Dominic J. Vesper, Jr., B.A,, Public Ad- 
ministration; Audubon, NJ, 

Gene J. Voipe, B.S., Accounting; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Account- 
ing Assoc, Intramural Sports. 

Alex Vu, B.A., Biology; Philadelphia, PA; 
Homeless Committee, Convenant House, 
Alpha Epsilon Delta, A/ Asia. 

Elizabeth K. Wagner, B.A., Communi- 
cations; Levittown, PA; Delta Phi Epsilon, 
AERho, Alpha Epsilon Alumni Honor So- 
ciety, Interfraternity Sorority Council. 

Cynthia Anne Walden, B.S., Finance; 
Madison, CT; Varsity Tennis Team Cap- 
tain, Alpha Theta Alpha, Gamma lota Sig- 
ma, Campus Ministry. 

260 Valente 


Mona A. Walker 

Norman H. Wallace, Jr. 

Amy S. Wallitsch 

James T. Wallner 

Tamica Walsh 

Kori A. Walter 

Randy J. Wardiow 

Heather Watson 

Lisa M. Watson 

MonaA. Walker, B.S., Accounting; Maple Norman H. Wallace, Jr., B.A., English; Amy S. Wallitsch, B.S., Accounting; Eas- 

Shade, NJ; Accounting Assoc. Landenby, PA; Varsity Tennis, St. Thomas ton, PA; Beta Alpha, Business Honor So- 

More Law Society, RSA Senator. ciety. 

James T. Wallner, B.A., Political Science; 
Baltinnore, MD; La Salle Wrestling, PI Kap- 
pa Phi. 

Tamika Walsh, B.A., Sociology; Laver- 
ock, PA; AASL, Sociology Club. 

Kori A. Walter, B.A., Political Science; 
Akron, PA; LaSPAM. Student Political As- 
soc, Judicial Board, Right to Life Com- 

Randy J. Wardiow, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Alpha, NJ; Varsity Crew, College Re- 

Heather Watson 

Lisa n. Watson, B.A.. Economics; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA. 

Walker — Watson 261 

President F.W. de Klerk, African National Con- 
gress president Nelson Mandela and Zulu Inkatha 
leader Mangosuthu ButhelezI came together in 
September 1991 when black and white leaders 
gathered to sign a peace pact in a bid to end 
faction fighting that has claimed hundreds of lives 
in South Africa. 

The accord, which created groups to investi- 
gate violent acts by police and citizens, marked 
the first joint agreement between the govern- 
ment and the two main black movements. 

It was also seen as an important test of wheth- 
er the main political groups can work together 
for reforms to end white-minority rule. 

262 Year-in-Review 

Arabs and Israelis left Madrid, Spain with mixed feelings of frus- 
tration and anticipation after an intense foray into the realm of peace. 
Israel and Syria were mired in recriminations, but promised to meet 

The talks smashed a 43-year taboo on direct Israeli-Arab talks, 
setting in motion a process of face-to-face negotiations to resolve 
one of the most intractable regional conflicts in the world. 

The United States and Soviet Gnion sponsored the November talks, 
and President Bush's assessment was: "We have a long way to go 
and interruptions will probably occur, but hopes are bright." 

Both Croatia and Slovenia proclaimed independence on June 
25, and within 24 hours, military tanks were rolling toward border 
crossings and airports, attempting to secure the country. The 
trade of artillery fire began. 

Strong ethnic and political divisions have existed in the country 
for centuries, but the peaceful co-existence that has been 
maintained in the region for decades has splintered. 

More than 5,000 people have been killed since civil war began 
in Yugoslavia, and the count is still rising. 

Year-in-Review 263 

Sara Watson 

Tricia A. Watson 

Tonya L. Weaver 

Melissa Mary Weber 

Robert Weber 

Lisa C. Weimer 

Michael E. Wermuth 

Lauren M. Wheeler 

Jennifer G. White 





Sara Watson, B.A., English/Education; Tricia A. Watson, B.S., Marketing/Man- Tonya L. Weaver, B.A., Art History; Hum- 

Camp Hill, PA. agement; Cinnaminson, NJ. melstown, PA; Gamma Ptii Beta. 


Melissa Mary Weber, B.A., Psychology; Robert Weber, B.A., Political Science; Lisa C. Weimer, B.A., Biology; Palmyra, 

Philadelphia, PA. Waynesboro, VA, NJ; Phi Alpha Beta, Senior Gift Committee. 

Michael E. Wermuth, B.S., Organization- 
al Behavior/Marketing; Philadelphia, PA; 
St. Thomas More Law Society, American 
Marketing Assoc. 

Lauren M. Wheeler, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Toms River, NJ; Gamma Phi Beta, 
Council for Leadership Excellence, St. 
Thomas More Law Society, Student Polit- 
ical Assoc. 

Jennifer G. White, B.A., Economics; 
Newtown, PA; Council for Leadership Ex- 
cellence, Student Economics Assoc. 

264 Watson — White 

Patricia Whittaker 

Traci Kristin Wilhelm 

David John Wilkins 

Frank H. Wilkinson, Jr. 

Daryl L. Williams 

Jean Miciielle Williams 

John T. Williams 

Brian K. Williamson 

Anthony P. Wilson 

/ 0" *^^ ^—^^ <>O0 ^—^^ ^ 

Patricia Whittaker, B.S., Marketing/ 
Management; Philadelphia, PA. 

Traci Kristin Wilhelm, B.S., Finance; Phi 
ladelphia, PA; Dance Team, Judicial Board, 
Business Honor Society, Intramural Sports. 

David John Wilkins, B.S., Accounting; 
Needham, MA. 

Frank H. Wilkinson, Jr., B.A., Biology; 
Philadelphia, PA; Masque, FAB. 

Daryl L. Williams, B.A., Communica- 
tions/English; Philadelphia, PA; Collegian, 
Campus Ministry. 

Jean Michelle Williams, B.A., English; 
Philadelphia, PA; Collegian, WEXP, Honors 
Program, Lambda lota Tau. 

John T. Williams, B.S., Marketing; Phi- Brian K. Williamson 

ladelphia, PA; Soccer. 

Anthony P. Wilson, B.S., Organizational 
Behavior; Ocean City, NJ; Pi Kappa Phi. 

White — Wilson 265 


Pamela Lee Wilson 

Janet Wolf 

John F. Wiseman 

Jon F. Wood 


David S. Wolpert 

Randy Woods 


Marguerite Withers 

Christian B. Wood 

Matthew John Wright 



Pamela Lee Wilson, B.A., Education; 
Tampa, FL; Swimming. 

John F. Wiseman, B.S., Accounting; Phi- 
ladelplnia, PA; Business Honor Society. 

Marguerite Withers, B.S., Finance/Man- 
agement Information Systems; Philadel- 
phia, PA; Phi Gamma Nu. 

Janet Wolf, B.S., Psychology; Philadel- 
phia, PA. 

David S. Wolpert, B.S., Blue Bell, PA; 
Intramural Sports, American Marketing As- 

Christian B. Wood, B.S., Finance; Har- 
rington Park, NJ; Pi Kappa Phi, Rugby. 

Jon F. Wood, B.S., Psychology; Lancas- Randy Woods 

ter, PA. 

Matthew John Wright, B.A., English; 
Reading, PA; Gavel Society, Rugby Club, 

266 Wilson — Wright 

Jennifer M. Wutzer 

John Charles Yardley 

James J. Zaccaria 

Ronald Zaccaria 

Wendy Zagorsk! 

Wendy A. Zakrzewski 

Jennifer M. Wutzer, B.S., Finance; Lan- John Charles Yardley, B. A., Psychology; James J. Zaccaria, B.A., Psychology; Cle- 

ghorne, PA; Volleyball. Claymont, PA; Psychology Club. menton, NJ; Wrestling. 

Ronald Zaccaria, B.S., Marketing; Cle- 
menton, NJ; Wrestling. 

Wendy Zagorski, B.A., Geology; Phila- 
delphia, PA; Geology Club, Right-toLife, 
Project Appalachia. 

Wendy A. Zakrzewski, B.A., Psychology; 
South Amboy, NJ; Delta Phi Epsilon, Psi 
Chi, Council for Leadership Excellence, 
Psychology Club. 

Walter Zborowski, B.S., Management; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Sheryl H. Zechter, B.S., Marketing; 
Broomall, PA; Hillel, Marketing Assoc, St. 
Thomas More Law Society. 

Anna H. Zielonka, B.S., Marketing; Clif- 
ton, NJ; Business Honor Society, Council 
for Leadership Excellence, American Mar- 
keting Assoc, Okranian Club. 

Wright — Zielonka 267 

Michael J. Ziff 

Lynn Ann Zikoski 

Walter Bohdan Zinych 

I was not thinking of the La Salle 
community or of my education or 
even of graduation on the day I moved 
into the residence halls (the political- 
ly correct term for dorms). I was, 
however, thinking — Rain, rain, go 
away. Let me get my stuff in OK. (For 
the commuters, there was a thun- 
derstorm on the day we freshman res- 
idents arrived. At that time, every res- 
ident wished they had chosen to be 
a commuter.) Even though it took 
days for everything to dry, we sur- 
vived — just as all commuters sur- 
vive the daily battle for a parking 
space somewhere within La Salle's 
zip code. Somehow, we overcame 
these little trials and became La Salle 

La Salle became a part of who we 
are. When meeting new people who 
inquired about us someplace be- 
tween our name and our favorite 

"Simpsons" episode, the phrase stu- 
dent at La Salle came up. And, after 
the obligatory comment about the 
Basketball team, they walked away 
knowing something about us. In con- 
versation with others they might later 
say, "Oh yeah, I met someone from 
La Salle yesterday." As we graduate 
the name will continue to mark us as 
unique, as individuals who are part 
of a tradition much larger than our- 

The reputation of this University 
will follow us throughout our lives and 
our lives will inevitably reflect La 
Salle. There will never be a more 
meaningful time than these four 
years. Change, growth, and personal 
identity marked well this time at col- 
lege. For more than academics or ex- 
tracurricular activities we take our- 
selves out into the world with the con- 
fidence which comes from having 

earned the title of La Salle Graduate. 
As freshmen we knew nothing; as 
sophomores we knew everything. By 
the time we were juniors we relaxed 
about what we knew and didn't know 
so that we could simply enjoy our- 
selves. Now that we are seniors we 
appreciate college realizing the value 
of these years in a way that can only 
be known by those who know they 
must soon say goodbye to something 
cherished. So as we don our Caps and 
Gowns and pick up our Diploma, let 
us remember the friends we've made, 
the fun we've had, and the education 
we've received. After leaving here 
each time it rains or when a parking 
place cannot be found, I know I will 
think of La Salle University and the 
part it has played in my life. What 
will you think of? 

— Lynn Zikoski 



Michael J. Ziff, B.A., Communications; 
Sigma Phi Lambda, Student Government 


Lynn Ann Zikoski, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence; Scranton, PA; Gavel Society, Alpha 
Epsilon, Student Political Assoc, Honors 


Walter Bohdan Zinych, B.A., Russian; 
Bethany, CT; (Jkranian Club, Sigma Phi 

268 Ziff — Zinych 

One OUTSTANDING Graduate . . . 

At the close of the 1992 Commence- 
ment Exercises, there was one more dis- 
tinguished graduate than usual among 
the Class of 1992. After three decades 
of service to the La Salle community, 
Brother Patrick is leaving our University 
to accept his appointment as president 
of Catholic University. 

In the last thirty years. Brother Pa- 
trick has witnessed a series of gradua- 
tions at La Salle. He initially joined La 
Salle in 1960 as an associate professor 
in the English Department. After a two- 
year term as principal of La Salle High 
School in Miami, Florida, he returned to 
La Salle College in 1964 to head the Col- 
lege Honors Program. The following year, 
his dedication to teaching excellence 
garnered him the Lindback Foundation 
Award. In 1969, Brother Patrick was ap- 
pointed Director of Development, and 
by January of 1977, he had graduated 
to the College presidency. 

Ironically, upon accepting office. 
Brother Patrick announced his intention 
to carry out a "relatively external pres- 
idency." However, as the past fifteen 
years attest, his role has extended far 

beyond mere diplomacy, and his lead- 
ership in promoting the evolution of La 
Salle College into La Salle University has 
proven successful in improving La Salle 
from the inside out. During his tenure, 
the map of La Salle has been literally 
and radically redrawn. He spurred the 
expansion of La Salle's main campus, 
from the construction of Connelly Li- 
brary, to the erection of much needed 
student housing complexes such as St. 
Neumann Hall and St. Miguel Town- 
houses, to the installation of an outdoor 
track, and to the dramatic conversion 
of the Union Cafeteria into the Union 

Food Court. Academically, La Salle has 
also prospered through the expansion of 
both undergraduate and graduate pro- 
grams, which ultimately earned La Salle 
university status. 

Undoubtedly, Brother Patrick's ten- 
ure has not been without its setbacks. 
He has struggled through the same prob- 
lems that have plagued past presidents, 
such as declining student enrollment and 
the ever-unpopular yet inevitable tuition 
increases that are the price of a high 
quality education. His success lies not 
in solving such problems, but in over- 
coming them enough to maintain the 
high standards of a La Salle education. 
Through his guidance, the La Salle com- 
munity has learned to value and cele- 
brate its unity, yet remain open to di- 
versity, not only on campus, but also 
outside the collegiate sphere. In light of 
all of his contributions to the La Salle 
community, we express our gratitude 
and congratulations to Brother Patrick, 
and hope that his devotion, enthusiasm, 
and talent will meet the same appreci- 
ation in his new presidency. 

— Jovelyn Vilar 

Farewell 269 

The Right Time 

Paul Simon is still singing after all these years. 

On August 15, 1991, Simon and a 17piece band drawn from five nations stepped on stage in Central Park 
for a free concert lasting almost three hours. Erstwhile partner Art Garfunkel was not, however, by his side. 

The concert was a retrospective of Simon's career, from the simple beginnings of low-budget doowap of 
the '50's in Queens, NY to the pulsating South African sounds and rhythms of his 1986 "Graceland" album 
and the Afro-Brazilian drumming and Antonio Carlos Jobim chord chemistry of his latest, "The Rhythm of 
the Saints." 

Most of Simon's work is a complex mixture of music from the United States and other lands — Jamaican 
reggae, Louisiana zydeco, gospel, jazz, rock, English pastoral, the Blues and African chants. 

The Central Park concert, attended by over 500,000 fans, is part of a longer trip, a pause in his "Born at 
the Right Time" tour of almost 14 months that he says will end early next year in Africa after stops in Japan, 
China, Australia and South America. 

270 Year-in-Review 

On September 14, 1991, Carolyn Suzanne Sapp from Honolulu, Hawaii, shed tears of joy 
as she was crowned Miss America. Within days, however, her experience of physical abuse 
became public knowledge. 

In 1990, Sapp sought a restraining order against her then-boyfriend, professional football 
player Nuu Faaola, for alleged physical violence. 

Both Sapp and Faaola were disappointed that their previous problems had been publicized. 
Sapp stated, "That incident . . . was personal then and it remains personal now." 

Carolyn Suzanne Sapp has put the trauma behind her and gone forward with strength and 
courage to win the Miss America crown. 

Sapp has selected the issue of parental responsibility as the social issue she will focus on 
during her reign. 

Year-in-Review 271 






Roswitha Adams 

Latonia Crawford-Ayscue 

Sean W. Bender 


Iretta W. Albright 

Karen J. Alpert 

Brian T. Barr 


Nancy K. Belluce 

Susan B. Berg 

Nancy S. Berryman 




Roswitha Adams, B.S.tS., Nursing, Phi Iretta W. Albright 

ladelphia, PA. 

Karen J. Alpert, B.S.N. , Nursing; Voor- 
hees, NJ. 

Latonia Crawford-Ayscue, B.S., Socio!- Brian T. Barr, B.S., Management; Hoi- Nancy K. Belluce, B.S.N. . Nursing; Wen- 

ogy; Philadelphia, PA. land, PA. onah, NJ. 

Sean W. Bender, B,S., Marketing/Man- Susan B. Berg, B.S., Accounting; New- Nancy Sarkasian-Berryman, B.S.N., 

agement/Computer Science; Qlenside, PA. town, PA. Nursing; Ambler, PA. 

272 Adams — Berryman 

Anne K. Bishop 

Lorraine M. Bryson 

Nola Chung 



\x*5 i 

Barbara Bredell 

Richard Bucitman 

Grace T. Cole 

John L. Brown 

Eileen Caraker 

Joanne M. Cox 

Anne K. Bishop, B.S.N., Nursing; Doyles- 
town, PA. 

Barbara Bredell, B.A., Education; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

John L. Brown, B.S., Operations Manage- 
ment; Langhorne, PA; Alpha Sigma Lamb- 




^^ / s X X* > s, 

Lorraine H. Bryson, B.S.N., Nursing; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Continuing Ed. Student 
Council, Sigma Theta, RNO — Treasurer. 

Richard Buckman 

Eileen Caraker, B.S.N., Nursing; Mount 
Ephram, NJ. 

Nola Chung, B.S.N., Nursing; Philadel- 
phia, PA; Alpha Sigma Lambda, Dean's List. 

Grace T. Cole, B.S., Accounting; Turners- Joanne M. Cox, B.S.N., Nursing; Duran. 

ville, NJ. NJ. 

Bishop — Cox 273 

William H. Cranford 

John M. Cunningham 

Maryellen Curcio 

Sigmund T. Curran 

Darren S. Davis 

Angela MennaDelp 

Lesly A. DeMasi 

Irene M. DePasquale 

Joseph DiFlorio 


William H. Cranford, B.S., Finance; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Phi Kappa Theta, Jazz Band. 

John n. Cunningham, B.S.. Manage- 
ment; Philadelphia, PA; Alpha Sigma 

Maryellen Curcio, B.A., Criminal Justice/ 
Psychology; Farmingdale, NY; Crew, Com- 
mittee for the Homeless, Intramural Foot- 
ball, RSA. 

Sigmund T. Curran, B.A., Computer Sci- Darren S. Davis, B.S., Accounting; Phi- Angela Menna-Delp, B.A., Psychology; 

ence; Philadelphia, PA. ladelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. 

Lesly A. DeMasi, B.S.N., Nursing; Lan- Irene DePasquale, B.S.N., Nursing; Hoi- Joseph DiFlorio, B.S., Accounting; Qlen- 

caster, PA. land, PA. olden, PA. 

274 Cranford — DiFlorio 

Mary Ellen G. Dobbins 

Elizabeth Dooley 

Patricia M. Dooley 

Marianne Dormer 

Patricia Drobins 

Dorotliy T. Durso 

John L. Evenosky 

Corliss Faison 

Lisa Falsone-Jones 

/ O O C* K , / s0 ^ — s ^ 

Mary Ellen C. Dobbins, B.S., Logistics: 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Elizabeth Dooley, B.S., Business Logis- 
tics; Andelusia, PA; Professional Logistics 

Patricia M. Dooley, B.S., Business Logis- 
tics; Philadelphia, PA; Professional Logis- 
tics Society. 

Marianne Dormer, B.S., Business Logis- Patricia Drobins 

tics; Philadelphia, PA. 

Dorothy T. Durso, B.S., Logistics; Rock- 
ledge. PA. 

John L. Evenosky, B.S., Finance; Phila- 
delphia, PA. 

Corliss Faison, B.A.. ESE; Philadelphia, 

Lisa Falsone-Jones, B.S.N.. Nursing; 
Pittsfield, MA; Continuing Ed. Student 

Drobins — Falsone-Jones 275 

Carol Fraser-Profeta 

Georgia E. Goodhue 

Virginia S. Hahn 



^tm" " 




'- -. '- 

Constance M. Haney 

James E. Hembree 

Ruth H. Hinton 


Patricia A. Hodynski 

Lois B. Ishmael 

Janeane James 




Carol Fraser-Profeta, B.S.N., Mursing; Georgia E. Goodhue, B.S., Logistics Man- Virginia S. Hahn, B.S.N. , Nursing; Phila- 

Maple Shade. NJ. agement; Mount Laurel, NJ. delphia, PA. 

Constance M. Haney, B.S., Business Lo- 
gistics; Philadelphia, PA. 

James E. Hembree, B.S., Logistics; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Alpha Sigma Lambda, U.S. 

Ruth H. Hinton, B.S., Logistics; Philadel- 
phia, PA. 

Patricia A. Hodynski, B.S., Management; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Lois B. Ishmael, B.A., Criminal Justice; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Janeane James, B.S., Management; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Continuing Ed. Student 

276 Fraser-Profeta — James 

Priscilla Salve Jiwanmall 

Kellie D. Joseph 

Robert H. Kling 

Ronald L. Landes 

Daniel J. LeFevre 

Timothy P. LeFevre 

Ellen M. Lynch 

William H. Macey 

Pearl Marion 






Priscilla Salve Jiwanmall, B.A., English; 
Philadelphia, PA; AERho, A/ Asia. 

Kellie D. Joseph, B.S., Management; Phi- 
ladelphia, PA; Continuing Ed. Student 
Council, Alpha Sigma Lambda. 

Robert Kling, B.S., Finance; Gloucester, 
NJ; Dean's List. 

Ronald L. Landes, B.A., Computer Sci- Daniel J. LeFevre, B.S., Management; Timothy P. LeFevre, B.S., Management; 

ence; Hatfield, PA; Alpha Sigma Lambda. Hatboro, PA. Willow Grove, PA. 

Ellen n. Lynch, B.S.N., Nursing; Nar- William H, Macey, B.S.N. , Nursing; Phi- Pearl Marion, B.S., Business Administra- 

berth, PA; RNO. ladelphia, PA. tion; Philadelphia, PA. 

Jiwanmall — Marion 277 

Freedom has come 

Soviet President Mikliail S. Gorbaciiev and 
ills family were placed under liouse arrest in 
the Crimea on August 19, 1991, as an eiglit- 
man emergency committee led by Vice Pres- 
ident Gennady Yanayev took power in a coup 
attempt in the Soviet Union. 

Crowds of perplexed people wandered 
among the many Soviet tanks parked behind 
the Red Square during the military coup hours. 

Convoys of Soviet tanks moved into Mos- 
cow, less than two miles from the Kremlin. 
The Communist hard-liners who ousted Gor- 
bachev sent the army's tanks rolling within a 
mile of the Russian Parliament building where 
Russian President Boris Yeltsin was staying. 

— y^ ■ '■ - — T" « ' 


Yeltsin called on Russians to resist 
the takeover, and resist they did. Con- 
structing a protective human wall 
around Yeltsin's headquarters, his 
supporters demanded Gorbachev's 

As a former Gorbachev adviser 
spoke to the crowds, denouncing the 
coup and demanding that Gorbachev 
be allowed to address the Soviet peo- 
ple, hands were raised in applause. 

On Wednesday, as the Communist 
Party denounced the takeover, Yan- 
ayev and the other coup leaders fled 
Moscow. Latvia and Estonia declared 
immediate independence from the 
Soviet Union. 

278 Year-in-Review 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin waved thie 
wliiteblueand-red Russian tricolor flag from 
the Russian Federation building before a crowd 
of about 100,000 jubilant supporters cele- 
brating the end of the three-day coup attempt. 
Body guards held bullet-proof shields in front 
of him. 

Before dawn on Thursday, August 22, an Aero- 
flat jet arrived at Vnukovo Airport, Moscow, 
bringing home Gorbachev and his entourage. 

The coup had failed, and before the day was 
through, all coup leaders were arrested except 
for Interior Minister Boris Pugo, who reportedly 
killed himself. 

In addition to telephone service being cut to 
all KGB buildings and Gorbachev naming a new 
chief of the KGB, the statue of the founder of 
the KGB was toppled while thousands of Mus- 
covites watched. 

Maureen E. Mastropietro 

Gregoria A. Meneses 




^•^ 1 



- '. vvM^^fll 

Robert J. Monk 

Primus L. Muganiyizi 

John J. Murphy 


Christine L. Nellinger 


Maureen E. Mastropietro 

Janet M. Noel 

Greg Maurer 


Margaret Nucero 

^^ / —0 00* 

Cregoria A. Meneses, B.S., Business 
Logistics; Deptford, NJ. 

Robert J. Monk 

Primus L. Muganyizi, B.S., Electronic John J. Murphy, B.A., Computer 

Physics; Philadelphia, PA. Science; Philadelphia, PA. 

Christine L. Nellinger, B.S., 
Accounting; Philadelphia. PA. 

Janet M. Noel, B.S., Psychology; 
Philadelphia, PA; Psychology Club. 

Margaret Nucero 

280 Mastropietro — Nucero 






Jan Marie O'Donnell 

Thomas J. O'Farrell 

Cornelius J. Osborn 

Denise Paiko 

Lorraine B. Pappalardo 

Rita Randolph Perry 

Michael Pirner 

Thomas M. Polaski 

Melissa G. Portner 




Jan Marie O'Donnell, B.S., Marketing; Thomas J. O'Farrell 

Philadelphia, PA. 


Cornelius J. Osborn, B.S., Logistics: 
Lansdale, PA. 

Denise PaIko 

Lorraine B. Pappalardo, B.S., Business Rita Randolph Perry, B.S.N. , Nursing; 

Management; Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. 



Michael Pirner 

Thomas Polaski, B.S., Accounting; Melissa G. Portner 

Philadelphia, PA. 

O'Donnell — Portner 281 

Rochelle E. Rawlins 

Courtney Ann Roane 

James A. Romano 

Francis P. Rowley 

Thomas C. Ryan 

Wanda L. Santiago 

Patricia A. Sawn 

Lucy Keehn Schmieg 

Mary Ann Scott 






Rochelle E. Rawlins, B.S.. Accounting; Courtney Ann Roane, B.S.M., Nursing; James A. Romano, B.S., Accounting; 

Philadelphia, PA. Pennsauken, NJ; RNO. Philadelphia, PA. 

Francis P. Rowley, B.S., Finance; 
Philadelphia, PA; Continuing Ed. Student 
Council, Alpha Epsilon, Council for 
Leadership Excellence. 

Thomas C. Ryan, B.S., Business 
Logistics; Havertown, PA; U.S. Navy 
Prolog, Alpha Sigma Lambda. 

Wanda L. Santiago, B.A., Education; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Patricia A. Sawn, B.S., Nursing; Mount Lucy Keehn Schmieg, B.S., 

Laurel, NJ. Psychology; Philadelphia, PA. 

Mary Ann Scott, B.S.N. , Nursing; 
Havertown, PA; RNO, Research 
Committee, Council for Leadership 
Excellence, Sigma Theta Tau. 

282 Rawlins — Scott 

James J. Searl 

Leah E. Silver 

Christopher M. Silverio 

Anna Brown Simon 

Mary E. Siravo 

Joanne P. Slater 

Dorothy C. Slovak 

Elaine A. Spangler 

Anna C. Steckel 






James J. Searl, B.S., Logistics; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Leah E. Silver, B.S.N. , Nursing; 
Philadelphia, PA; Honor Society, RNO. 

Christopher M. Silverio, B.A., English; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Anna Brown Simon, B.S.N., Nursing; Mary E. Siravo, B.S., Logistics; 

Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. 

Joanne P. Slater, B.S., Accounting; 
Philadelphia, PA; Soccer Manager. 

Dorothy C. Slovak, B.S., Management; Elaine A. Spangler, B.A., Psychology; Anna C. Steckel, B.S., Management; 

Philadelphia, PA. Conshohocken, PA; Psi Chi. Philadelphia, PA. 

Searl — Steckel 283 

Sue J. Stevenson 

Fred Strohm 

Jill R. Switzer 

Rita-Eileen Tatko 

Kathleen Pupis Tatu 

Judith A. Taylor 

William J. Thanel 

Carmen Velazauez 

Joseph F. Verbitski, Jr. 

^ ^ < >0 0' \ ^ ^ -« S > ~^ s^ 

Sue J. Stevenson, B.S.N. , Nursing; Fred Strohm 

Philadelphia, PA. 

Jill R. Switzer, B.S., Finance; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

RitaEileen Tatko, B S.. Finance; Kathleen Pupis Tatu, B.S., 

Philadelphia, PA; Alpha Sigma Lambda. Management; New Britain, PA. 

Judith A. Taylor, B.S.N. , Nursing; 
Westmont, NJ. 

William J. Thanel, B.S.. Business 
Administration; Bensalem, PA; Alpha 
Sigma Lambda, Dean's List. 

Carmen Velazauez 

Joseph F. Verbitski, B.S., Accounting; 
Pine Hill, NJ. 

284 Stevenson — Verbitski 

Janet Roth Walsh 

Patricia T. Warfel 

Leona B. Watkins 

Roberta Watkins 

Helen S. Weicheld 

Lisa Anne Whittaker 

Margaret M. Wilby 



Janet Roth Walsh, B.S., Accounting; 
Langhorne, PA; Continuing Ed. Student 

Patricia T. Warfel, B.S,, Business 
Administration; Philadelphia, PA. 

iOO C* ^ 

Leona B. Watkins, B.S., Logistics 
Management; Philadelphia, PA. 

Roberta Watkins, B.S.N,, Nursing; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Helen S. Weicheld, B.S.N., Nursing; Lisa Anne Whittaker, B.S., Accounting; 

Southampton, PA. Philadelphia, PA. 

Margaret M. Wilby, B.S., Logistics; 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Walsh — Wilby 285 

Graduates N 

Bonnie I. Ableson 
Maggi L. Albaladejo 
Judy Arocho 
Michele D. Beauchemin 
Christopher J. Bence 
Michael J. Bennis 
Darryli F. Birkhead 
Gregory T. Blewett 
Sara B. Borden 
Rita M. Botce 
Bruce J. Bradley 
Joseph B. Brown 
Patricia M. Browne 
Steve A. Bullock 
Lawrence I. Burnstine 
Kelly G. Butler 
Kelly M. Byrd 
Christopher M, Calhoun 
Gregory A. Carson 
Angela Carter 
Victor E. Cassagnol 
Daniel J. Cassidy 
Margaret M. Chappell 
Christine M. Chiodo 
Frank A. Christoffel 
Kay H. Chung 
Joseph T. Clarke 
Lori A. Coates 
Michael D. Coleman 
Joanne M. Collins 
Gina M. Comuzzi 
Eric D. Conard 
Michael S. Constanzo 
Anora Costello 
Regina Coyne 
Maurice F. Cranney 
Kathleen Curry 
Nicole P. Dampf 
Leonard J. Davis 
Dennis J. DeAngelis 
John B. DeLury 
Dawn M. DeWitt 
Maria F. Dempsey 
Jennifer M. Dolan 
Patrick J. Donnelly 
Eileen T. Dougherty 
Thomas J. Doyle 
William T. Dramis 
Ann M. Fergione 
Nicole V. Fletcher 
Christopher F. Forgione 
Cavelle J. Forrester 
Thomas G. Forte 
Christy M. Frank 
Michael F. Funchion 
James D. Gallagher 
Rose A. Gentile 
Louis F. Gentner 

Matthew Gizycki 
Mark C. Green 
Debra A. Gries 
Nicole M. Griffiths 
Thomas A. Haldis 
Edward M. Hale 
Mellissa A. Hanssel 
Jeanine Hargrove 
Bernadette W. Hayes 
Eugenia M. Henry 
Michael S. Higgins 
Barry C. Hofer 
Francis C. Hoffer 
Bron F. Holland 
Christopher M. Hudak 
Teresa A. Hutt 
Slawek Jakubowski 
Alfred H. Janneck 
Edwin R. Johnson 
Heather C. Johnson 
Lenee R. Johnson 
Robin W. Jones 
Cecile E. Kandl 
Marguerite M. Kane 
James R. Kelly 
Nicole C. Kemenash 
Thomas Kenny 
William F. Kershner 
Michele L. Klein 
Crystal L. Kouser 
Edward J. Kozmor 
Thomas J. LaSerre 
Charles G. Lannutti 
Michelle Lombard 
Todd A. Luecke 
Andrej N. Lushnycky 
Peter R. Maignan 
Ralph W. Mangine 
Kristi A. Manzo 
Linda P. Markovits 
Brenda L. Mason 
William J. Maus 
Frank M. Mazzotta 
Leo F. McCaffrey 
Patricia M. McCann 
Patrick M. McCann 
Megan E. McCreavy 
Kristen A. McGonagle 
Brendan T. McGowan 
Leonard C. Medura 
Eric A. Mercer 
Dennis J. Meredith 
Michael E. Mertzman 
Peter J. Miklos 
Timika R. Miller 
Apolinar Miranda 
Christine M. Mogee 
Mark C. Montrose 













Michael P. Moore 
Francis X. Morrison 
Dawn M. Motley 
Christine B. Mueller 
Glen G. Naessens 
Colleen M. Narr 
Griffin T. Nelson 
Gregory O'Neill 
Jerome A. O'Neill 
William B. O'Neill 
Karen Oldfield 
Edwin Page 
Gregory Paladino 
Jonathan R. Paules 
Charles S. Perkins IV 
Peter K. Phelan 
Va N. Phun 
Michael J. Pirner 
Christine M. Plourde 
Broderick S. President 
Joseph D. Quinn 
Heidi D. Ragland 
Kevin F. Ragonese 
Christina M. Roache 
Gary A. Roberts 
Lyn M. Robison 

Christina A. Rodriguez 
James G. Rumsey 
Kristine S. Schmid 
Robert J. Geiss 
Anthony J. Gentner 
Janette M. Gerstlauer 
Karen M. Giannotti 
Helen R. Grant 
Cecelia Green 
Heidi B. GreissAdey 
Charles M. Greisser 
Brenda M. Griffin 
George A. Gruber 
Michael J. Gulkis 
Donna M. Hammerstone 
Darlene M. Hannigan 
Linda L. Hartranft 
Peter C. Hasson 
Stephen A. Hawkins 
Janice Hopkins 
Sharon M. Hoppe 
Pauline C. Horner 
Bernice Hughes 
Kenneth D. lannone 
Carol M. Jacob 
Mark S. Janis 

Dt Pictured 











Margaret C. Jeffries 
Elaine T. Jofinson 
Linda Karr 
Joan P. Kelly 
Vincent J. Kelly 
Michael W. Karrigan 
Patricia C. Krieger 
Mary D. Kuczynski 
Julie Line 
Ellen H. Link 
Michael A. Long 
Mora Mack 
Maryellen C. Madden 
Francine M, Makidi 
Dianne C. Manning 
Arthur G. Marlin 
Bernadette M. Mason 
David M. McDonald 
Brendan J. McGill 
Christine C. McGinley 
Joann McGuire 
Carmen R. Mercer 
Sonja K. Michie 
Leona S. MIynek 
Sheryl J. Molen 
Ladhi P. Moutchia 

Corrine L. Mudra 
Christine M. Mullen 
Lynne T. Murray 
David P. Napoleon 
Ottilie S. Parsons 
Deborah A. Paschal 
Patricia M. Patrick 
Dorothy H. Phillips 

Patricia H. Pitt 

Harry W. Plunkett 

Carmen V. Porter 

Esther R. Poteat 

Joseph P. Przybyszewski 

Susan O. Rabatin 

Robert J. Regan 

Rose M. Regel 

Barbara J. Renzi 

Eleanor E. Richardson 

Nikki L. Rineer 

Tracy M. Rinsland 

Betty W. Robinson 

Gabriel L. Rossini 

Mary Anne P. Russo 

Cynthia M. Sadek 

Georgia S. Scales 

Patricia A. Scherfel 

Sandra M. Schneck 
William N. Schroeder 
Kathleen M. Sharkey 
Alphonso Smith 
Michael A. Smith 
William A. Schmidt 
Charles H. Schorpp 
Margaret L. Schuman 
Marta Senyszyn 
Michele F. Siciliano 
Martha I. Sierra 
Daniel M. Smith 
Eileen B. Smith 
Sara J. Smith 
Joel E. Snyder 
Mona C. Souto 
Ruth J. Suder 
William J. Sullivan 
Margaret Y. Sung 
George Tobar 
Patty J. Todd 
J.M. Valecce 
Joey L. VanNess 
Rachel Walker 
Dawn M. Watson 
John M. Weaverling 
James D. Welsh 
William J. Wetzler 
Dawn M. Wilson 
Walter Wladyka 
Robert J. Wozniak 
Katherine M. Yatcilla 
Denise M. Young 


Kathleen Amons 
Cherie K. Andrews 
Stephen C. Blair 
Diana Barker 
Beverly J. Barnwell 
Kim L. Bartholomew 
Colleen M. Bastian 
Michelle E. Beech 
Sarah B. Bell-Walker 
Sherrie A. Bellie 
Mary E. Binkele 
Sandra A. Bosse 
Mary M. Briggs 
Cheryl L. Brown 
Susan M. Brown 
Maureen M. Budenz 
Debora A. Bukey 
Thomas P. Burke 
Evelyn Byrd 
Anne L. Calhoun 
Sheilynne M. Cambridge 

Barbara G. Campbell 
Raffiyye S. Cannon 
Thomas J. Carrieero 
Sylvia Cashman 
Angela R. Clark 
Lisa R. Coleman 
Isabel M. Collins 
James R. Cook 
Joann L. Creneti 
Donna M. Cusano-Paris 
Edward Czerpak 
Eileen J. Davis 
Elizabeth A. DeFrehn 
Delia B. DiPaolo 
Enrique Diaz 
Bernice D. Dillard 
Michelle Domany 
Alfred M. Dorsey 
Olivia Dorsey 
Dieast Easier-Bey 
Nancy A. Elliott 
Lucille M. Enama 
Janice Fey 
Claire Finley 
Tanya L. Fleitman 
Pamila J. Florea 
Joseph A. Fontana 
Leslie Gail 
Paula M. Smith 
Mary A. Snyder 
Theresa J. Sparich 
Elaine H. Stapler 
Susan L. Stieffenhofer 
Dolores L. Thomas 
Catherine Tommassello 
Noreen M. Traub 
Christine M. Trotto 
Janice B. Turner 
Cinda A. Velasco 
Judith C. Verna 
Connie T. Vrato 
Nancy B. Walsh 
Joseph R. Walter 
Rose M. Waltz 
Frances M. Warwick 
Robin Weinberg 
Teresa D. Weintraub 
Edward Whatley 
Gale L. White 
John A. Wong 
Barbar J. Woolston 
Wanda L. Young 
Kathleen J. Zeaser 




1 M'AiIki 


As for the Future, 

your task is not to foresee. 


Saint -Exupery 







Ow^ call ^^7V>j a rainbow 

forgetting the 
forces that 
made it. 

Mark Twain 







. of all the things granted us by JpiyTJJ ]\J JTi C fffP 

\jSv/tnm nrttio ic ovontov nv hottPV -M. M.\.M. M^ 1 1' J^ kJ M. -I M. M. 

wisdom^ none is greater or better 


Pietro Aretino 

TUli l'V>v\.n,'f''^'^S TO ATI.AXTIC CITY IIFI.P.S ME»M' 

■ P'''Z4vAUl'rTv'S -^ BUOniXC AliOTKOPOI.iS WJTifl 
VAbT \ '^«IL;i q|,, cULTHRAI, ACTIMTfKS 

"^ VN'rvVlI-! '- \P1 LA-lXC TO LonSMXASTATK 

^^^ 'IIImmI' Kollnl.AVAll.AHUTrV.ALI.O"--^^"'' 
" HY lliMK 






Don't Dream 












We are proud of you 
Brian P. Gerrard 

God Bless You 


Mom, Dad, Colleen, 

Kelly, Jay, C.J. 




Allison Hughes 

The Class of 1992 

Mom, Dad, 
and Kerry 


Nicholas L. Perna, Jr. 

We are very proud of you 

Mom and Dad 

La Salle University 
Class of 1992 


Maria Swartz 

You have made us so very proud of you and we 
know you will accomplish your goals in life be- 
cause you work so very hard to achieve them. 
Dad and I love you so very much and want to 
wish you all the luck, success and happiness the 
future has to bring to you. 

Mom & Dad 



Tom Boy 

We're proud of you 


Mom & Dad 

Joseph J. McMahon 

We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Tim, Kevin, 

Meagan, Kara, and Mom Mom 

Thomas A. 
Haldis, Jr. 

May the World 

With Pride . . . 
and Love . . . 

Mom, Dad & Chris 

Tricia Ann Watson 

We are so very proud of you 


Mom, Dad, Diana, Kristi, 

Donna and Danny 

Brian M. Fish 

We are very proud of you 


Mom and Grandma 

Congratulations, Mike! Mom, Dad, Dave, Joe, Loretta, Julie 


Kathleen M. Loughman 

We are very proud of you 

Mom, Dad and Bob 

We are all proud of you Walt 

Walter Joseph Elliott 

From Mom, Dad, Felicia, 
Nonna, Papa, & Leo 

We are proud of you 
Colleen Coyle 


Dad and Mom 

Damian J. Mogavero 

What jubilation! 

Our hearts are swollen with pride 

in your many accomplishments! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Jeannine, 

and family 


Tim Gimbel 

We are very proud of you 


Mom, Dad, Chris, 

Beth, Joe and Nancy 

Patricia Drumgoole 

Graduation . . . That Special Time 

. . . For New Beginnings 

... To Dream Dreams 

... To Follow Your Star 

... A time to tell you how proud 

and happy you have made 

all those who love you 




Kimberlee Farruggio 

We are so proud of 

— the choices you have made 

— the goals you have accompHshed 

— the respect that you have won 

Always know how much we love you 
and wish all your dreams come true. 

Mom, Dad, Jen, Nina 



We love you and are 

very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad & Michael 

Deana Doherty 

All our love!! 

Mom, Dad, 
Tricia, Julie & Sporti 

Scott Atkins 

We are very proud of you 
Best wishes in the future 

Mom, Terry, Nana, and Aunt Arden 

Kelly Ann Hough 

We wish you all the happiness 

and success you deserve. 

We are very proud of you. 

Dad, Mom, Christy & Meri 


Jon Francis Wood 

We are so proud 

of you 


Mom <& Dad 

Kelly Ann Taylor 

We are very proud 

of you 


Mom, Dad and Michael 

Congratulations to 
Kathleen Greenle 


Mom, Dad, Mary Jane, 

Maureen, Michael, 

Bridget and Emily 

Michael A. Boedewig 

With much love 

and great pride! 

Mom, Dad and Deborah 

Ryan Phillip Grinkewitz 

We are very proud of you 
Happiness in all your endeavors 

Love You, 

Mom, Dad, Peter, Jeanne 

& Dina 

John Leonetti 

We are proud 
of you! 

Mom, Dad, Theresa & Marianne 

James P. McCabe 

We are proud of you 


Mom, Dad, and 


We are proud of you 
Traci Kristin Wilhelm 



Mom, Tony, Dziadek, 

and Grandmom 


rcu^ve Come A Lone Way In Suoh A Short Time 


We are very proud of the lovely, good person you have grown to 
be. With pride and love for all you have been. With Anticipation 
for all you are yet to be. 


"^ppyw ^Oa^ ^:t^o-^ ^<Ja^^ 


Sean A. Hughes 

(Yes, Eileen, There is a Santa Claus) 

From Our house 
To La Salle's house 
To the Boat house 
To the Frat house 
To the Out house 
To the Poor house 


Mom & Dad 


Patricia A. McKenna 

We are very proud of you 


Mom and Dad 

Michelle, Rob, Kevin 

Buona Fortuna 

Oggi, Domani, e Sempre 

Tony Masucci 

Congratulations — With all our love, 
Mommy, Daddy, Antonella, Nonna 

Tony, Tony, Tony has done it again!! 

Sean Carr 


We thank God for the gifts he has given to you and we 
thank you for the way you have used these gifts. As you 
continue your journey through life, work hard but remem- 
ber to relax . . . keep a sense of humor . . . pray. 
Mom & Dad 

James Roeder 

Mom, Dad 

Rutgers, '79 

Penn State, '83 

Anne Marie Lavin 

We are very proud of you 


Dad, Mom, Maureen 

& Michael 


We are proud 
of you 

Kimberly Ann 

and wish you 
great success 


Dad, Mom and Pepper 

We are very proud of you 

William M. Bosch 



Dad, Mom, David, Danielle, 

Michael and Mom-Mom 


Nancy Marie 


"You Done Good!" 


Dad, Mom, Bill 

Dave & Michelle & Nana 

P.S. we're glad you took "English" 

P.P.S. But wait til you get to graduate school! 

Yea Mike!! 

Lynn & Ralph Kmiec 
Lori Kmiec 
Lisa Kmiec 
Marc Fogel 


Peter Demian 

Pete: Congratulations 


are very proud of you 

We wish you a bright future and good Hfe 

Your Parents, 
Makram & Fifi Demian 

i ^ ^ 



Dear Brother 

Congratulations for your 

Your Sister, 

Dear Brother 

At last you made it 

Your Brother, 



We are very happy 
for you 

Good Luck 

Uncle & Wife, 
Maher & Terry Demian 


Trish Valentine 

We are all very proud of you 


Dad, Mom, 

Joe, Anthony, Brian 

and all your Grandparents 

to the 1992 Explorer Editor 

Paigeann Fugaro 
and the entire yearbook staff. 

It's been a great year! 


We are all proud of you 

Timothy Kolber 

The best of luck 
in your future goals 

Dad, Mom, Beth, Chuck 
Chris and Grandpop 

James T. Wallner 

We are all very proud of you 


Mom, Dad, Kathleen 

and Mom-Mom 

I am proud of you 
Ethan P. Baumholtz 


Martin Carey 

I would like to thank God and Jesus 

for my son choosing La Salle University. 

Also, the Brothers and teachers. 

I am proud of you. 



Helen M. Monaghan 

We are so proud of you 


Mom, Dad, Anne, Robert 

and Grandpa 

Gina Russo 

We are very proud of you! 


Dad, Mom, Ralph 

Grandparents and Kiwi 


May all your dreams come true 


Nanny, Aunt Emilia 

and Aunt Diana 

Melissa Guenther 

We're very proud of you. 

Mom & Dad 

Laura & Rich 

Grandma & Grandpa & Grandma 


Randy Wardlow 

We're very proud 

of you — 

May all your dreams 

come true! 

Congratulations Randy 

Mom, Dad, Ryan 

Patrick J. McGonagle 

We are very proud of you 

Love, Mom and Judy 

To our graduating 
Martial Artists 

Happiness & Success 

The Karate Club 

William Lloyd Pope 

You made it! 

We are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, 

Donna and Susan 

All our love and good wishes 

You have made us very happy 

and proud. 

Andrew C. Borgersen 

Mom, Dad and Renee 


From your family, 

the Howald's, 

Razzi's and Laigaie's 


The Students' Government Association 

of La Salle University 

would like to thank its graduating seniors 

from the Class of 1992 

for their hard work and service 

to the University 

Executive Officers 

Thomas J. Cella — President 

Heather Striet — V.P. for Student Affairs 

Catherine Prendergast — V.P. for Business Affairs 

Senior Senators 

Andrea Sheplock 

Sean Hughes 
Curt Burkholder 
John J. Meagher 

Congratulations and Good Luck 
in all future endeavors 


Paigeann Lace 

Always be as Proud 

of yourself as 

We are of You 

We Love You — 

Mom, Elaan, 

Shavahn, and 


The Gavel Society 

would like to thank 

its graduating 


for their years of 

Dedication and 


MaryAnn Buschka 

Lynn Zikoski 
Paigeann Fugaro 

The EXPLORER Editors 

would like to offer 


Lynn Zikoski 
for her help and support 

Bob Davine, 

You have made 
another year possible, 

Thank you 

— The EXPLORER Staff 



Best Wishes to 

Edward O'Hanlon, Jr, 


Mom, Dad, 

Nancy, Meghan, Matt, 

and Mom Mom 



John & Barbara Kafel 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Fabey, Jr. 

Bob & Joanne Hunsinger & Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Dieckhaus Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Wallner 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. Krajnak 

David E. Prosser 

Patricia L. Glover 

Mr. & Mrs. William Guenther 

Mr. & Mrs. James MacAllister 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Lopian 

The Thiele Family 

Douglas & Carol Ann Campbell 

Thomas, Maureen & Sarah Kasuba 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Paone 

William & June Bosch & Family 

Marie & Jim McCool '59 

Joan M. Drum 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Grace 

Mrs. Jeanna F. Fish 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Walden 

Mr. & Mrs. William Varga 

Richard & Barbara G. Troyan 

Jean & Joe Fossella 

Maria A. Pfeffer 

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Eadeh 

Mr. & Mrs. Al Caputo 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Yeni 

Mr. & Mrs. David Patten 

Mrs. Frank Funari 

Alice L. Hoersch, Ph.D. 

Eileen & Jordan Foose 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murray 

Philip & Helen A. Flood 

John & Angela Huscher 

Carol & Fran Berster 

Ryan, Carter, & Peggy Young 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fenn 

Irene Evangelist 



Mary A. Leonardis 

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio M. Mangabat Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Yony Hughes 

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Beck 

The Harold F. Auch Jr. Family 

Dr. & Mrs. R.G. Azizkhan 

James & Joan Black 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. McGrady 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas L. Perna Sr. 

Student Life Office 

Sheila & Bill Farrell 

Mr. & Mrs. A. FinarelH Jr. 

Girish & Rosaleen Bhargava 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Dubyk 

Daniel P. Tierney 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Rutighano 

Gaudinski Family 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Anderson 

James J. Ward 



A.E. Miklos Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Roeder 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Pope 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Aufiero 

Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Wood 
Dr. & Mrs. Gene E. Layman 

The Powers Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Kelly 

Francis Fallano 

David Nuzzolo '93 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Kaczorowski 


Paigeann Fugaro 

Academic Editor: 

Student Life Editor: 

Greek Life Editor: 

Athletics Editor: 

Copy Editor: 

Photography Editor: 

Business Editor: 


Cheri Pelletier 
Mary Ann Buschka 
Eric Crist 
John Schmitt 
Seann Halhsky 
Nick Caputo 
Leah Barrett 
Dr. Barbara Millard 

Thanks to the STAFF: Lynn Zikoski, Rich Golden, Jovelyn Vilar, Kathryn Duffy, Mike Bergin, 
Roger Leister, Jennifer Quigley, Kim Aglidian, Karen Leone, Heather Johnson, Joseph Kelly, Debra 
Boggle, Traci Ambrose, Kelly Ann Burke, Jen Moulis, Mark Aller, Chris Neglia, Dawn Wright, Kelly 
Crankshaw, Karen DiStefano, Patti Russonello, Craig Davis, Chris Keating, Chris McCool, Jeannie 
Sgro, Jennifer Miller, Wendy Zakrzewski, and Suzanne Bower. 


SPECIAL THANKS to: Bob and Rita Davine, Martha Ledger, La Salle University Sports Infor- 
mation, Philadelphia Visitor's Center, Current Bibliography Yearbook 1991, Kathy Schrader, Karen 
Shields, and Dr. Barbara Millard. 


From The Desk of The Editor: 

Well guys, it is over. We have met the final deadline and never again have to figure out 
if the copy is going to fit in the allotted space on the spread. (It's multiply width * height 
* characters per pica.) Never again do we have to hunt for that faculty photo that was just 
here a second ago. Nor do we have to spend endless hours twiddling our thumbs waiting 
for club presidents to identify their group photos. The last of the pages has been handed 
in and we can now begin the process all over again for the 1993 edition. 

Cheri, after being roped in the way you were, it amazes me that you didn't strangle me. 
You accomplished with minimal training what it by rights should have taken three 
experienced people to do. 

Mary Ann, what can I say except another fine job completed. How you handle everything 
remains a mystery to me. 

Eric, the care you put into your section far surpasses the ordinary. The finesse you 
demonstrated in getting all the necessary artwork from the Greek presidents in the time 
allotted is a credit to you and the overall look of this edition. 

John, your tireless efforts cannot be overlooked. Covering our unknown teams and trying 
to capture a partially completed season was not a coveted job. I am proud to say "You've 
done good!" 

Seann, the late nights of typing certainly paid off. We have completed the 1992 edition 
and know that your nimble and limber fingers are eagerly awaiting the 1993 edition. 

Nick, just remember to check your camera bag in the future. It always helps for the 
photographer to have both camera and film. Expect the unexpected, and shoot it for the 

Leah, another fine job. Managing our finances fell to your capable shoulders. Thank you. 

The support of our writers cannot go unrecognized. Without your help, the yearbook 
would be quite silent. 

Best of luck to all who follow — 





The 1992 Explorer of LaSalle University was printed 
in offset litliograpliy by Herff Jones Yearbook, Gettys- 
burg, Pennsylvania. 

It was printed in a limited edition of 1200 copies with 
328 pages. 

The paper stock used throughout the book is 100 # 
Eurogloss on pages 1-16, 289-304 and 80 pound Calais 
on the balance. 

The cover is a custom embossed antique blue fabricoid 
material utilizing gold metallay with an antique rub. In 
addition, a rich gold 15 ink is used. 

The endsheets are PMS 281 on EX03 natural colortext. 

The book is smyth-sewn in 16 page signatures, trimmed 
to 9 X 12, (rounded and backed, with head and footbands). 

In addition to the black ink used throughout, there are 
4 flats of 4-color and 9 flats of second color.